[Kittypreg] Chapter 03

I’m Bearing my Love Rival’s Child

TL: Scrya (Save me please)

Editor: faith (She’s holding me hostage, please call the police!)

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Chapter 3: Congratulations, You’re Pregnant

Ruan Tian’s cherished benefactor actually liked Qin Li. She even declared she wouldn’t marry anyone except Qin Li in front of all her classmates. How could Qin Li not see Qin Li as his love rival after that? To spell it out further, they were enemies.

He didn’t dare raise his voice in front of Qin Li, but he had lost count how many times he had silently swore at Qin Li behind his back. He had even thought on ways he could overthrow Qin Li.

Hugging Nuomici, Ruan Tian tossed and turned. He rubbed its soft paw pads, pondering if Qin Li had any weaknesses he could exploit.

“Meow~ Meow~” the orange cat whimpered tremblingly. From its tone, it sounded like it was begging for forgiveness.

Ruan Tian held onto the two soft front legs of the orange cat and raised it up high. As if its soul had left its body, the cat was so frightened its fur stood on end.

Ruan Tian looked into the cat’s gold pupils. “The royal descendants of the cat race can inherit bloodlines and thus awaken their spiritual awareness at birth. Little one, your bloodline is clearly impure, so it’s natural that you would be afraid of me when you see me.” As he said that, he scratched the cat’s fat belly again. “Be obedient. Even though you didn’t inherit any bloodlines and can’t awaken your spiritual awareness, nor can you take up a human form, I won’t despise you.”

Nuomici: “Meow~”  

The next moment, Ruan Tian’s arms suddenly went limp. The orange cat lost its balance and fell flat on Ruan Tian’s face.

Nuomici: “Meow!”

Its cry could only be called heart-wrenching.

Ruan Tian endured the pain as he placed the orange cat that had landed smack on his face to the side. After rubbing the face that felt like it had caved in, he then poked the fat buttocks currently facing him.

“You’re so, so… fat. It’s time for you to lose weight.” Ruan Tian continued to poke the orange cat’s buttocks. “If you get any fatter, I won’t be able to carry you or lift you up again.”  

Nuomici: “Meow…”  

Before Ruan Tian could decipher Nuomici’s words, he suddenly felt his stomach roll. He nimbly leapt down from the bed, grabbed the trash bin and retched.

“Nuomici, I might’ve gotten a terminal illness,” Ruan Tian said sadly a moment later, giving the orange cat a distant look.

In the following days, Ruan Tian’s condition worsened. From the initial retching, it then developed into anorexia, and finally, he would feel like vomiting the moment he caught the slightest whiff of greasy food. He felt completely lethargic, looking just as Nuomici had when it found out the balls between its hind legs had disappeared after it was neutered.  

Even his beloved canned fish and delicious sweets could not stimulate his appetite.

This basically reinforced the supposition that he was terminally ill.  

Ruan Tian lay in bed and began to write his will. As the very first spiritual cat about to starve to death, he had many things that he wanted to tell his true parents, his foster parents, and Qin Li.

He mulled over it for a long while, yet he was still unable to write anything down. Should he actually tell his foster parents and Qin Li his true identity?

Ruan Tian bit on the pencap. Even after leaving several teeth marks on it, he still couldn’t figure out what to write.

Just as he began to grow frustrated, he heard a knock on the bedroom door.

Hu Shi had changed out of her home clothes and was carrying a handbag, looking as if she was about to head out.  

Ruan Tian raised his head and looked at her blankly.

“Ruan Xiaotian, you can’t go on like this. You need to go to the hospital. Hurry and get up, your father has already made arrangements for you. He will personally give you an inspection.”

Hu Shi drove the car to the hospital. Ruan Tian grabbed onto the safety belt, unwilling to let go. “I’m afraid…”  

Hu Shi had no choice but to promise him that it was just a simple check up, and that he wouldn’t need to eat any pills or get any injections.  

With a long face and a downcast head, Ruan Tian met his father. He was afraid that he really was terminally ill.   

