[Disciple Releases] Chapter 338

Chapter 338 can be found here!

Hmm… What’s your favourite moment in Disciple?

My favourite moment is in the early chapters, right after Zhu Yao reincarnated for the first time and was spending her time as a baby. Yu Yan’s troubles in taking care of his new(?) disciple was really fun to read!

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As usual, fuzichoco really goes deep into the details! I will definitely buy his(her?) illustrations if he(she?) ever comes to Singapore for a convention~

13 thoughts to “[Disciple Releases] Chapter 338”

  1. Mine is when she first gets the power to attract beasties. They just won’t leave her alone! A pretty close second is the scenes with the little radishes.

  2. When she reincarnated as a guy and attracted one of the elders.

    Then there was a call back later on.

  3. My favourite scene is probably when Zhu Yao went back to her world and brought Yu Yan along. I loved how he pretty much tried to dismantle all the tech

  4. The episode when she was a Phoenix (turtle)
    His master was just cute, expecially when she was practicing to comb his hairs 🙂

  5. My favorite moment is when zhu yao kissed her master as her male counterpart and the girl sees it XD

  6. And also when her disciple’s (was it little radish??) incarnation died and her emotional scene with zhu yao with the “I wanted you to be my master” and all. I cried at that scene ;-;

  7. Well the most memorable and loved are..
    When she was took away by her master from her wealthy parents and raised…
    when she was a dragon….
    When she raised her first female disciple..
    When she taught her master about ploughing the field…
    When she (called granny and demon plant) raised the cute boy that has thrash dantian… and the other Bug child comparing with each other.

  8. I like almost all the arcs but I like more when she got back to modern time and when some of her friends from cultivation world come to visit her one after another and almost made her boss insane ???????

  9. I loved her male arc when she was ‘gay’ with her master. I would say the part where she died was especially memorable and sad compared the her other deaths though.

    1. And also when Zhu Yaou has little radish and save the orphans then made the mountain beast formation

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