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Site Up!

More Pink! Pink! Pink!

The site banner is now gone, and I kind of felt things were a little empty, so I added some light cherry blossoms silhouette in the background, and a short profile with a cute little ferret-like creature. If you’re viewing through mobile, you can see the ferret at the bottom! \o/

This initially wasn’t the theme I planned on using though. The theme I had my eyes on had several issues, so I had no choice but to switch. Though, this theme was an unexpected find! 

The reason why I opted for this theme is because I kind of wanted the site to look a little bit more professional. (I know, pink isn’t a professional colour, but I like pink!) There aren’t many people out of my social circle that knows I’m translating (even my parents don’t know, really. I think?) But recently, I feel that this is something that I should be proud of and should be more open about, and I hope to put it in my future resume too in some way or form. So it’s best to take up a slightly more professional look to the site! Well that’s my rationale anyway.

Another reason why I opted for this theme is because of its clean code and it supposedly being SEO-optimized. Which means things should load faster so that you guys can reach the next chapters faster! (Hopefully that’s the case anyway.

I have also opted to optimize the images I upload now, so that you guys don’t have to waste that much time loading them or spend more data downloading them unnecessarily! Though to do that, I cleared out all of my previous images because some were seriously too large even after optimization.

I’m still looking for short novels to translate. I actually found one, but after reading through, I decided that it was a little too emo from start till end. And it was a little confusing too, though it did almost bring a tear to my eye. But yeah, the search continues!

And so that’s it for now! Time to study! See you all soon!

Illustration: Astolfo from Fate/Apocrypha (Source)

13 thoughts to “Site Up!”

  1. the webpage do look good, as its clean and not the total black thing everyone and their mother is doing and making me squint

    1. People are doing a dark background because it’s actually healthier for your eyes!
      Blue light from screens can cause of macular degeneration or the death of the light sensing cells in your eyes. This is often called “blindness” D:
      Anyhow, blue light isn’t inherently bad, just like water isn’t bad. It’s all about the amount. 1L of water might be good for you, but drinking 100L in a hour will leave you dead.
      Dark pages are also nicer at night as they lack much of that blue light and tend to be dimmer as a whole. The blue light actually keeps you awake, while the brightness thing is more of a contrast with environment thing.

  2. I thought you wanted to add this feature where you can scroll to the next chapter instead of clicking the button?
    It looks good though! I like the pink

  3. SEO-optimized hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    SEO stands for search engine optimization
    *pats Scrya*
    anyway *wipes away laughter tears* could you add a dark mode? While the pink is fine in the day time it might as well be a blinding light in the dark at night. Maybe a real dark pink/red? You could probably find a picture of some cherry trees at night and use that too

    1. SEO optimization includes page speed as well. The faster your page loads, the higher the chances the site will pop up higher in the search engine rank, and coding matters a lot when it comes to loading pages~

      1. I know Scrya XD
        Doesn’t change what it stands for though you baka *wack Scrya with newspaper*
        It’s like saying ATM-machine or CD-disk lol

  4. Hey Scrya, great job with the site! It looks very clean and sorted. I like the subtle sakura in the back. Looks great when you tilt your screen a little. (≧▽≦)
    Would you consider adding an optional dark background toggle thing to aid reading though? I tend to marathon chapters through the night, so it would really help. Safari has a reading mode but it’s not the same as reading on your page. Only if its not much effort/trouble though.
    Either way, I look forward to your next translation ٩(⚙ᴗ⚙)۶

  5. I don’t like too much pink but I have to admit it looks good. Btw, around the beginning of the year the same friend that recommended me MDDYA, recommended me this novel:
    I remember that I hadn’t given it a try because it was dropped so it will be great if you could look onto it, maybe it will catch your interest. I was told it has a charisma pretty similar to Disciple.

  6. It looks nice.
    “Even my parents don’t know, really. I think?” Thats pretty funny. Your doing a fine job. The ferret is super cute too. The tree looks kinda meh.. since it lacks foliage. Perhaps replace it with a less realistic tree.

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