[Disciple Releases] Chapter 334

Chapter 334 can be found here!

Hmm… What kind of features make a site for reading novels… a site for reading novels?

One of the things that I have been thinking of implementing in my eventual site, is the infinite scroll feature where you simply have to keep scrolling down to go to the next chapter, like what most news websites are doing, or what Qidian is doing.

To me, it just makes so much sense, you know? You’re always reading top-down, so rather than breaking the flow where you have to click on left and right to go the next/prev chapters, just scrolling down would make it more convenient.

Of course, users are now used to the standard left/right chapter buttons format, and then comments at the bottom, which is a factor that shouldn’t be ignored too.

What do you guys think, and what other features do you think would make a site more comfortable for readers?

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22 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 334”

  1. I prefer the old way tbh. Infinite scroll would make it harder for me to find where I left off reading…

  2. Or maybe make it so that readers could choose if they want division by chapters or infinite scroll when reading? Kinda like in some manga sites they let you choose if you want to read a chapter page by page or have all the pages in one place and just scroll down to read it

  3. I don’t really like the infinite scroll option when using mobile devices to read novels.

    It drains the battery really fast compared to other methods and probably has something to do with loading/caching all previously read chapters.

    For example if I were to start reading from chapter 1 to 50 without refreshing, then it will load all 50 chapters.

    All I know is that if I read on Qidian with my mobile phone, the battery goes from full to like 30% within a few hours unlike when reading on other sites.

    1. About the chapter 1 to 50 thing. Yep. That’s something that I has to be solved. Qidian does have many things running at once, which causes quite a bit of load.

  4. -Record where reader last stopped? [I think RRL has a similar feature]

    -In-Page glossary? -when you hover over a word it gives you a short description of it’s meaning- [Shinsori has something similar]

    As for my personal opinion, being simple is the best. As long your content is high quality, the features of the site don’t matter much.

    1. In-page glossary is a great idea. I have been considering it too.
      Having high quality content is of course what one should always strive for, but providing you guys with a comfortable experience would keep you slav-, you guys here for a while longer during each visit. o/

  5. What i like on gravity and ww is that you can navigate with only your keyboard by pressing left/right (or strg+left/right).
    Though this feature is useless if your main userbase are mobile users.

      1. I think navigating with a single button like left/right is really annoying. When i’m on gravity sometimes i touch left or right instead of down and end up in another page.
        Left/right + something is a lot better, i think wuxiaworl is ctrl+left/right?

    1. (yes, it is related to the topic. Please don’t use infinite scrolling. I have tried it on AO3 and it is a pain)

  6. This is fine. No need for change and it’s quite inconvenient for you to make changes in this website isn’t it.

  7. i prefer the original format really, i look forward to reading the comments after reading a chapter and I appreciate the little translator’s notes and your pictures lol
    plus its easier to see where i left off reading

  8. I suggest making a dark version of the site. Yesterday I was reading till 4 am, and the light from the site was burning my eyes… T^T

  9. Copy college humor if you want infinite scrolling.
    Scrolls down to a new url and has the comments after each item.
    Also clicking on one of the “chapters” takes you to that page so people who are caught up already could read the latest single chapter like normal

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