[Announcement] Update on Site Situation

Ello, just to give you guys an update, the site seems to be running generally alright today, but I still can’t say for sure it won’t happen again, so I’m considering my options of either changing to another web hosting site or move my base of operations to Moon Bunny Cafe.

Currently, I have someone nice enough to take me into her web server, but she seems to be a little busy, so it will take some time.

Until then, I won’t be uploading any chapters. Don’t worry though! I’m still translating! So once all the site stuffs are dealt with, I will upload all of them at one go!

Yeah, if you have any questions, please put them down in the comments below, I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

13 thoughts to “[Announcement] Update on Site Situation”

      1. Don’t destroy my dream….
        Can we make an compromise? How about you being a trap? :3
        *IP Ban incoming* (Wouldn’t be the first one I get for stupid comments)
        On a serious note, will we get a notification when the new site is ready?

  1. Nooo!
    Don’t go fully to Moon Bunny Cafe! I will miss your announcements, your comments and the lovely site and picture that are your banner~

  2. Thank you for the head up. Enjoy your ‘break’, uh, I mean, your ‘no-post’ days. Umm sorry for the terrible pun.
    I guess time to read Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive first book? ?

    Whichever you decided to, I would support you. Migrating to moon bunny will reduce your load little bit. Although you would lost little bit of ‘personality’. I mean, your banner and pretty pictures are this site speciality.

    That and those people who sometimes forgot / thinking you’re a girl lmao.

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