[Disciple Releases] Chapter 295 – 296

Chapter 295 can be found here!

So I was browsing Pixiv for pictures as usual, and putting aside how FGO is dominating the top charts as usual, there’s been an increase in pictures of doggos too, most likely due to it being the year of the dog this year! Hooray for dogs! Hooray for doggos! More doggos please! 😀

And ahem, I didn’t pick out the light novel I mentioned in the previous post just because there’s a trap and BL. It’s just that the synopsis looks interesting, and it has nice cover art. Those are the reasons, alright! Not because it’s BL! Not because there’s a trap! Those aren’t the main reasons! Ok!?

Picture source: here

8 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 295 – 296”

  1. Thanks of the chapter.
    No peoblem bro. We don’t judge lol BL is love too XD when do your read it, feel free to say us how it was :p

    Bye scry

  2. All the talk about traps and BL and “covers”…scrolling toward the posted picture above…o.O
    it’s a ****

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