[Announcement] September Update

Short update. I’m dead. Orz. Couldn’t make time to translate this week. Sorry about that. But what I did have time to do was upload the PDF, EPUB and MDOCX of Arc 8 to the respective dropbox folders, so if you want to download them, you can head over there through the the project page here.

Also, I re-uploaded Arc 4’s stuffs, since I realized I still left some naming errors in them.

Alright… Back to stuffing myself under a sea of papers…

Ah, though I will try to find time to translate this week, I would probably be able to churn out about 3 chapters 3 weeks later when I have a break week.


5 thoughts to “[Announcement] September Update”

  1. Thank you so much for spending time to translate this novel. But you need to spend more time for studying to cultivate for your bright future so I’m willing to wait.

  2. Don’t mind! It’s still more important to get things in RL done ? thanks for your update and not disappearing on us ?

    Thanks also for the Arc 8 upload! I’ll be sure to download it later and read it all over agai, hehheheh

    Thanks for your hard work and good luck with your papers! ?

  3. i’m sad i just found the novel “So What If It’s an RPG World?” and then found out it was drooped, But greatful that i was able to read the series till Vol 9

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