[Disciple] Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Master has Good Skills

Sovereign Yu Yan, as the person who was titled number one in the cultivation world, it had been many thousands of years since he last suffered injuries, to be precise, it had been many thousands of years since someone ever dared to act against him. People who dared to act against him, had either been turned into bones, or had already ascended. However, he was smacked once again just yesterday morning. And this person who dared to act against him, was the precious disciple he had waited for ten thousand years. With a ‘pa’ sound, a strong and solid slap landed on his left cheek. His face was fine, but his disciple’s hand reddened.

Yu Yan completely could not understand. He simply wanted to look at his idiot disciple’s wound, why did she have such a large reaction? Not only did she not allow him to look, she even acted against him? Truth to be told, he was a little frightened by his disciple’s piercing scream. Thus, he had no choice but to take the next best option, leaving behind a few medicine that could stop her bleeding.

He had to think clearly, just what was wrong with his disciple? Although he had always known that his disciple was not very bright, this was still the first time she had such a violent reaction. And the word she clearly shouted, “****”, was that referring to him?

Ever since he was young, he had lived in the Jade Forest Peak, the number of people he had contact with was very limited. Although he had often gone for training in the outside world when he was young, it had been a long time since then, and most of time was spent staying in the Jade Forest Peak, waiting for a lightning spirit vein disciple to appear. So, the things he knew about the outside world were rather limited. Just what was the meaning of “****”? His master had never taught that to him before!

So as to protect his prestige as her master, and to clearly understand the reason for his disciple’s odd behaviour, the Sovereign Yu Yan who had holed himself up for more than ten thousand years had decided to make a visit to the mortal realm.

With the spirit to learn, he underwent a field investigation. (Of course, he used the Invisibility Art) After spending an entire day flying around the world, he finally understood that his disciple was actually not injured, but was a natural phenomenon that only occurred to women. The mortal realm termed it “period”.

Yu Yan heaved a sigh of relief, he was finally able to settle down. It’s good that she’s not injured. However, a new problem surfaced again. Why did his disciple not allow him to look? Since it was a natural phenomenon, why did she have to hide it? Was it because she was afraid of being scolded? But he had never scolded her a single word before. No matter how hard he thought, Yu Yan was unable to understand his disciple’s thoughts. In the end, he could only deem it as, his disciple was really an idiot. (  –  –  )

After he had understood a few precautions, Yu Yan left the mortal realm, and returned with extreme haste. The moment he entered the room, when he smelled the stifling dense smell of blood, Yu Yan frowned even deeper. He simply cast a wind-type mystic art, and the smell of the blood lightened.

And that idiotic disciple of his, had already fainted on the bed which was completely stained with blood. Yu Yan closed in, and used the Dirt Removal Art to remove the bloodstains on her body and the bed. Then, he raised her up from the bed, and fed her with a bottle of Blood-Raising Essence Building potion. Seeing that her twisted brows had loosened a little, he was finally relieved. He placed her nicely on the bed, and then, covered her with her blanket.

Looking at her, he was still not able to settle down. He took out the Millennium Ice Silk from the storage pouch he kept with him, transformed it into a blanket, and covered it nicely over his disciple. After confirming that she would not catch a cold, he waved his hand, lighting up the candle-lights. Then, he silently took out another white fabric that was glowing with a faint light, and a pair of scissors.

When Zhu Yao woke up, she momentarily thought that the days she spent living in the cultivation world was just a nightmare. Because, she felt like she had returned home. The thing in front of her looked like the wooden square table she had used for many years in her house, under the table were four metal-plated stools, and her thrifty mother was currently sewing while sitting on the stool.

Eh, wait a minute. When did her mom become a man? And she was even wearing a weird white robe.

“Mas… Master!” She finally recognized the person who was currently sewing in front of her. For a moment, she was unable to control herself, and her jaw was once again in danger of dropping.

The hands of the person in front of her paused, and then, he calmly looked at her. “You’re awake.”

