[Disciple Releases] Chapter 252

Chapter 252 can be found here!

So yeah, I think I found a perfect header image! It may not look the nicest or have impressive looking backgrounds, but I like how the colours are blended, and the girl’s cute too!~ Not to mention she has a couple of beasties accompanying her. Hohoho.

Thanks for all your suggestions, people! All of them looked really gorgeous, and I saved some of them too! Plus I wouldn’t have been able to find this one, if not because of the recommendation pop-up on pixiv while I was looking at one of the pictures you guys suggested! 😀

Anyway, the site should be more or less tweaked properly now. The mobile menu should be working fine with no overlapping links.

If you guys spot anymore problems, please let me know! Otherwise, this would probably be the setting I’m going with for at least half a year to a year or so!~

Picture source: here

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