5 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 266”

  1. “Yeah… still alive.” Yeah seems so.
    But we can’t be enough sure, try with translate some more chapters… well, do you know? just to check if you are really you, or a ghost blocked on this plane cuz couldn’t complete to translate this novel 🙂
    Better be safe about your life 🙂
    eheheh thanks for the chapter and no pressure, bro 🙂

  2. Yeeey finally caught up with the latest chapter!!

    I’m sad I wasn’t able to catch up the Q&A… I wanted to ask Scrya-sama for his birthday~ (hohoho for *cough* future reference *cough*)

    Time management is too damn hard with so much activities… (novels, anime, manga, *cough* lolis *cough*) I can only give ya virtual supports~!!°°°☆☆☆°°

    *sigh* We are somehow studying the same field but I feel like you are around Yu Yan’s level while I’m just in the third level of essence hohoho

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