[Kittypreg] Chapter 02

I’m Bearing my Love Rival’s Child

TL: Scrya

Editor: faith

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Chapter 2: He Was a Beast That Night

Even now, Ruan Tian still regretted what happened that night. He regretted choosing the class reunion to confess to his goddess, Deng Ru. He too regretted provoking Qin Li.

If he didn’t provoke Qin Li, he wouldn’t have gotten so drunk with Qin Li, and he wouldn’t have gone into a hotel with Qin Li on impulse.

That night, Deng Ru’s figure appeared in his mind. He was even faintly finding Deng Ru’s ferociousness strange. She was like an evil wolf, wanting to dismantle his flesh and bones.

Then, his legs were split open and his lower waist was cushioned with a pillow. When his secret domain was ruthlessly pierced by a metal pipe, Ruan Tian finally realized.

Deng Ru didn’t seem to be the person sleeping with him.  

However, even if he was conscious of this fact, he was too tired and powerless to retaliate. When his soft and frail hands pushed against Qin Li’s chest, it looked more like a welcoming invitation.

They were really wild that night. Ruan Tian did not know who Qin Li pictured him as, but Qin Li continued to ram him over and over again, as if fatigue meant nothing to him.

Ruan Tian was tired and in pain. He didn’t want it anymore, yet he couldn’t stop Qin Li. Later on, he couldn’t help but cry out softly. Tears flowed from the corners of his eyes, drenching the pillow.

When he woke up the next day, he realized he was still nested in Qin Li’s embrace. His head was resting on Qin Li’s arm, while Qin Li was cuddling his waist.

Ruan Tian abruptly sat up from shock. However, he immediately started to fall because of his sore waist and the sharp pain on his back.

Qin Li hurriedly held his waist, preventing Ruan Tian from falling. Ruan Tian’s current posture then gave him the opportunity to clearly see the wolf traces that covered his entire body.  

His neck, chest and waist were all filled with the traces of bites and kisses. Not a single part of his body was let off. No matter how hard he tried, Ruan Tian couldn’t find a complete piece of flesh.  

“… Beast!” Ruan Tian said out of embarrassment and anger. His face flushed red.  

When he spoke, he realized his voice was hoarse. Not the slightest bit of aggressiveness could be heard from his soft cry of “beast”. 

Qin Li’s poker face crumpled for once as he realized how bestial he had been. With a regretful and complicated expression, he said, “I will compensate you.”

Ruan Tian wrapped himself in the thin quilt, covering a body full of marks. He then distanced himself from Qin Li.  

He was rather timid in front of Qin Li, and was very afraid of him as well. Past trauma had likely made him both respect and fear Qin Li.  

“How… How are you going to compensate me?” Ruan Tian stammered.  

“You state the conditions.” Qin Li was a man of few words.  

Ruan Tian hesitated for a long while before he carefully said, “Can you get Deng Ru to like me?”  

It might have been his imagination, but the moment he said those words, he sensed Qin Li’s face darkening in an instant.  

Even his tone turned cold. “No.”  

Ruan Tian probed further. “Then, can you not go out with her?”

After all, he had initially planned to confess during the class reunion, and had even bought roses beforehand. But in the end, she heartlessly rejected him and had even expressed that she wouldn’t marry anyone other than Qin Li.   

If Qin Li were really to go out with Deng Ru, could Ruan Tian even wear his face out again?  

“Yes.” Qin Li replied readily this time.  

The tense chords in Ruan Tian’s mind relaxed. Qin Li’s face had been cold this entire time, and so Ruan Tian thought of fixing the mood. With a smile on his face, he asked Qin Li, “Who did you see me as last night? You were so wild, it felt like you wanted to eat me.”

Qin Li looked deeply into Ruan Tian’s eyes. After a while, he retracted his gaze without replying to Ruan Tian’s query.  

Ruan Tian snorted surreptitiously. Qin Li doesn’t want to say it? Fine! He doesn’t care anyway!

He picked up a suspicious transparent object that was hanging by the bedside, and very innocently stretched it till it changed shape. As he was about to try stretching his finger into it, he suddenly touched something sticky and smelly. Ruan Tian immediately realized what it was and his face instantly flushed red. Out of embarrassment and anger, he threw the condom far away.

