[Disciple Releases] Chapter 246

Chapter 246 can be found here!

Mmm… I guess I can say I’m a fan of the Fate series. I started following the franchise when Fate/Zero aired. The concept of having resurrected famed warriors fight each other in a battle royale is just too appealing, you know? Then Fate games and anime started popping up left and right, to the point where it’s almost impossible for anyone in this part of the community to not know what fate is.

I mean, some of the characters have even taken over google search records. Try searching up Astolfo on google, the historical records of the actual legend of Astolfo basically doesn’t show up in the top searches anymore, not to mention you have to scroll down the array of Fate Astolfo images before finding an actual historical image of Astolfo.

But yeah, Fate/Zero was epic. From the soundtrack, to the animation fluidity and to the characters, everything was top-notch.

As for Fate/Stay Night, though I don’t really like it that much compared to Fate/Zero? This is coming from someone who hasn’t played the visual novel, so yeah. I probably just don’t like the convenient setting of how almost all of the masters are related to the main character in some way, either the school teacher, kouhai, senpai, or the over-egoistical guy in school who always flaunts in front of the main character, trying to act all superior when he’s not. I mean, really, everything is a little too convenient here. Hohoho.

But of course, I’m still looking forward to the Heaven’s Feel trilogy movies. Especially when they’re animated by Ufotable. \o/

Bananeeg asks: Do you think it’s better to be hated because you’re honest or to be loved for your lies?

I believe it’s better to be hated for being honest. At least, that way, you won’t feel guilty for making up a story or lying. Plus, you won’t be able to survive any social relationship based on lies. You can continue building lies to cover up the previous ones, but in the end, everything will crumble, and the impressions others have on you will be more than just ‘hatred’.

Well, that’s how I see it anyway.

What games, if any, do you play? PC, 3DS? Ps4? 

I own a PS4 and the old Xbox 360. Haven’t really touched them since school started last year. But I do enjoy the Disgaea series with their vibrant characters and game mechanics.

I played Star Ocean 4 and Tales of Vesperia when they were released on the Xbox 360, and enjoyed them too! I hand wanted to try out Star Ocean 5, but I heard it has terrible reviews, so I didn’t get it in the end. Tales of Beseria on the other hand, have some decent reviews if I’m not mistaken. I will probably try to get my hands on it someday~

But rather than console games, I’m more inclined to playing MMORPGs on the PC. I played Guild Wars 2 for several months when it was first released, and before then, I hopped between games like Aion, Aura Kingdom, and Grand Fantasia. I just love to do repetitive grinds, you know? Hohoho. But after I was conscripted to the army, I stopped playing them because I didn’t have the time to commit to playing them. Sigh~

Right now though, I have been suppressing any intentions of playing games, ’cause you see, I’m terrible at multi-tasking. If I start a game now, I would probably go on extended hiatus from translating, till I get bored of the game. And I would probably fail my exams too while I’m at it. Hohoho.

Rem asks: You are now the villain of the last novel/movie/game you read/watched/played. What happens to you?

Ah, I was just reading the latest raws of Cultivation Chat Group before writing this post. I just checked the current translated chapters of the series, and I realized I would probably be spoiling you guys… but… whatever!

Let me tell you guys the one fate that all villains of CCG will end up in. Most of them get dismantled. Somehow or rather, they will get dismantled.

Which means… I will probably get dismantled too. My arms. My legs. My chest. My head. The photos of lolis I hide in the secret compartments of my clothes… Uhh… One of these don’t really fit here.

Panda Wannabe asks: What is better, loli’s or trap?

Obviously, lolis are better. Traps are just good looking guys. Why would I want good looking guys, when lolis give you the sweetest smiles, and they are so cute too! And ahem, I swear this is totally not related to why I want daughters. Yep. Totally not related. Hohoho.


Hope you guys have enjoyed the Q&A so far. I will be stopping this Q&A for now, because I realize I’m spending quite a lot of time on this every day. Hohoho. I will probably bring it back in the future? But I would probably make it a weekly thing next time. We will see~

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12 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 246”

  1. The link still dead so I would comment on the FSN.
    for why FSN has all the character conveniently connected, that’s because the the magic community is just that small. also everyone in Fuyuki beside the Tohsaka family is there because the holy grail.
    Originally there is only 3 family involved in the Ritual,
    Tohsaka facilitate the Place for the Ritual
    Einzbern facilitate the Container and the Ritual
    Matou facilitate the Command Spell and the Summoning

    so you want it or not they would conveniently connected.
    because the MC itself can be classified as Einzbern family.

    there is also because you watched the Anime not the VN (I assume you watched the first one). the anime is trying to combine 3 different story into one. while the VN obviously separated each character, those the “conveniently” connected happen rather too convenient. as why F/Z looks better because it by default a single story not 3 story animated into one. also at the time of F/Z written the nasuverse in better matured state than when F/SN created. then you include ufotable in the equation.

    and I hope F/HF would as good or better than Kara no Kyoukai. because from what I remember the fight is not really as interesting as UBW, and its more into the darkside of the now messed up ritual.

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