[Kittypreg] Chapter 01

I’m Bearing my Love Rival’s Child

TL: Scrya

Editor: faith

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Chapter 1: These Symptoms Are Rather Similar to Pregnancy Signs

When Ruan Tian wearily walked through the door, head drooping, he caught the whiff of an enticing fishy scent coming from the kitchen. His eyes shone and his nose twitched slightly. He speedily floated to the kitchen door and feasted his eyes on a bowl filled with fish meat. Gluttony could be seen in his eyes, as well as from his watering mouth.

Ruan Tian hurriedly greeted his mother and sped into the kitchen. Just as he was about to grab a fatty piece of fish meat…

Hu Shi turned around and accurately knocked the back of Ruan Tian’s hand with her chopsticks.

Ruan Tian cried out an ‘ouch’ and pulled back his hand. He glanced at the two clear red stripes on the back of his hand. With a wronged look, he showed them to his mother.

Hu Shi was amused the moment she saw it. “Aiyo, let mom blow it for you, alright?”

She grabbed Ruan Tian’s hand and acted as if she was going to blow on it. Then she said, “This hand of yours is even more delicate than a girl’s. I want you to hurry and make it firmer, otherwise how are you going to find a girlfriend in the future?”

“You don’t understand. My current appearance is what’s most popular right now.”

He was born beautiful, with an appearance like Pan An’s. He couldn’t help it either.

Hu Shi sized Ruan Tian up. This son of hers had been beautiful since young, and no one else could ever compare. At first, she thought that he would lose the tenderness and become a little rougher after growing up, but instead, he became even more delicate and tender.

How was he going to find a girlfriend like this? Hu Shi was very worried. Speaking from her own thoughts, if she were to stand next to a boyfriend who was even more beautiful than herself, it would be an indescribable blow.

Finding a boyfriend might even be easier, Hu Shi muttered to herself.

“If you can’t find a girlfriend, find a job at the very least. It’s been close to a year since you graduated. You can’t idle around like this forever. Look at Qin Li. He took over his family’s company before he even graduated and is managing the company so well. He’s not worrying his parents at all, and the two of them have been spending their leisure time gardening and doing charity. If your father and I could spend our days like that, I think we would wake up from our sleep with smiles on our faces.”

When he heard his mother speak of Qin Li, Ruan Tian couldn’t swallow the fish meat he had just put in his mouth.

Qin Li was Ruan Tian’s number one enemy and love rival. It was as if Qin Li was especially sent to put Ruan Tian down. Their mothers were good girl friends, and every three to five days, they would meet up for idle chatter. Their topics were naturally all about Ruan Tian and Qin Li. This was also why Ruan Tian often saw Qin Li when they were younger.

His grudge with Qin Li was formed seemingly during their very first encounter.

Just like his name, Ruan Tian was tender, gentle and cute since young. His eyes were like the sparkling stars in the galaxy, and his smile was charming and sweet.

When he first met Qin Li, Ruan Tian was nine years old. On that day, snow was falling. Ruan Tian was dressed in a thick down jacket and wrapped with a red scarf. Leaning against the window, he curiously peeked outside.

He saw a young boy with a cold face suddenly appearing outside the glass window. The young boy had exquisite brows and a flawless face. Donning a woolen cap and a black down jacket, he looked at Ruan Tian intently. Standing next to him was a beautiful and gentle auntie.

The auntie smiled as she greeted him and his mother. Ruan Tian then found out that these two were the people that he was supposed to meet today.

Through the auntie’s introduction, he found out that the young boy was Qin Li, and he was two months older than Ruan Tian. Qin Li was very serious ever since he was young. With a straight face, he neither smiled nor liked to talk.

Ruan Tian was a little afraid of him, but he couldn’t disobey his mother’s words either, so he softly addressed him as “big brother”.

Qin Li continued to fixate his eyes on Ruan Tian, though joy seemed to have surfaced in his eyes. He suddenly opened up his palm and handed a few milk candies over to Ruan Tian. “These are for you, little sister,” Qin Li said with a crisp voice.

At that moment, Ruan Tian was stunned. Following after, his lips curved downwards. Both afraid and wronged, he suddenly cried.

