I’m Bearing My Love Rival’s Child


Ruan Tian is a cat which gained sentience, and is infatuated with the goddess who once saved him. During the college class reunion, Ruan Tian once again confessed to her, but she openly proclaimed that she would only marry Qin Li and no one else.

Qin Li was Ruan Tian’s number one enemy and love rival, and he was born to put Ruan Tian down for a hundred years!

Ruan Tian looked at him furiously. “Let’s battle! Only one of us can remain!”

Qin Li: ▼_▼ Shall we get on the bed?

Important Themes:

  1. The kitty is the uke. It’s a story based around the entertainment industry, and there’s male pregnancy involved. (uwu)
  2. Cutesy, prideful, easily irritated all-rounder bottom VS Affectionate, straight-faced, doting devilish top.
  3. The main character is the uke. 1 VS 1. Sweet, sweet, sweet! The conclusion is a happy end!




[BL] [Mpreg] [Mpreg] [MPREG] [Male Protagonist] [Handsome Male Lead] [Catboy] [Doting Male Lead] [Cute boy] [Showbiz] [Actors] [Pets] [Meow]

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2 thoughts to “I’m Bearing My Love Rival’s Child”

  1. Hi, Scrya.
    I’m really interested with this story and want to translate it into my language, Indonesia.
    Would you mind if I use your translation?
    I’ll be sure to give you credit and make a link to your blog.
    I’ll be waiting for your answer.
    Please let me know what you think.

  2. Woah I can’t believe you’re translating danmei !!!! Arghh I’m so excited for this thank you thank youuuuuuuuu <3

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