[Disciple Releases] Chapter 393 and Afterword

The grand finale can be read here!

For my afterword on the series, you can also read it by clicking this link!

Well, we’re finally here at the end. It’s been a really long but fun ride! So what will I be doing after this? I will finish up There’s a Pit in my Senior Martial Brother’s Brain. It’s been delayed it for far too long, and it’s actually quite short. I will probably release all of the remaining chapters in one go? Let’s see how it goes. Ohoho. Then I will also take my time with creating the pdfs and epbs for Disciple and Pit.

The reason why I rushed to complete everything this week was also because uh… I think I picked up more modules than I can chew this semester. It’s like, I suddenly felt high after finishing my long seven months internship, and school suddenly seemed so much more fun now. And before I know it, I chose to pick up all the intensive modules altogether. HAHAHA. So screwed. And there’s the things I want to learn on software and web development too on the side. Things will be getting really busy from here.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop translating though. I learnt a lot of things while translating, about how I translate and how some of the steps I take are kind of inefficient and stuffs like that. So I will be looking into these things. I will also be helping out others with their translation projects here and there, so you will probably see my name popping out like everywhere.

For now, I don’t exactly have a novel that I’m interested to translate on my own after Disciple and Pit. I have been looking around, for there’s nothing that gave me the pull that I had for Disciple. But well, I will just take things slow!

And with that, this will be the final post for Disciple releases. Thank you for all your support, everyone! See you all soon in the next adventure~!