EPubs, PDFs and Backups!

Hey everyone! I used my weekends to wrap up all of the final administrative stuffs for Disciple and Pit.

EPubs, PDFs and the Docx files can now be downloaded in the respective dropbox folders below.


Also, Disciple and Pit can now be read in Moon Bunny Cafe, so if this site ever goes down due to server problems, reconstruction or whatnot, you can read them there!

Disciple in MBC | Pit in MBC

As you can see, there are ads in MBC’s site, which means I will get some ad revenue if you read them there. So if you want to support me in some way, it would be great if you can read on MBC with your adblockers’ off! Or if you just want to stay in the comfy pinkness in my site, it’s fine by me as well! 🙂

Anyway, I’m thinking of starting the site renovation on Thursday (my time – GMT+8), as I want to finish everything I set out to do before my midterms preparations! So if the site goes down on Thursday, don’t be alarmed! I will put up a temporary page as to where you can go to read my stuffs while the site is renovating, so no worries!

I will also take some time to look at the recommendations of series to pick up, but I’m more leaning towards novels that are short in length right now~ (You know my terrible pace after all)

So yeah, that’s about it for now. See you guys soon!

6 thoughts to “EPubs, PDFs and Backups!”

    1. Just for your own future reading, you can actually download a webpage if you know you’ll want to read it later. On Chrome just do Ctrl+s and you can save the file to wherever.

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