[Disciple Releases] Chapter 258 – 259

Chapter 258 can be found here!

Ello!~ Now to announce the results for yesterday’s small event… We failed! Ohohoho! Though Disciple did reach the first page for a short while, the update post did not go all the way up to the top 10 places. Sniff.

Then why are there still 2 chapters today, you ask? Because of this, which was hidden at the bottom of yesterday’s post!

Apparently, not many of you caught this either! While I’m writing this post (which is like 5 hours before it’s up), there’s only been 3 of you who commented! Shame on you guys! I thought you guys would be better than this! Great job to Mechanical Pierrot, Just a dream, and スレピ アシュ for noticing it though!

But yes, so even though we didn’t get to the top 10 of the front page, by adding the 30% progress of the hidden event, I figured that it would still be enough to amount to a 2nd chapter release today. Tsk! You guys must thank me for my benevolence!

Yeah, anyway, I’m drained out now. Night~

(Additional note: All event comments between 3am (GMT +8) and the release of this post are voided, but if you managed to notice and post the event comment within this time frame, I applaud you for your keen senses too!)

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