[Kittypreg] Chapter 04

I’m Bearing my Love Rival’s Child

TL: Scrya

Editor: faith

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Chapter 4: Is the Child’s Father… Qin Li?

Qin Li handed the wheelchair to his mother. With a sharp gaze and a straight back, he walked towards Ruan Tian.  

He nodded slightly at Ruan Tian’s parents, turned towards Ruan Tian and said blandly, “Let’s go.”

Who says I’m going with you? You want me to follow you just because you tell me to? What about my pride!? Ruan Tian thought unhappily.

Qin Li headed down the stairs first, keeping the same pace. He did not even look back, as if he knew that Ruan Tian would definitely catch up.

Hu Shi hurriedly nudged Ruan Tian and snatched the report off his hands. “Hurry and follow him. Qin Li’s getting further away.”  

“I…” Just as Ruan Tian was about to say he wasn’t going to follow, he noticed his parents had already begun to chat happily with Qin Li’s mother, and he had no opportunity to interrupt.

All he could do was grumble as he followed Qin Li downstairs, his heart filled with lamentation. He wondered just how his and Qin Li’s parents would feel were they to find out he was bearing Qin Li’s child.

Their friendship might even sink.

In that case, he and Qin Li would have to bear the guilt. 

Ruan Tian turned back and glanced at them. It was as if he could see the scene of the two families breaking apart because of the child in his belly.  

Ruan Tian walked out of the hospital and saw Qin Li walking over from the opposite end. He was holding onto a stick of large and fluffy cotton candy.  

The western-style suit he was wearing, his shiny leather shoes, his neatly combed and gelled hair, his unsmiling expression; they were all a complete contrast to the cotton candy in his hand.

It was as if he was a king adorned with a luxurious crown, yet dressed in the simple clothes of peasants.   

Though, this lightened his seriousness somewhat, so that he exuded a hint of rarely seen tenderness.  

Ruan Tian stroked his chin as he scrutinized Qin Li.

Hmm, he actually looks rather cute holding that cotton candy.  

Qin Li ignored Ruan Tian’s passionate gaze and handed him the cotton candy.

“Why did you buy it? I didn’t even say I want to eat it. Only children like to eat cotton candy.” Even though he said that, his body was still honest. He unhesitantly received the cotton candy and licked it with his pink and tender tongue.

The parts he licked instantly melted.  

Qin Li simply watched Ruan Tian, his gaze filled with warmth.   

When Ruan Tian had finished more than half, his mind suddenly went on full alert once more, warning, “Don’t think of bribing me with a single cotton candy. This is just interest at most.”  

“Mn,” Qin Li agreed.  

Ruan Tian then added, “I can’t let the severe harm you did to me that night slide just like this.”  

“It’s sunny here. Let’s sit inside,” Qin Li suggested.  

As he said that, he walked into the hospital hall, but he walked out again a while later. There were no empty seats inside.

“Let’s sit outside then,” Qin Li said.   

Ruan Tian darted a glance at him, thinking how nosy he was as he sat down nonchalantly. While he licked the cotton candy, he patted the seat next to him. “You sit too.”

Qin Li shook his head as he moved from Ruan Tian’s left to his right, blocking the sun from shining down on him.  

Ruan Tian had tender skin. Just the slightest tough of sunlight would easily lead to a sunburn.  

With a pitiful appearance, Ruan Tian began to rant. “To confess to Deng Ru that night, I rehearsed several times and made a lot of preparations. I even had my classmates coordinate with me. In the end, you wrecked it all. Deng Ru mercilessly rejected me in front of everyone, and even said that she won’t marry anyone else but you. Back then, because you didn’t give an answer, you got her hopes up. Do you know how embarrassing it was for me? I really wished I could find a hole to bury myself in back then!”

At first, he planned to seek out Qin Li’s weaknesses and attack those weaknesses head-on. Now that he was facing Qin Li, however, within a few moments, he was already beginning to pour out all of the grievances in his heart.

