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Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I started the series. According to my old blog, the first chapter of My Disciple Died Yet Again was posted on October 19, 2015. So it’s been close to 3 years since I began. Though there has been many hiatuses here and there, I am glad that there are still many of you who managed to stick around for the entire journey. I really thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Strangely, I was most active while I was still in the army, and instead of an actual laptop or keyboard, I was typing away on this portable bluetooth microsoft keyboard while connected to Google Drive through my phone. This tells you how bored I was in there. Ohohoho.

Disciple isn’t the first series that I started on, but it’s the first series that I completed. There are definitely several issues that I could have addressed if I paid more attention, such as term consistency. I don’t exactly have a full-blown glossary, because I’m lazy to make one. Huhu. Some of you have also sent me PMs wanting to edit for me in the past, but I declined, largely because I really wanted to try finishing something alone, and also I’m almost doing this for free, so I would feel bad if you edit for me and not get anything.

But yes, completing this translation project wouldn’t have been possible without the help I received from my fellow friends over at the translators’ discord, and also my real-life friends who supported me! I would like to especially give thanks to Solistia for adopting me into her web hosting server! There hasn’t been a single downtime (I think?) ever since I moved over!

I would like to also extend my thanks to all the donors who donated to me! They really helped out a lot in funding my coffee breaks! I will be updating the donor page soon with all your names, so please let me know if you want to stay anonymous or anything!

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you readers out there that stayed with me throughout this journey! Really! Every single one of you has been really supportive and friendly, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that you guys are the reason why I continue to translate. I really appreciate all of you for pointing out the mistakes in the comments whenever you see them too! Though I try to make sure my grammar and everything is flawless, I would still make some mistakes every now and then. So really, thank you all!

Well, with that, this concludes my afterword for the series. Hope to see you all in the next series I do(?)~

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73 thoughts to “[Disciple] Afterword”

  1. NOOOOOOOO dont leave lil beastie alone!!!
    i need more disciple!!! TT-TT

    1. the heck, you reminds me about sesame… he doesnt have any opportunity to show up again….
      ohh poor beastie

  2. Yes you do XD
    Don’t take exemple from realm spirit lol
    3 Years… So long 🙂
    Every time, reading about you and this novel, was fun.
    I will never be tired to say this 🙂
    Thanks for the Good moments and Good luck.
    See ya bro. 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot for all of your hard work. Its one of the most enjoyable novel series i’ve ever read. Can’t say I’ve seen any consistency issue with the words you’ve chosen, but it might have been because i was too focused on reading the novels, if there was any, it was minor and unnoticable unless you look for it i think.

    Truly a great read, thanks again.

  4. I- I’m grateful for everything you have done. Worry not, I’m not going to forget you. Memories of your hard efforts shall stay in my heart! Farewell, Scrya. TAT

    Thank you *bows*

  5. With This I leave my mark here. This is the first novel that I followed along until it finished. Our goddess Zhu is happy now.

  6. These aren’t tears of sadness I’m crying ohohoh, someone is just chopping invisible onions next to me. Once again, thank you for your amazing work.

  7. Congratulations guys… I’M GONNA MISS YOU ALL!!!!! huhuhuhuhu
    PLS let me get a glimpse of Goddess Zhu Yao and God Yu Yan’s child huhuuhu……

  8. Thank you so much Scrya 🙂 This is honestly one of the best and funniest translations I have ever read and Im gonna miss it a lot! Thanks for all your hard work and I’ll definitely be their to read your next translation work!

  9. I’m so going to miss Disciple! Thank you for all your hard work Scrya! And congratulations on completing your first series! I’m looking forward to see other projects and translations of yours in the future. 🙂

  10. Thanks for everything! This novel never failed to surpass my expectations.

    It’s been quite a ride… though less so for me I suppose, since sadly I only found this last year….

  11. Wow! I can’t believe its over! This is only the second novel that I’ve followed to completion and it’s been a great read the whole time. I love your translation and thank you for all the hard work! I’m looking forward to the next novel that catches your interest. What are you looking for?

  12. Wow! I can’t believe that it’s over! This is only the second novel that I’m followed to completion and it was a great read! Thank you for all the hard work translating. I’m looking forward to your next project!

  13. congratulations and thank you! for all your hard work and invested effort/time, it’s been a real great journey following and reading your translations. I really like your work as they give a sense of a natural flow, it’s light and most of the story made me laugh which wouldn’t be possible without your great delivery ? I’m so happy and greatful as well that you’ve finished the story ‘coz most just gives up, especially when it’s done for free. once again, thank you for all your hardwork scrya! looking forward to your next project ? god bless!