Ruan Baitang followed up closely during the entire process. He even had to coax his little ancestor.

The other colleagues in the hospital had long heard of Ruan Tian, this big name. All of them knew that in the Ruan Family, there was a pampered child whose parents would hate being unable to hold in their arms. This pampered child loved to eat canned fish and sweets, and also loved to stroke cats and dogs. He would often stroke them until they went bald. According to rumours, he was as beautiful as a flower and had creamy skin. As long as he were to give you a smile or tease you, you would hate being unable to pluck the moon and stars for him.

A hundred rumours could not be compared to a single encounter. Now they could finally satisfy their curiousity.  

Ruan Tian’s reputation as an uncle and auntie killer was not just an empty title. He was not annoyed by the gazes of these people either. He behaved politely and obediently, and his smile was dyed with honey. Maternal love exuded from the elder sisters and aunties that came to sneak a peek after hearing the rumours.  

After looking at Ruan Tian’s belly with an ultrasound scan, Ruan Baitang shooed away his colleagues. He then had Hu Shi guard the clinic’s door, not allowing any irrelevant individuals to interrupt them.  

The little lady in charge of the ultrasound let Ruan Baitang take her place. “Director Ruan, let him see it then.”

The little lady sat at the side the moment she finished. She then snuck a few more photos of Ruan Tian, her face filled with unconcealed fondness and excitement.

This was the cutest boy she had ever seen. He looked just like a huge baby.

He would definitely feel really soft when hugged, she thought, silently fantasizing on her own.  

Ruan Tian lay on the bed, exposing his white and tender belly, which did not have the slightest bit of fatty meat.

The ultrasound scan was quickly completed, but Ruan Baitang took twice as long as usual to check and ascertain the results. The eyes covered by his glasses were filled with surprise and shock. His brows were tightly knitted, as if he had encountered an unsolvable, world-class problem.  

Ruan Tian felt uneasy. His father’s anxious look made him all the more certain that he was terminally ill.  

The little lady ran over. “Director Ruan, is there a problem?”  

“No.” Ruan Baitang hurriedly printed out the report, then deleted the documents saved on the computer.  

“Ruan Xiaotian, time to go.” Ruan Baitang held Ruan Tian’s hand, acting calm as he pulled Ruan Tian out of the ultrasound clinic.  

Hu Shi anxiously questioned, “Old Ruan, how is it? Is Ruan Xiaotian alright? Say something! Are you trying to make me die from panic, Old Ruan!?”

“This matter is troublesome,” Ruan Baitang said with a stern look. “There’s too many people here. Let’s talk about it somewhere else.”

After reaching a quiet stairway, Ruan Baitang passed Hu Shi the ultrasound scan report. “Take a look for yourself.”  

“Even at this junction, you still want to keep me in suspense,” Hu Shi said resentfully. She took the report and carefully looked at it.  

Very quickly, she realized the problem hidden within the report. Hu Shi’s eyes widened in shock, and she scrutinized Ruan Tian suspiciously.

Ruan Tian had already prepared himself. He lifted his spirits up and said with a tragic yet determined look. “I’m fine, father, mother. I won’t be able to repay you two in this life, but I will do so in my next one.”  

Hu Shi didn’t know if she should get angry or laugh as she flicked Ruantian’s forehead. “Stinky brat, what nonsense are you spouting?”

“I’m not terminally ill?”

“What terminal illness? Your father’s words actually came true,” Hu Shi helplessly said. “Congratulations. You’re pregnant.”

Ruan Tian was dumbfounded. Confused, he stammered, “Preg… Pregnant?”

Was the word “idiot” printed on his forehead or something?  

“I’m not lying to you, take a look for yourself.” Ruan Baitang stuffed the report into Ruantian’s hands. “You best tell us the truth about your gender. Also, which bastard was it? Who is the child’s father?”  

Ruan Tian was flustered as he opened the report. He didn’t understand the scientific terms, but that didn’t stop him from understanding what they meant.

