[Disciple Releases] Chapter 306 – 308

Chapter 306 can be found here!

Mmn, three chapters this time. You guys should have realized, but there’s been some changes to the spacings between each paragraph of the chapters recently. The reason for that, is because I have been using the Blob Raw Text Cleaner Google Doc Add-on by blob’s TL group and yuzuki! Hohoho! It really saves a lot of time by removing the chinese characters right away after I’m done translating. Before this, I had been going through every single line and deleting them one by one. So, yes, if you’re here, yuzuki, thank you very much! Though there seems to be some consistency issue with the spacings… But it should do for now~!


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One thought to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 306 – 308”

  1. Yeah… Yeah, naturally i noticed… Maybe… I’m sorry… orz
    Anyway, wow, an upgrade, so se can expect 6 chapter next time XD

    Thanks bro

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