[Disciple Releases] Chapter 366

Chapter 366 can be found here!

I just stepped on the weighing scale for the first time in a long while today. Oh the horror. Anyone has a recommended diet/exercise plan that can help me lose a couple of kg’s in a month? Orz.



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  1. Aw, man. I didn’t see that there was a person in the pic at first. I just saw her legs and thought it was a horse next to the cat. ?

  2. its carbo diet the diet itself is simple you cant eat any food with oil in it and no rice and other food that has a large amount of carbohidrat in it but meat is okay fry is a no go but grill is ok also it would be good if you can restrain yourself from eating sweets not if your hungry just eat a loaf of chese and no bread its also no good eat a lot of vegetables it helps a lot with your digestion also you could probably use some exercise if u want ah yeah noodles also no good especialy cuped noodle if u want to eat a cupped noodle eat it outside the cup because inside the cup there is a layer of wax which will damage your metabolism sistem and if acumulated a cancer is a better results well thats all i think this is the least i can do to repay you for always translating this novel for us

  3. The easiest is cutting your carbohydrate and fat intake. Reduce your carbo (I guess you eat rice?) into 3/4 for first week, then 1/2 for second week. If you feel like had no strength, then 3/4 the usual carbo for the first 2 week, then 1/2 the third week.

    Put more vegetables (yeah, I know, I hate vegie too, but it healthy!) as rice replacement, that would fill you up. Also cut your sugar intake.

    Replace your fatty meats with the lean one. You also can increase the protein intake to compensate carbo reduction.

    For exercise, I’m fan of HIT (High Intensity Training), but better consult your trainer to make sure it fit your body type. Home exercise, do 5 minutes planks (combined of several planks variation, 30 sec – 1 minutes each. Look in Google search), it help reduce your stomach fats. Push ups and pull ups also good, it increase your strength.

  4. I have a very simple diet that works if you are not in a hurry. Full breaksfast , single dish for lunch plus fruit, salad or fried veggies and a glass of whole milk for dinner, after lunch a short rest, half an hour, after dinner a long walk( at least an hour) or a short run ( half and hour). Most important, every meal, including snacks must have carbos around half, fats around 30% and proteins, this is so your body won’t complaint and ruin your mood and your objetives. Because of the freedom of ingredients you can eat things you like in moderation and is not dificult to prepare recipes or search out of season ingredients

  5. I think replacing all beverage/drinks with water and drinking some water before having a meal might help with dieting.

      1. I don’t drink coffee so I can’t be quite sure of the effects personally but I think coffee should be fine as long as there nothing added and drank in moderation.
        Good luck with your diet Scrya!! *o/*

      2. Coffee is the only way I survive! It is actually an appetite suppressant and 64 oz. of coffee is only 34 calories… BUT if you add Sugar, that is about 40 cal per packet, Creamer is about 60 cal+. So, if you are hard-core calorie counting, either learn to love it black or just a little bit of sugar.

  6. What I do is kinda simple, work out then drink a protein shake for breakfast. Two hours later I eat fruits with yogurt or oatmeal. My lunch is a salad with brown rice to fill that increasing void in my stomach due to me burning way too many calories. Two hours later more fruits or veggies as a snack. For dinner more brown rice with steamed veggies and some more protein in the form of chicken. For dessert a sweet potato :3 and that’s how you become a Spartan. Also my workout is the 300 challenge.

  7. Never had the problem. I suppose, stop fry and meat and eat more more legumes and cereals to compensate. Low level of fat and oil should help, i think. Sorry never had the problemi :/
    Thanks for the chapter, man 🙂

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