Astolfo Starry Eyes

Site Up!

More Pink! Pink! Pink!

The site banner is now gone, and I kind of felt things were a little empty, so I added some light cherry blossoms silhouette in the background, and a short profile with a cute little ferret-like creature. If you’re viewing through mobile, you can see the ferret at the bottom! \o/

This initially wasn’t the theme I planned on using though. The theme I had my eyes on had several issues, so I had no choice but to switch. Though, this theme was an unexpected find! 

The reason why I opted for this theme is because I kind of wanted the site to look a little bit more professional. (I know, pink isn’t a professional colour, but I like pink!) There aren’t many people out of my social circle that knows I’m translating (even my parents don’t know, really. I think?) But recently, I feel that this is something that I should be proud of and should be more open about, and I hope to put it in my future resume too in some way or form. So it’s best to take up a slightly more professional look to the site! Well that’s my rationale anyway.

Another reason why I opted for this theme is because of its clean code and it supposedly being SEO-optimized. Which means things should load faster so that you guys can reach the next chapters faster! (Hopefully that’s the case anyway.

I have also opted to optimize the images I upload now, so that you guys don’t have to waste that much time loading them or spend more data downloading them unnecessarily! Though to do that, I cleared out all of my previous images because some were seriously too large even after optimization.

I’m still looking for short novels to translate. I actually found one, but after reading through, I decided that it was a little too emo from start till end. And it was a little confusing too, though it did almost bring a tear to my eye. But yeah, the search continues!

And so that’s it for now! Time to study! See you all soon!

Illustration: Astolfo from Fate/Apocrypha (Source)