As far as his eyes could see, the floor was littered with many similar condoms. Some were used, while some were not.

Ruan Tian choked. A long while later, with a completely red face, he stressed once more, “Beast!”

Ruan Tian was wrapped in the quilt, while Qin Li’s firm and lean body was completely exposed. Yet Qin Li felt no embarrassment and began to dress himself just like that.

While cloaked in the quilt, Ruan Tian couldn’t hold back his curiosity and peeked at Qin Li, as if he was a thief.

He stared enviously at Qin Li’s beautifully chiseled and firm chest and abdominal muscles. The shapes of his muscle lines were like works of art. Ruan Tian’s line of sight shifted down, glancing at Qin Li’s thick and irregularly gigantic thing. When he thought back on how this gigantic thing had once entered his body, his face instantly turned deathly pale.

It was no wonder his waist was so sore and his thighs were in such pain. His throat was also so coarse, and his bones felt as if they had been run over by a car.  

He should really celebrate even being alive right now.  

Qin Li was quickly done changing. His broad shoulders and bulging muscles showed even under his slightly wrinkled grey shirt. The bottom of the shirt was neatly tucked in his pants. With narrow waist and a pair of straight, long legs, he walked with firm steps.

He was expressionless as always, possessing a set of dashing eyebrows paired with starry eyes and a celestial nose. The chiselled features of his face seemed to be carved with a blade and had a razor edge-like sharpness to them. His thin lips were tight pressed together, and he had a chilly, solemn aura shrouding him which made him unapproachable and incorruptible. (*thanks to Kotoni and Dreamer, orz)

Ruan Tian was still observing him, mesmerized, when his phone suddenly rang.

He grabbed the phone and realized his father was calling. Not only that, there were a dozen missed calls from his parents. 

Ruan Tian panicked. He hadn’t returned home, and his parents had been unable to contact him. They were definitely utterly worried by now.

Just as he was about to answer, his phone was taken away by Qin Li without a single explanation.  

Ruan Tian hoarsely groaned with indignation. “What are you doing!?”  

“You can speak?” Qin Li asked.

As he said that, he ignored Ruan Tian and hurriedly connected the call. With his back facing Ruan Tian, he said, “Hello, auntie. Ruan Xiaotian stayed over at my place last night. Sorry, we forgot to inform you two of this.  

“No problem, it wasn’t much. Ruan Xiaotian didn’t cause any trouble. He’s still sleeping. Once he wakes up, I will send him back. In any case, I’m not busy, and I would only feel at ease by sending him home personally.”

Ruan Tian glared at Qin Li’s back. His fingers were interlocked, as though he wanted to strangle Qin Li’s neck. Ruan Tian even made a ferocious expression, displaying his astonishing acting skills.

As though Qin Li had eyes at the back of his head, he turned to look at Ruan Tian while he was speaking. Even without saying a word, he exuded an aura of dignity and power.

The little bunny Ruan Tian hurriedly retracted his hands. He looked left and right, acting as if nothing had happened.

In the face of the Great Demon King Qin, his fear of him was mixed with many complicated feelings. Even though he hated Qin Li to the core, he could only obediently submit when he looked Qin Li in the eyes.

From this, it could be seen just how severe his traumua was. Most likely, no doctor could treat it and no medicine could cure it now.

Qin Li dropped the call very quickly. He was better at talking than Ruan Tian was, so Hu Shi and Ruan Baitang completely trusted him without the slightest hint of suspicion. Immediately after, they stopped their endless phone calls.  

Ruan Tian angrily nibbled on his thumbnail. He treated it as Qin Li, soundlessly venting his frustration.

Qin Li was a beast and ruffian! Yet his parents still trusted Qin Li so much!  

His first kiss and first night were taken away just like that!

Ruan Tian felt sadness well up inside him as he tearfully continued to nibble on his nail. 

Qin Li returned Ruan Tian his phone. Frowning, he shot a glance at Ruan Tian’s actions, and then said with a stern and solemn voice, “You’re not allowed to bite your nail. It’s dirty.”

“… Ou.” Ruan Tian lowered his hand out of conditioned reflex.  

Qin Li picked up his wallet and phone. Then, he turned and prepared to leave.

Ruan Tian thought he was fleeing and was instantly flustered. “You’re thinking of letting this go just like that?” 