Then, his fingers moved. After smoothly tying a knot, he bit off the head of the string. His movements were crisp and precise, he was even more skilled than her own mom by a couple of levels.

“Master… You… You…” Oh my god. What did she just witness? Her master was actually capable of needlework! Master, please tell me, just which skill have you not added skill points into!?

Yu Yan did not seem to have noticed her astonishment. After calmly keeping the sewing kit into his storage pouch, and clearing up the dozens of rectangular-shaped fabrics he had finished sewing, he walked over. Reaching out his hand to check Zhu Yao’s pulse, he asked. “Is your body feeling better?”

“Ye… Yes!” Zhu Yao was still in a state of shock. Only after his hint, did she realize that the auntie which had caused her to faint due to the pain, had already eased by a good amount, however, it was still in a state of turbulence. She unconsciously retreated a little.

However, this time, Yu Yan did not mind her movements, and passed her all the sewed products in his hands.

Zhu Yao curiously took them. The fabrics were soft and smooth, their textures were really great, and they were unbelievably light. With just a glance, she knew they were not ordinary products. And, his work was really precise. Even though there were stitches everywhere, she was completely unable to find any spaces between the heads of the strings. Evidently, he was skilled with his handicraft.

“What is this fabric?” It looked extremely expensive.

“Southern Sea Sharkman Rawsilk.” Yu Yan answered without any mind. “Your master only has this fabric material on hand. Make use of it first. If you don’t like it, I will help you look for some better ones tomorrow.”

“For me? What is it for?” Zhu Yao stretched the fabric. It’s so small, is it a handkerchief?

Yu Yan once again gave her a ‘why is my disciple such an idiot’ expression, and said in a resounding voice. “Sanitary pads.”

Zhu Yao’s hands trembled, and she almost fell off the bed.

Sanitary pads!

Auntie pads!

The reason why he sat on the stool and sewed for such a long time, was to make her auntie pads!!!!!

Yu Yan completely did not realize his disciple was close to turning into a stone, and patiently continued to explain.

“Don’t worry, I have done my research. A woman’s period lasts for at most five to six days. These are enough to last you for this entire month. If it’s still not enough, I will make more for you then.”

“In times like this, women will be fatigued and physically weak. Regarding the matters about your cultivation, there’s no need to rush.”

“If there’s any other inconvenience, you’re permitted to tell your master directly. I will not scold you.”

“The brown sugar water you spoke of, I will boil some for you tomorrow.”

“Have a good rest for today, your master will come see you again tomorrow.”

After saying all that neatly and orderly, he stood up and left.

As for the certain person whose hands were stuffed with auntie pads, she was still in a stoned state. She did not regain her senses for a long while, and her heart was so confused, it was as though she had been struck by a hurricane.

Is… Is Master really alright?

There’s something wrong with my master’s brain, what do I do? Emergency, someone, please help!

Yu Yan had never been a master before, this was his first time. When he broke through into the Azoth Core stage, his master had already ascended. It had been far too long since then, and the memories of his interaction with his master had long been unclear and foggy. Hence, he had completely no experience in bringing up disciples, and was a pure first-timer. Adding that his disciple was a little stupid, he was even more worried.

Thus, he decided to gain experience from his grand-martial nephew, who had plenty of experience in bringing up disciples.

Hence, when Ancient Hill Sect Master, Reverend Zi Mo, had finished managing the day’s worth of heavy paperwork regarding the sect, and was about to take a nap, he was startled awake by the sudden appearance of Sovereign Yu Yan in his room. The number of times this person left the Jade Forest Peak in these ten thousand years could be counted clearly with just ten fingers. Yet, this person actually visited his room personally. Is he going to give me some pointers? Reverend Zi Mo was excited. Just when he was about to express his respect to this ancestral-martial uncle of his, this ancestral-martial uncle threw him an odd question.

“How do you make brown sugar water?”

What? Brown sugar water? Is that some sort of new mystic art?

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