“I… How can I possibly be pregnant?” He looked as if his life had been a lie. He flipped the report back and forth, and then stared unbelieving at his own belly.  

Hu Shi sized Ruan Tian up too and said shockingly, “You’re a girl?”

“I’m a boy!” Ruan Tian defended himself firmly. 

“Boys can get pregnant too?” Hu Shi’s eyes were clearly saying ‘stop denying it and tell us honestly already’.  

“Of course I’m a boy.” Tears began to well up in Ruan Tian’s eyes. “Father must have been mistaken, or this report might be wrong.”

“Your father has been a doctor for so many years and he hasn’t been wrong once,” Ruan Baitian said. “During the check-up, I discovered you have an organ that other people don’t. This organ enables you to develop a gestational sac. Judging from the size of the sac, I believe you have been pregnant for nearly two months. Now hurry up and tell us, who were you with two months ago?”  

Hu Shi was still a little stunned. She had hoped to see Ruan Tian find a girlfriend, yet in the end, she discovered that Ruan Tian actually liked men. Even if she could let this slide, she suddenly realized she was about to become a grandmother.  

Should she feel excited and moved?

She wasn’t moved in the least! Just what was going on? Just which pig had knocked up the son that she had raised for so many years!?

With an overbearing aura, Hu Shi folded up her sleeves and said, “Ruan Xiaotian. Don’t be afraid. Let your mother know, just which brute was it? Your father and I will help seek justice for you. We definitely won’t let you get bullied.”

“That’s right, don’t be afraid. Seeing how obedient you are, you must’ve been bullied. Tell us, your mother and I will seek justice for you!” Ruan Baitang expressed the same sentiment.   

Ruan Tian’s mind was a complete mess right now. He thought hard on what had happened two months ago. Wasn’t that around the time of the class reunion?  

Other than Qin Li, he hadn’t slept with anyone.  


“Who actually dares to bully Ruan Xiaotian?” Before Ruan Tian could speak, Sun Chenqian’s voice came from the stairs above. “Speak. Uncle, auntie and your Big Brother Qin Li will seek justice for you.”  

“Qianqian? Why are you here?” Hu Shi said in surprise when she saw Sun Chenqian.

Sun Chenqian said smilingly, “I’m here with Qin Li for my husband’s rehabilitation. What about you?”  

Standing next to her was the stern-looking Qin Li, dressed in his leather suit.   

Qin Li was holding onto a wheelchair. A short while ago, his father had a car accident, and was paralyzed from the waist down. Currently, he had to use a wheelchair to get around.

Fortunately, though he was paraplegic, Sun Chenqian never gave up on Qin Mu and continued to take care of him affectionately. Qin Mu thus did not feel dispirited because of this incident, and had even handed the company over to Qin Li. With Sun Chenqian, they now lived a comfortable and laid-back life together.

Ruan Tian was still thinking about the matter of his pregnancy. His eyes could not help but float towards Qin Li, and as he looked at Qin Li, it felt as if he was staring at a monster.  

In his clan, there indeed was a legend that male cats could bear children. However, he didn’t believe in it, nor had he seen it happen with his own eyes.

Not to mention Qin Li was a mere human, yet Qin Li was able to make him pregnant?  

Ruan Tian scrutinized Qin Li, while Qin Li also watched Ruan Tian from afar.

His pupils were deep, like the bottomless ocean. 

Ruan Tian felt uncomfortable from his fixated gaze. After muttering “beast in the sheets” under his breath, he then silently turned his head away.

Sun Chenqian saw that they were looking at each other, and said with a smile, “It’s been a long time since Qin Li and Ruan Xiaotian met, right? Since we would be boring you two with our conversation, why don’t you two play somewhere else and catch up a little?”  

Ruan Tian quietly crumpled the report, snorting disdainfully. Who would want to catch up with Qin Li? He would rather Qin Li disappear immediately from his sight.  

Didn’t Qin Li wear a condom that night?

Yet Qin Li was still able to get him pregnant. Clearly, there was still room for Qin Li’s technique to improve.

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