My Disciple Died Yet Again

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My Disciple Died Yet Again, a Chinese web-novel, is officially hosted on Qidian, and is written by 尤前. A very fun story with a female protagonist. When it has to, the story gets really serious. Well-written and well-paced, with references to Chinese gaming terminologies, and also, usage of many Chinese wordplay, which I will try my best to explain.


The Revered Master, Yu Yan, known as the number one in the cultivation world, waited for sixteen thousand years, and finally took in a disciple. He taught her carefully, and took care of her diligently.

He watched her slowly grew stronger as she comprehended the laws, and just as she was about to soar into prominence… she died!

Hence, he once again took in another disciple, carefully taught her, diligently took care of her, and then… she died again!

Thus, he took in another disciple, and not long after… she still died!

Yu Yan: …

Disciple: …

(Why do I always get picked up by the same person every time I reincarnate? Haaaa… )

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[Female Protagonist] [Comedy] [Reverse Harem? Nope.] [Romance] [Tragedy] [Xianxia? Well, it’s in a Xianxia world, so…] [Beloved MC] [Pets] [Meow]


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Table of Contents

Chapter 87: Hello, Zhu Yao Version 4.0 Has Logged In

Chapter 88: Where did this Little Junior Martial Sister Come From?
Chapter 89: Umm, a Forceful Tyrant
Chapter 90: Master is Leaving
Chapter 91: Don’t Die Anymore
Chapter 92: Pure Yin Physique
Chapter 93: Jade Forest’s Naming Tradition
Chapter 94: The Late Precognitive Dream
Chapter 95: Meeting Cannot be Compared to Yearning
Chapter 96: Invincible Water Spirit Vein
Chapter 97: Heading Out to Grab a Male Partner
Chapter 98: Male Partner’s Scheme
Chapter 99: Coming Straight Back after Picking Up the Male Partner
Chapter 100: Tragedy of the Destroyed Sect
Chapter 101: Which Sect has the Best Cultivation Techniques?
Chapter 102: Theory of Cultivation Coordination
Chapter 103: A Single Woman in a Doubles
Chapter 104: Little Radish is Transforming
Chapter 105: A BUG can Call for a Transfer
Chapter 106: The World Where We Have to Look at Faces
Chapter 107: The Strange Shadow
Chapter 108: The Twins within the Ice
Chapter 109: Strange Little Radish
Chapter 110: A Beast Responds with a Single Call
Chapter 111: Lord, What a Fateful Coincidence
Chapter 112: A Money-Making Expert Beast
Chapter 113: World Singularity Record
Chapter 114: Changing Maps to Fight Mobs
Chapter 115: The Great Escape
Chapter 116: Hello, Master
Chapter 117: Goodbye, Master
Chapter 118: Uncontrollable Scenarios
Chapter 119: Why Are You Scolding People?
Chapter 120: Wu Song Cancelling his Engagement 
Chapter 121: There’s no Engagement
Chapter 122: I’m Going into Isolation Now
Chapter 123: Azureflight’s Price
Chapter 124: Jade Forest Refiners are Good
Chapter 125: Grasping It Sure Feels Good
Chapter 126: Numerous Sects Coming Together to Bully
Chapter 127: Mu Meiyan’s Challenge
Chapter 128: If I Were to Call You ‘BUG’, Will You Respond?
Chapter 129: The Sharpest Weapon in the World
Chapter 130: What does That have to do with Me?
Chapter 131: The Divine Residence
Chapter 132: A Retarded Final Battle
Chapter 133: The So-Called ‘Deity’
Chapter 134: Your Sister’s a Devil

Chapter 263: There’s a Strange Person Outside the Door

Chapter 264: Master, Promise Me, Alright?
Chapter 265: Common Enemy of Little Animals
Chapter 266: Passive Pet Dispersing Buff
Chapter 267: Turning into a Sieve
Chapter 268: Release My Master
Chapter 269: Plane Movement Permit
Chapter 270: Grandma, Listen to Me
Chapter 271: All Children are Unbearable
Chapter 272: Subduing the Little Tyrant
Chapter 273: Surging Cultivation
Chapter 274: Wife, It’s Me
Chapter 275: Do You Want to Hitch a Ride
Chapter 276: I Will Eat You~
Chapter 277: He Must Have Been Really Rich
Chapter 278: I Will Never Forgive That Person
Chapter 279: Please Study Well
Chapter 280: My Childhood is so Miserable
Chapter 281: Starting the Main Protagonist Dungeon Raid
Chapter 282: Catch That Beast
Chapter 283: Top Excellent Youths
Chapter 284: Good Enlightenment Helper
Chapter 285: Where’s the Trust Between Humans and Peas
Chapter 286: Green Doraemon
Chapter 287: The Pea is About to Give Boons
Chapter 288: Cultivation Straight A’s Student
Chapter 289: Peapea, Beastie and Master
Chapter 290: I Have to Personally Beat this Person Up Myself
Chapter 291: Kill a Mob Right Before Disconnection
Chapter 292: Just Throw Away the Opportunity for Reincarnation
Chapter 293: Glamorous Reformed Body
Chapter 294: Someone Else’s Love Triangle
Chapter 295: You’re a Good Person
Chapter 296: Radish Sweeping Movement
Chapter 297: The Little Tyrant’s Aptitude
Chapter 298: Return to its Former Owner
Chapter 299: Little Tyrant, You Must Become a Good Person
Chapter 300: I Feel Like My IQ Will Fall
Chapter 301: Please Give a Proper Croak
Chapter 302: A Radish in a Single Hole
Chapter 303: Even in Death, I Must be Beautiful
Chapter 304: Picking Up Beasts Everyday
Chapter 305: Towards Wandering City
Chapter 306: Practitioners’ Great Tournament Reality TV
Chapter 307: Rising New Star
Chapter 308: Hua Lin, Don’t Cry
Chapter 309: Run, Little Tyrant
Chapter 310: Hua Lin Sent a Friend Verification Message
Chapter 311: Can the Gift be Converted to Cash
Chapter 312: Suicide Attack
Chapter 313: Protect the Dandelions
Chapter 314: Victims’ Delusional Stone
Chapter 315: You Should Have a Heart Demon Inside You
Chapter 316: Heart Demon Immunity Skill
Chapter 317: Removing the Bug of Rightenousness
Chapter 318: Come One Come All, Let’s Conduct a Meeting
Chapter 319: Truth Behind the Sect Massacre
Chapter 320: Villains Should Not Talk So Much Crap
Chapter 321: Don’t Wanna be a Good Girl
Chapter 322: Packing Up and Heading Home
Chapter 323: Forced Disconnection

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