Qin Li’s expression turned slightly solemn. “She doesn’t like you.”  

“That’s right, she likes you,” Ruan Tian said in bitter jealousy.

“I don’t like her.”  



“Then, who do you like?” Ruan Tian curiously asked.  

Qin Li once again kept silent.   

Ruan Tian finished the cotton candy and began to twist the stick out of boredom. After that, he said in high spirits, “Tell me. I will definitely keep it a secret for you. You like men, right? I sensed it that night. Haah. Just who did you treat me as that night? You must really like him.” 

As he spoke, he even intentionally lowered his voice, whispering, “I heard you saying you’re in love with him. Don’t be shy. I’m very open to these kind of things.”   

Suddenly, Qin Li interrogated him with a stern look, “What else did you hear?”  

Ruan Tian was a little frightened, as he was not prepared for such a reaction at all. He hurriedly shook his head. “No… Nothing else. Really, I’m not lying to you. I swear!”

After it was emphasized a few more times, Qin Li finally calmed down, his expression reverting to normal.

Ruan Tian felt that his attitude was really embarrassing, and once again snorted unhappily, “Fine, keep it to yourself. It’s not like I care. Continue to keep those thoughts to yourself, and they will one day suffocate you!”  

Done with venting out his embarrassment, he hurriedly stood up and returned to the hospital. Making him angry was what Qin Li did best, and he did not want to see Qin Li for now.

Qin Li grabbed onto Ruan Tian’s arm. “Wait.”  

Ruan Tian pouted, but still stopped.  

Qin Li ignored the curious eyes from the passers-by, squatted down and helped Ruan Tian retie his shoelaces.  

Ruan Tian was stunned. He couldn’t step back even if he wanted to. All he could do was wait till Qin Li was done. He felt that this was really strange, but Qin Li had treated him like this since he was young, so he couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

Qin Li stood up after he was done with the shoelaces. His expression was as indifferent as ever, treating everything else as if they were never there. He set his eyes on Ruan Tian, saying, “Don’t run about. I will bring you over.”

“Don’t treat me like a three year old…” Ruan Tian whispered.

Qin Li ignored him and said, “Let’s go.”

“… Ou.” Ruan Tian drooped his head, sadly realizing that his instinct to accept Qin Li’s words was much stronger than he had thought.

Of course, Ruan Tian was the only one who could make the manager of Qin Corporate Group go to such lengths.

There were countless famous and beautiful ladies who had tried to marry into the Qin Family. Who knew how many of them secretly envied Ruan Tian and would even bite their own lips if they were to watch this scene?

In this entire city, who would not have heard of Qin Corporate Group, the one and mighty company that could change the fate of countless enterprises with a stomp of its foot?

The Qin Family had been in business for generations, and so they had very firm foundations in the corporate world which could hardly be budged by anyone. There might be talks of competition in other forms of business, but if they had to compete with the Qin Family, then all would behave tactfully and obediently give way.

Being able to cooperate with the Qin Family was a sign of ability, and being able to be on friendly terms with Qin Family was a sign of authority.  

There were countless companies which wished to cooperate with the Qin Family, while Qin Li, who had just taken over as the head of the household, was a figure with thunderous fame.

Qin Li displayed extraordinary business talent ever since he was young, and Qin Mu had brought him into the company to gain experience in the field early on. While he was still in middle school, he was already capable of managing the company and executing big plans by himself.  

Many of Qin Li’s opinions and suggestions had even pushed Qin Corporate Group to new heights.

With incredible talent, he handled things maturely and sternly, never spouting a single absurdity. He indeed possessed excellent business sense, but when it came to love relationships, he was a headache to deal with.

Dignified and bearing extraordinarily good looks, there were many people with both beauty and authority who liked him, swearing to marry him and no one else. If we were to line these people up, the line could even circle around Earth a few times.