  14. Thank you so much for finishing the translation…. I really really really enjoyed it ?. Hope to see more of your trans. again ????

  15. How nostalgic….I’ve been reading since the beginning of high school to the beginning of my final year. I feel old now.

  16. Uwaaa this is touching. Scrya, thank you for translating this! You have worked hard! Thank you for finishing this! Just, thank you thank you thank you!! d>_<b

  17. I will miss you fam. Don’t forget about all of us and also remember that we all luv you. Also thank you for taking the time to translate this sto0ry( i feel enlightened) and remember that we’ll always be here for yiu!! >3333

  18. Wow, why is this like a really sad goodbye…. T-T

    Thank you for the enormous effort you’ve put in for us readers these past few years, I’ll definitely be checking in for any of your future projects!

  19. I really enjoyed the novel. This becomes one of my most liked novel because of your translation . All I want to say is really really thank you. I will be waiting your next work too.Fighting!!

  20. Will you be posting the epub of My Disciple or selling it, eg through kindle? Either way, I would love to have it.

  21. Thank you so much for this beautiful translation! I don’t think I’ve enjoyed and been so immersed in a world such as the story’s before. I’m obviously feeling the withdrawal symptoms right now but congratulations for completing this incredible novel! ?? ??

  22. thank you so much for all your hard work, your dedication and your passion for this series, it really meant a lot to me to know this lovely story, also you are a great tl be proud of yourself, will miss your updates too, hope to read you again in the future.

    see yaa OwO

  23. A gem was picked up by you from the mud and you devotedly made it justice. Your good karma accumulated to at least several lifetimes from now on, we humbly thank you for your effort!

  24. I enjoyed reading it.
    Thanks for translating this story.
    There were times i think the author is just writing to make up for the word count but some chapters are clearly fun. Some are force fun.

    I was only looking forward to yu yan and zhu yao pairing. Shipping them forever.
    And how bold she is to take the initiative.
    The others are—- simply comedic relief and just the content of the plot.
    All in all, I enjoyed it. Great translating by the way. You delivered the message and story well.

  25. Thank you for your wonderful work translating this story. I had such a great time reading I’m missing it already.

  26. Glad that you committed to the end.
    ( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒) ♡( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒) ♡( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒) ♡( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒) ♡( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒) ♡( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒) ♡( ͒ ु•·̫• ू ͒) ♡


  27. I’m so thankful that you translated this story and bringing this to my heart. (Although I’m apparently late and I just discovered this novel last year). Thank you for your efforts and I hope you could translate more wonderful stories in the future! https://www.tenor.co/xOHW.gif

  28. I had a great journey reading this and gained so much knowledge. Wish there was more cause I was left feeling so empty afterwards. What happened to the baby ball.

  29. Thank you very much for the wonderful job you have done. It was a nice novel to read and enjoy. Take a break . You did a very good job as a translator.

  30. I loved reading this story and feel so fortunate to have been able to go straight from the first chapter to the last. It was SO SATISFYING! I laughed out loud many times. Thank you for translating this piece of happiness and good feels. Congratulations to you, you are amazing!

  31. I’m sad but i am also happy. The story is a masterpiece, I also don’t read it continuously, but this is the one hook me before i start reading/being addicted to web novels fufufu. I start reading one when i was in highschool, now im almost college student fufufu feel so old. Ty for translating the story.

  32. Thank you for your hard work!! I finally read this in my vacation, from where I left off to the end. This is great, you are great, everyone is great! Thanks a lot for your hard work!!

  33. thank you so so so so much for all your work into this ???? I truly appreciate all your effort, and have enjoyed reading this so much!

  34. Thank you so much for translating this wonderful novel. Your translation is top notch, and the story is fantastic! I really enjoyed this so much.Sad it’s ended. Looking forward to your other project.Tq🥰

  35. Thank you so much for all your hard work and translation. Your work is the one that makes me start reading chinese novels, without your translation maybe i won’t be introduced to all these wonderful novels. Really really thank you!! 🥺❤️

  36. Reading this in 2020 – this story was amazing! Thank you so much for the great translations!! It was clear and captured all the humour and jokes from the author as well as explanations about cultural/pop culture references. 🙇‍♀️

  37. Though I would like to reread, I want to wait 1 year to reread! Also, this is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read! I would totally read more of her fixing bugs because it would still be fun. Well, may I bid farewell to this book, I do hope there’s another similar.

  38. I know is a bit late, but I came across this story a week ago. I must sincerely thank you for your translation, I had a great time reading this story. 🙂

  39. I have been reading it in one go haha just had my gamer breaks in between, I know it’s been out a while but thanks for this novel! It was fun and it kept me wanting to finish it

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