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Hey everyone, it’s been awhile! As usual, I’m suffering in school and regretting my decision of taking up the Japanese language module when I already have more than enough credits for the semester. The workload is… oh god. Save me! ;_;

Warning to others: Do not take up more modules than you usually take per semester just because you suddenly feel school is so much fun after going through a 6-7 months long internship.

Well, despite my hectic schedule, I still managed to squeeze out some time to read and do a bit of translations. Currently, I’m working on 2 projects simultaneously, with 1 being my main project and the other a side project.

For my main project… It will be another of You Qian’s (Author of disciple!) completed work.  Though, I probably won’t be putting the chapters up so soon, since I want to stock it up~

As for my side project… It will be… a BL. A fluffy, cute BL. A fluffy, cute… BL… I have been tainted by the crazy fujoshis on Discord. Orz. But well, it’s true that the novel is cute… so… Hnnggghhh… (Someone save me) But yeah, most likely the novel will only be updated once every 2 weeks, since I won’t be focusing on it much. And it will probably be uploaded before my main project~ We will see~

I actually have some secondary plans as well, but school work is just too much right now. orz.

But yeah, that’s about it for now~ See you guys and girls soon~

36 thoughts to “Updates of Upcoming Titles”

  1. A BL novel huh … Not really into that, but then again I’m not really into novels that are focused on romance. Is that the case, or are there other prominent themes in this novel?
    By the way, are there other translated (by you or otherwise) novels of this “You Qian”?
    Anyway, good luck with school

      1. Oh well, I’ll probably try it anyway because at least the translation will be good, which is already better than plenty other novels I read haha
        Thanks for the link

    I will read anything from disciple author. And I will read FLUFFY…CUTE…BL…!!!
    I can’t stand cliffhangers so I will be stockpiling the chapters after they are out as well haha!
    I’m so glad that you’re studying japanese! This might lead to possible future japanese projects…cough…more fluffy…cute…cough…BLs…cough cough!

  3. I warned you when you fell in with the fujoshis, but at least it isn’t that bad yet, cute BL is okay, fluffy cute BL is good, just try not to follow any further into the darkness.

  4. i was tainted after reading Mo Dao Zu Shi, so dont worry, BL’s have very good stories~ You are not alone lol

  5. I haven’t read any BL, but i can read yuri and gender bender just fine, so i’m not sure. That being said, i’m currently wanting some generic/straight wholesome/fluffy novel, preferably romane focused so could you enlighten me? :D.

          1. yup it’s cute alright, sometime i just want to tell them “just kiss already!”

  6. Fluffy! Cute! BL! Enough said ??? next would be Hot!! Smexy! Yaoi! Shounen-ai is good for a fujoshi initiate.

  7. You are starting to show your true colors XD
    hey scry, share your techings of jap. I want to learn it too. Lol

    1. wa….. i certainly hope not, it has been 2 months since the announcement tho… hopefully the delay is due to school hahah…

  8. Hello Scrya! Just want to thank you for translating ‘My disciple died yet again’. Your chinese is sooo good!!!! I have tried many times to read the novels raw but I just can’t because my chinese is so lousy.

    I just ended my exam hence I got started with My disciple died yet again a few days ago which help me found this site. Thanks again and I wish you all the best for your exams! (Although it should be finished by next week or so). Appreciate your hardwork!! It’s so crazy how you are juggling this along side school… or even when you were in the army..

  9. Heya scrya! Hope you had an awesome Christmas and new year. Just wondering if you’re still going to pick up any you qian’s novel? I sure miss your translation ?

  10. Oh gawd I hope you’re doing alright in those classes, just started my college experience and I’m in no better position. ;-; I accidentally picked an 8 week course and now I gotta cram a 4 month lesson into 2. Omg does your school offer winter courses? Don’t take them, it’s even worse D: They’re 4 month courses crammed into 5 weeks https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d3067ada76b0eabad827e265ff3d839a1bc59cfc7adbd7ace818bf8b60c3120.jpg

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