Updates of Upcoming Titles

Hey everyone, it’s been awhile! As usual, I’m suffering in school and regretting my decision of taking up the Japanese language module when I already have more than enough credits for the semester. The workload is… oh god. Save me! ;_;

Warning to others: Do not take up more modules than you usually take per semester just because you suddenly feel school is so much fun after going through a 6-7 months long internship.

Well, despite my hectic schedule, I still managed to squeeze out some time to read and do a bit of translations. Currently, I’m working on 2 projects simultaneously, with 1 being my main project and the other a side project.

For my main project… It will be another of You Qian’s (Author of disciple!) completed work.  Though, I probably won’t be putting the chapters up so soon, since I want to stock it up~

As for my side project… It will be… a BL. A fluffy, cute BL. A fluffy, cute… BL… I have been tainted by the crazy fujoshis on Discord. Orz. But well, it’s true that the novel is cute… so… Hnnggghhh… (Someone save me) But yeah, most likely the novel will only be updated once every 2 weeks, since I won’t be focusing on it much. And it will probably be uploaded before my main project~ We will see~

I actually have some secondary plans as well, but school work is just too much right now. orz.

But yeah, that’s about it for now~ See you guys and girls soon~