Unfortunately, Qin Li’s heart was like an immovable monolith. His rejection was always absolute, and his refusal to date would always decisive.  

The entire world sighed in unison, wondering just what kind of person could enter Qin Li’s eyes.

There were some who said that Qin Li was mechanical, cold, and reserved. Some even claimed he did not understand human emotions, and did not know how to care for people.

When these rumours found their way to Ruan Tian, while biting on his chocolate, he indignantly told Chen Wenjin, “Qin Li is very gentle and knows how to take care of people. He even accompanied me when I was sick. Being silent is pretty good too. He’s not as annoying as those types that don’t shut up.”

Chen Wenjin, Ruan Tian’s college classmate and best buddy, looked at Ruan Tian quietly, sighing. He kept the truth to himself, about how Qin Li would only become a radiant sun in front of Ruan Tian, and would instantly turn into a thunderstorm behind his back.

Qin Li’s treatment towards Ruan Tian was one of a kind. This was something that everyone could clearly see. Yet only Ruan Tian, the party concerned, could not see it. He even treated Qin Li as his love rival, while occasionally treating him as a good friend and stern elder brother.

The two of them walked back the same way. Ruan Tian led the way, hopping merrily. Qin Li, on the other hand, followed quietly behind, his eyes focused on Ruan Tian. As long as something was amiss, Qin Li could immediately help.

While Ruan Tian hopped along, he suddenly felt his stomach roll and his throat itch. He hurriedly grabbed onto the nearest rubbish bin and retched.

Ruan Tian had not eaten anything because of the check-up, so naturally he would not puke out anything, but it was still hard to suppress the urge to vomit. With his mouth opened wide, his jaw ached and his tongue felt numb.

Qin Li hurriedly sprinted over and stroked Ruan Tian’s back. “Auntie said you’re here for a check-up. Just where are you feeling uncomfortable?”  

Ruan Tian’s felt his body go limp and a bitter stench filled his mouth. He glanced at the culprit Qin Li, and then irritatedly pushed him away. “I don’t you need to care. Stay away from me!”

“Ruan Tian!” Qin Li sternly said.  

Ruan Tian felt gravely wronged. If not for Qin Li, he wouldn’t be in such a situation.  

“There’s no need for you to care!” After saying that, Ruan Tian hurriedly ran up the stairs.  

Qin Li solemnly stood there for a while before following. Rather than anger, he was more worried for Ruan Tian.

When he met up with Uncle and Auntie, Qin Li asked about Ruan Tian’s condition again. Yet, they simply said he was fine and did not describe his exact illness and condition. It was as if they were giving him a bunch of riddles.

Ruan Xiaotian even hid himself away from Qin Li, unwilling to let him catch a glimpse.  

Hu Shi’s eyes were on Ruan Tian the entire time, reading into his every irregular behaviour.  

She did not let a single thing slip while in front of Qin Li and his mother, but after they got back home, she suddenly grabbed Ruan Tian by the ear and interrogated him with a resolute voice, “Ruan Xiaotian, speak! Whose child is this?” 

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts…” Ruan Tian pitifully cried out.  

“This is what you get for playing around!” This time, Hu Shi did not show any mercy. “Speak! Otherwise, be prepared to get your buttocks smacked with the feather duster!” 


“If you don’t want that to happen, then tell us honestly. You really are incredible, aren’t you? To think that you would dare sleep around with men! Didn’t you say you like a girl called Deng Ru or something? You even said that she was your goddess. Which part of your brain got fried then?”

Ruan Tian saved his reddened ear from his mother, pouting as he pitifully explained, “She’s still my goddess…”

“What goddess? You best not make that good girl suffer.” After saying that, Hu Shi paused for a moment.

The hands on her hips relaxed. Her mind had already come to a conclusion, but she still could not believe it. Harbouring suspicions, she asked, “Is it Qin Li? Is the child’s father… Qin Li?

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