[Announcement] October Update

Well, this is just a post to ensure you guys I’m not dead. Actually, I am dying, especially with this elevator pitch presentation that I’m supposed to be preparing for Tuesday, and though I have some stuffs thought out, I can’t piece them together and put them into words. Huhuhu. Plus I can’t imagine myself speaking confidently in front of a group of people. Urgh. Crap, this is turning out to be a rant post.

Anyway, I realized in the early months of this year, that there were some instances where I had radio silence for a long period of time, and many of you got worried that I had disappeared. So, I decided to at least pop in and update you guys every so often, even if I haven’t got much translations done.

So yeah~! Once I’m done with this speech on Tuesday, I might have some time to push out a chapter. Actually, no. I will push out a chapter this week. So stay tuned~!

8 thoughts to “[Announcement] October Update”

  1. Hello! I’m your newly contracted beastie. Good luck with your presentation and you can try imagining everyone’s face in the audience looking like Yu Yan. This way, you will be instantly filled with enthusiasm and inspiration to expain your ideas and message in xianxia language…cough cough…I mean explain in simplest possible way…………using modern words. You will also have no stage-fright during the entire presentation because you will be thinking “gawd!…how do I explain television to this ancient god (without him trying to dismentle everything into pieces)?”

  2. Good to know periodically that you aren’t dead. As for the confidence issue, just imagine someone else confidently giving your presentation, and then just copy them, it’s much easier to confidently state something someone else already explained.

  3. if you can’t get a full chapter tl’ed then just give it to us in pieces. (That might help you tl it if you don’t have time to sit down and do it all at once)

  4. On the plus side you’d only have to talk confidently for two minutes. Good luck!
    I appreciate the update 🙂

  5. Yup. I was starting to get worried too. Especially since this is my favorite novel so far. Please do your best on the upcoming speech and pawer!

  6. Ehy, happy to see you are enjoing your school life ghghgh relax, relax and new ideas will come for themselves. For how much you get yourself nervous, you can just do your best, so do it forghetting the conseguences. After all, they are out of your controll. Live without regretes and be happy. And how they say in my country, break a leg 🙂

  7. 4 days into December and no word from Scrya ;;
    I hope you’re doing well! I loved reading your translation of this series.

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