[Pit Releases] Chapter 18 – 20

Chapter 18 can be found here!

Alright, with this I’m done with Pit as well! Whew. Just a heads-up though, Chapter 18 is a bit on the borderline of BL hentai, so… Well, there’s my first experience translating BL hentai I guess? (I honestly didn’t expect this when I first picked it up 2 years ago, but I can’t just stop halfway >.<)

In any case, here are my current to-do list for the site:

  1. Make Epubs for the remaining Disciple volumes
  2. Put up a complete back-up of the chapters for Disciple and Pit on Moon Bunny Cafe (I think the last updated chapter there for Disciple is 200ish?) (Done)
  3. Remodel the site.
  4. Pick up a new series(?)

Yeah, I will be remodeling the site once more, and hopefully it will be the last(?) major change to the site. I already found a decent theme that satisfies all of my requirements, but I have to make sure I back up the chapters first so that you guys and my new readers have a place to read my stuffs while I’m reconstructing the site.

Just a heads-up though, the site will lose a bit individuality, more specifically, there won’t be a banner in the new site. Nuuuuuuu! But I will be keeping the pinkness of the site. ‘Cause, pink is glorious. In any case, the final product will hopefully give you guys a better reading experience. I have been analyzing the site for awhile, and it seems the average loading speed of the site is pretty slow. So hopefully this remodeling will optimize the site a little better and solve the issue.

During this remodelling, I will also finally be updating the donor page! \o/ So if you don’t know, I have this “Hall of Fame” page in one of the dropdown lists above, and the names there are all the wonderful people that donated to me while I was still working on RPG World! After that, I closed down donations since I couldn’t keep up constant scheduled releases and it made me feel bad to take donations. During this remodelling, I want to make the page look a little more beautiful, as well as include the names of the wonderful people that have donated to me since I reopened donations awhile ago. \o/

Well, as for picking up a new series. Truthfully, I have no novels that I’m extremely keen of translating right now. I have been surfing through the Pick Up Novel Requests on the novel update forums, but I haven’t got the time to look through the raws completely due to school work and stuff. But well, I will just take my time with this. I might hop onto another group (Like Volare or Chaleuria, or help out Alys with ATG again) for a bit, but who knows? Either way, this site will continue to stay! So no problems there!

So yeah, that’s about it for now! See you guys soon!

7 thoughts to “[Pit Releases] Chapter 18 – 20”

  1. I will offer up my unsolicited opinion: Have you looked at General Above I am Below? The title is not what it seems so if you are open to suggestions please check it out! Thank you!

  2. I know you’re not asking for suggestions but what about My Big Brother is Seeking Death Again (家兄又在作死) ? The author of discipline wrote it

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