Being mistaken as a girl was something that Ruan Tian found humiliating. However, he did not expect that this was merely the start to all the damage that Qin Li would do to him.

Ever since they were young, to Ruan Tian, Qin Li was the very definition of “the other family’s child.” He was polite and obedient, had extraordinary grades, and was basically better than Ruan Tian in all aspects. He was simply the nightmare and darkness that Ruan Tian could not escape from in his entire life, and dealt him severe psychological harm.

Other than that, what Ruan Tian hated Qin Li for the most was the fact that as long as there was a girl he liked, in the end, that girl would love Qin Li instead. It felt as if he had been cursed.

Because of Qin Li, Ruan Tian never successfully dated anyone. The only time he had ever dated, that relationship lasted a mere two days before they broke up.

Ruan Tian ruthlessly devoured two pieces of fish meat as if he was venting. With his cheeks puffed, he said, “Finding a job is easy. Qin Li ended up relying on his family, didn’t he? I simply haven’t prepared myself, that’s all. Furthermore, I’ve received a lot of offers from various companies, though I’ve rejected them all. This concerns my future, so I need to pick wisely. A few days ago, that whatever Glory CEO even came to look for me. He said he wanted to package me into a superstar, and he guaranteed that I will be immensely popular in the future…”

He rubbed his face as he spoke. Haah, being too beautiful was indeed a sin.

“You’ve been dreaming, haven’t you? What nonsense are you spouting? As long as you’re able to find a stable job that gives a $3000 monthly salary, your mom will be satisfied,” Hu Shi said,  before emphasizing once more, “Also, I’ve said this many times. What Qin Li? You have to call him ‘big brother’.”

“He’s just two months older than me.”

“So what if it’s two months? If you have the capabilities, then come out of your mother’s womb two months earlier than him.”

“I lied, I’m actually older than Qin Li.”

Hu Shi directly ignored him. “You have to call him ‘big brother’. Such rudeness. Stop eating already. The moment you come in contact with fish, you can never stop eating. I really wonder if you were a cat in your past life.”

“Meow~” Ruan Tian gently cried out while feasting.

Honestly, his cry sounded even more authentic than an actual cat’s.

Hu Shi didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. She had always treated Ruan Tian as her treasure, and had pampered him since he was young. Ruan Tian had always been able to act cutesy and talk sweetly. She basically could not bear to lecture him.

While eating, Ruan Tian suddenly felt a disgusting sensation welling up in his belly. He frowned and tried to suppress it for a while, but the disgusting sensation instead grew more intense.

He hurriedly charged out of the kitchen and ran into the toilet. Grabbing onto the sides of the basin, he dry vomited. Even though he was unable to vomit out anything, his eyes reddened from the stimulation, turning completely misty.

Hu Shi came over to pat his back and comfort him, while she said, “I told you not to eat so much. See, you overate, didn’t you?”

“I didn’t eat that much…” Before Ruan Tian could even finish, he once again turned around, hugged the basin, and began to cough out his dry vomits.

Hu Shi was both in a good mood and a little distressed. She went out and boiled Ruan Tian a cup of honey water. “When your father gets back, let him find out what’s wrong.”

Ruan Tian’s father, Ruan Baitang, was a doctor. He specialized in general medicine and gynecology, and his medical techniques were superb as well. Whenever someone was sick in the household, he would always be the one to give a check up and issue medication.

Speaking of the devil, Ruan Baitang pushed open the door and walked in. His loud voice could be heard clearly from the entire house.

“Hu Siling, Ruan Xiaotian…” He circled around the dining room. “Where did everyone go? Ruan Xiaotian, come out here and see what your father has bought you.”

Hu Shi helped Ruan Tian out. Ruan Tian’s mouth had turned sour from all the vomiting, and he wasn’t in the mood to see what his father brought back either.

He completely laid limp on the sofa, feeling as if he had turned into a useless cat.

The gentle and sweet Ruan Tian had turned into a bitter and harsh Ruan Tian.

Ruan Tian licked his lips. “Pui pui pui, it’s terrible――”

Ruan Baitang placed some canned fish in front of Ruan Tian. “Silly brat, you said it you liked it the other day, so I especially had a colleague bring it back from overseas.”

Ruan Tian listlessly glanced at the canned fish.