Qin Li was walking to the door. He suddenly pulled back his hand from the knob. He turned around, looked at Ruan Tian, and plainly said with a serious tone, “I can marry you.”  

Ruan Tian was momentarily stunned. Flaming pink surfaced on his snow white skin. After a long while, embarrassed and angry, he stammered, “Who… Who said anything about marrying me?” He gripped the quilt once more, interrogating Qin Li, “Are you still treating me as a girl?”

The way he bared his teeth and glared at Qin Li, it was as if he was an angered cat baring its sharp teeth and claws.   

Qin Li had a feeling that if he dared to say so, Ruan Tian would immediately slash him with his claws. He might even step on Qin Li’s face as if it was a cat scratch board with his pink, tender padded paws.

“No.” Without letting his thoughts show on his face, Qin Li shot a glance at Ruan Tian. “I’m very certain of your sex.”

“Where are you looking at!”  

Qin Li ignored Ruan Tian’s question as he opened the door and prepared to leave.

Ruan Tian swathed himself in the quilt. He couldn’t feel any sense of security from being alone. Quivering, he said, “Then, where are you going?” 

“Heading out to buy you clothes, and also to buy something to eat,” Qin Li plainly said. “You don’t want to go out naked either, right?”   

After being left with these words, Ruan Tian only reacted after he had left.

He scanned the messy floor. Amidst the condoms and miscellaneous objects, he finally found the clothes he had previously worn.

is T-shirt was brutally torn into shreds, and his pants weren’t let off either. Most tragically, he had only a single kitty head print underwear, but it too had been torn apart, like a broken piece of cloth which had lost its soul.

The war last night seemed to have been even more ferocious and intense than he thought.

Ruan Tian listlessly fell back onto the bed, as though all energy had escaped his body. At the same time, he felt fortunate that he had not lost control and reverted to his original form. Fortunately, he hadn’t been swallowed whole by the jackal Qin Li either.

Of course, in a certain sense, he had actually been eaten whole by Qin Li. There wasn’t the slightest spot on him that Qin Li hadn’t touched.

Ruan Tian was actually a cat. His spiritual awareness awakened at the moment of his birth, and he could shapeshift into a human.

As to past events, Ruan Tian couldn’t remember much about them. He could only faintly recall that his parents had been fleeing with him. Back then, he had harboured severe injuries, and later on had somehow ended up semi-conscious on a human street. His parents, however, had disappeared without a trace.  

Ruan Tian was close to losing consciousness. He lacked the energy to flee and retaliate. He wasn’t even able to open his eyes..

If he had encountered an enemy or a ferocious beast, he would have faced certain death.  

However, just as he was breathing his last, in that situation where he was both fearful and confused, someone appeared. That someone bent down and gently lifted him up.

“Such a pitiful little kitty.” It was the very gentle voice of a little girl.

Immediately after, she gently stroked Ruan Tian’s fluffy fur and even lightly pinched his soft and sensitive kitty ears.

“It’s so beautiful. Let’s save this little kitty. Otherwise, it will die,” the girl said to the person next to her.

Ruan Tian did not manage to hear any more of their conversation. Unable to support his body, he could only hurriedly leave a mark on the little girl, before falling completely unconscious.  

When Ruan Tian opened his eyes once more, he realized he was lying in an old abandoned warehouse. He did not have a clear impression of the warehouse, and now all he could remember was that the place he laid on was very soft. A soft and comfortable fur blanket had been laid down, on which cat toys had been placed. There was even dried fish and drinking water nearby.

Regretfully, as far as he could see, there wasn’t even the trace of any human being.

Back then, Ruan Tian had been terrified. However, because he wanted to look for his parents, he hurriedly left that old warehouse. 

Before he left, he even left behind a cat tooth that he had just changed for his benefactor, as a form of thanks.

Of course, in the end, Ruan Tian did not manage to find his. He laid around until he could shapeshift into a human and then randomly picked a family. Relying on his his good looks and acting cutesy skills, he successfully seized the hearts of his targets, earning himself a pair of qualified caretakers.

He gradually inserted himself into human society, but all this time, he never forgot the little girl who saved him.

Later on, Ruan Tian encountered Deng Ru out of pure coincidence, and on her body, he found the mark that he had once left behind.

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