[Disciple Releases] Chapter 271 – 273

Heya! Chapter 271 can be found here!

Miss me? Huhuhu. Sorry for going MIA again even though I said I would update you guys frequently about what’s happening with me. Hurhur. Yeah, exams are over. But new trouble awaits! I will be going back into the army for a week for my yearly re-service. Actually, I have to report in about 6 hours, and have yet to get my good night sleep yet. Hohoho. But yes, I won’t be able to release chapters in the meantime because of this, so I will leave you guys with 3 chapters for now!

After that, once I get back, while working on chapters, I will also have to spend some time preparing for my internship this coming January. yes, I secured a internship, hurrah! As to my schedule during my internship, I will have to see how it goes. And then, at the end of December, I will be flying off for a week for vacation, so no chapters then as well.

No fret though, my target currently is to hit 300 chapters by the end of this year. Can I do it, I wonder? I should be able to! Hohoho! As long as I don’t procrastinate… Ahahahaha!

But yes, I got to run… to bed. Otherwise I’m going to look dead tomorrow when I’m reporting in. See you guys in a week!

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16 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 271 – 273”

  1. I am glad to see you back, even for only 3 chapters o/
    Good luck on your beginnings, also, if you again procrastinate too much cause of one thing or another:
    Merry (early) Christmas~

  2. 福如东海 (fú rú dōng hǎi): May your luck be as immense as the Eastern Sea.
    If anyone’s in the U.K , there’s an advent calendar for pringles EACH day. Damn, i’m so envious.

  3. In the darkness of the deep abyss, a pair of bloodshot eyes suddenly open, seeking nourishment and nourishment it has found, The eyes gleam with happiness as its possessor roars up to the sky to call his brethrens.

    In the darkness of the deep abyss, pairs of bloodshot eyes suddenly open.
    thanks for the chapters!

  4. Speak of the devil. Usually in my country we would say “panjang umur” which meant long life when one just spoke abt you and you suddenly appeared. Your translated novel fans just mentioned that they missed you and zhu yao a lot.

        1. Greetings, neighbor! Salam from Indonesia!

          I didn’t know that Malaysian use “panjang umur” too when someone came just after being talked / looked about too.

          1. Not a surprise. We do came from the tradisi Rumpun Melayu yang sama and our country is just next to each other. So we do have a lot of the similarities. Unless someone denounce the heritage or their identities XD.

  5. You’re alive!
    Uh… December’s almost half over, I don’t think you’ll make 300 by the end of the year if you’re going to be gone for most of it. Unless you have a stockpile of 20 chapters already. You would make a lot of people happy if you’d prove me wrong though :D.

  6. Good luck to you hope all is well hope you make it hopefully you have a good time thank you so much for the chapters so excited for 300 also hope you have a great vacation!????

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