[Disciple Releases] Chapter 323 – 326

Chapter 323 can be found here!

The best thing about the place I’m interning at, is that we have a Karaoke Lounge! Wooooo! Whenever it’s empty during lunch hour, my fellow internmates and I would head in and just sing. Ohohoho. It’s too bad that aren’t that many Jpop songs in them though. :/

What are some of the good things about your school or workplace?

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9 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 323 – 326”

  1. They would buy the entire office lunch everyday and it ranged from burgers to sushi to fine dining restaurants

    Edit : my job

  2. Hmn… My last workplace also has a karaoke lounge but we were too tired from work that just catch ? sleep to replenish our energy.

  3. It has wifi everywhere you go xD
    So, im gonna list it here: 1st floor
    2nd floor(still havent checked)
    4th floor library
    5th floor
    8th floor
    9th floor
    10th floor

    Unfortunately our classroom’s in the 6th floor so i cant connect :/

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