Hu Shi followed up. “He just vomited earlier, how is he supposed to eat now? Stop making things worse and take a look at Ruan Xiaotian. When he was eating fish meat earlier, he suddenly went out to dry vomit. It was quite intense, too.”

Ruan Baitang instantly turned stern. “Are there any other symptoms? Did he eat something bad?”

“There aren’t any other symptoms, just that a disgusting feeling welled inside me so I dry vomited. I lost my appetite too. Even now, I still don’t feel like eating anything,” Ruan Tian listlessly said.

Ruan Baitang checked Ruan Tian’s forehead. “It’s not a fever. Most likely, he ate something bad. Also, these symptoms are rather similar to pregnancy signs.”

As he said that, he put his hand on his chin and sank into deep thought.

Hu Shi rolled up a newspaper and smacked Ruan Baitang’s head. “What nonsense are you spouting? Ruan Xiaotian is male, how is he supposed to become pregnant?”

Ruan Baitang was used to his wife’s strictness. He rubbed his head and said, “It’s a mistake, mistake. Raising Ruan Xiaotian just feels as if I’m raising a daughter.”

While the daughter they were raising, Ruan Xiaotian’s sister, was coincidentally his complete opposite. Raising her felt no different from raising a boy.

Hu Shi understood this feeling well. This son of hers had grown up to be even more effeminate than their daughter, though his looks were partly to blame as well. Who could possibly be ruthless towards Ruan Xiaotian? With just a casual smile, he could make one obediently disarm and surrender.

Ruan Baitang issued medication for Ruan Tian, and placing the medicine and warm water in Ruan Tian’s hands. He even prepared a candy to coax him into eating the medicine. After taking the medicine, he had Ruan Tian go back into his room to rest.

Ruan Tian’s eyes swam after taking the medicine. Inside his mouth was the candy that his father stuffed in. With his weakened hands and legs, he crawled upright. He looked around and flipped over the cabinets to find his cats and dog.

Stroking his pets was something that he loved to do every day. Hugging them and feeling their softness was bliss. Unfortunately, his goodwill was regarded as torture by his pets. Whenever they saw him, they would hide like they were trying to avoid the plague. It was such a waste of his hard work in combing their hair, feeding them, and taking care of their poop.

See, even after Ruan Tian had returned home for such a long time, he had yet to see even their shadows.

Was their conscience not hurting!?

“Tiramisu… Nuomici… Onde-onde…!”

Ruan Tian shouted out as he searched. Though he didn’t have the appetite, he still began to drool from shouting out the names of these sweets.

I really want to eat nuomici!

Ruan Tian instantly decided to look for Nuomici.

Nuomici was an orange cat. When it was still roaming around and being bullied by other wild cats, Ruan Tian descended from the skies and saved it. It had only been three months since it was saved. While it was very little back then, in the end, because of being well-fed, its figure had already grown plump, providing a sufficiently good hugging experience.

Ruan Tian pulled Nuomici out from the bottom of a wooden cabinet. The orange cat’s claws desperately clung onto the floor, but it was helpless against Ruan Tian’s incredible strength. In the end, it was successfully poached.

Ruan Tian hugged the orange cat as he entered his room. The other cat and dog that was in hiding instantly heaved sighs of relief, happily popping out of their hiding spots.

The orange cat was really afraid of Ruan Tian, and was trembling in his embrace. Yet it was being suppressed the might exuded by Ruan Tian, so it didn’t dare to resist in any way, not even revealing the claws that had shrunken into its meat pads.

Ruan Tian uncomfortably laid on his side. His belly still felt unbearable. He was only able to slightly alleviate the discomfort by hugging his cat. At that moment, he suddenly thought of what his father said.

In human terms, he was a man, and in cat terms, he was male. So naturally, he couldn’t possibly become pregnant.

However, if he really was pregnant, then who was the child’s father, the culprit behind this situation?

Ruan Tian slowly closed his eyes. In his mind, a figure instantly appeared. That figure, the one that made him itch all over, was one he couldn’t be more familiar with.

Something like being pregnant with a child was definitely impossible, but the event that happened that night did truly occur.

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  1. tiramisu – the coffee cake
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  2. Lol, I have the same relationship with my sister’s cat. She doesn’t appreaciate my love and care </3
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