[Disciple] Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: Everyone’s Beloved 5.0

Return back to her former world? Of course she wanted to return. Her parents, her friends, and everything that she was more familiar with were there. Initially, she couldn’t wait to return to that place, but when that moment truly arrived, she suddenly hesitated.

“You’re really able to send me back?”

Realmspirit: Nope.

Then why the hell did you ask!? She had almost begun to frustrate about her decision.

Realmspirit: It’s not possible now, but in the future, it might be possible.

What did he mean? Stop teasing her.

Just as she was about to ask, Zhu Yao suddenly saw the chat window vibrating for a moment. And then, on the right of the window, an ‘A document has been sent to you.’ section appeared. The document was labelled ‘Welcome Back Gift Package’. Below it, there were four options: [Receive], [Preview], [Save As], [Cancel].

Did it have to be so professional? Just how much endorsement fee did the Penguin Group¹ pay you?

Realmspirit: I’m not lying to you. I have already made all the preparations needed for your return, it’s just that currently, I’m unable to send you back.

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment, before tapping on the additional [Preview] button. In an instant, another screen appeared next to her. A block of ice, the size of an average adult, was shown on the visuals of the screen. Inside that block of ice, a woman was sealed inside.

“Isn’t that me?” The woman who was sealed in ice, actually looked exactly the same as her original look.

Realmspirit: Your body was destroyed, so I prepared a new one for you. Of course, as a gift package, I removed some minor problems from the original body. For example, breast hyperplasia, irregular periods, acne…

“Shut up!” Just how many problems did her former body have?

Realmspirit: Whatever the case, when you return, you will definitely feel extremely wonderful!

Zhu Yao took a deep breath. Calm down, calm down. “Tell me honestly. Just what are you planning? Who are you? Why do you want me to fix these bugs?”

He suddenly turned silent. For a long while, there weren’t any new words popping up on the chat window. Just as she was about to think that he would be staying silent for the entire time, finally, the next sentence popped up.

Realmspirit: I can’t say it now. But, in the future, you will naturally understand everything.

Isn’t that bullcrap?

“Then will I get to meet you in the future? And I’m speaking about the true you.” Even if she had known him in the modern era for several years, they had never met face-to-face. Her master had said that the person capable of reincarnating her endlessly, was most probably a powerful expert in the Higher Realm. But, till now, she still did not know even the slightest thing about him.

Realmspirit: Yes, you will.

“Then how many more bugs do I have to fix?”

However, Realmspirit did not give a direct answer.

Realmspirit: There’s a limit to these bugs. The more bugs you fix, the more power I will be able to recover. And, you will be closer to getting home.

Seeing his tone, most probably there wasn’t merely just one or two more. However, it’s great that there was a definite number. She was really afraid that these matters would continue without end.

“Then, are you able to tell me what I will turn into in my next version?” First it was a baby, and then, a man. In her previous one, she wasn’t even human. “Seeing that we can be considered to be good friends, can you give me a better avatar?”

Realmspirit: Of course, no problem. I guarantee that your next avatar will definitely be unprecedented. You will definitely be loved by everyone. Flowers will bloom when they see you, and cars will go boom when they drive pass you. No matter if they’re man or woman, old or young, they will be unable to escape from your charm, and treat you as treasure. They will never give you up, or leave you.

“For real?” Why did that sound so much like Mary Sue?

Realmspirit: You have to trust me, dear friend.

Trust my ass. It was because she trusted him by mistake which landed her in this freaking place. She died, only to die again. When she got back up, she died again. And after dying, she died once more.

“Fine, hurry and send me to the next stage then.” Seeing how tightly sealed this person’s lips were, must probably, she wouldn’t be able to receive any results even if she were to continue questioning him. Zhu Yao reached out her hand, and cancelled that ‘Welcome Back Gift Package’ send request.

Realmspirit: Have a pleasant trip.

He sent a ‘goodbye’ emoticon, and in the next instant, the loading screen once again appeared. Just as it was about to reach the halfway mark, Zhu Yao finally could not endure it any longer, and asked.

“Realmspirit, Wang Xuzhi… Is he fine?”

The chat window was silent for a moment. Just as the loading bar was about to finish, finally, a picture was displayed on the chat window. It was a screenshot.

In the screenshot was a foreign-looking man. She had never seen him before, but she knew that he was Wang Xuzhi. He was currently wearing a wedding garment, looking at the other woman whose head was covered, with a smile on his face. Looking at this, it seemed like a wedding ceremony.

Zhu Yao gently let out a sigh of relief. The moment she entered this space, she recalled everything. Her feelings which had been heavy the entire time, could finally relax a little.

“That’s good. I really wish that I get to see him again.”

With the sound of a ringing bell, that loading bar finally finished. Right after, Zhu Yao felt a ray of light envelope her entire being.

Inside the black space where Zhu Yao’s figure was no longer there, two final words popped up in the chat window.

Realmspirit: You will.

The moment Zhu Yao woke up, she saw a blue sky. It was so blue, there wasn’t even a single bit of impurity, and not even a single cloud could be seen. Whoever seeing this definitely wouldn’t be able to help but sigh at how great the weather was. There’s definitely a need to stretch her lazy waist…

The hell!?

Why wasn’t she able to move?

No matter how her brain willed herself to get up, she was still lying on the ground, not being able to move a single inch. She wanted to call for help, only to realize that she was unable to let out her voice either. Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t have become a cripple, right?

But, even if she was crippled, why was she unable to move her head either? She couldn’t sense a single thing from her entire body.

What happened to the absolutely unprecedented avatar beloved by everyone? Zhu Yao suddenly had the urge to pull Realmspirit out and give him a thorough bashing.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything right now, except stare at the unchanging azure coloured sky.

And then…

It rained.

And it was even a huge downpour. However, she, who had completely no senses at all, could not even feel the water or dampness.

The rain poured for more than an hour, and after it stopped, a flood actually happened.

Zhu Yao felt as though the entire world was shaking, and only then did she guess that she was currently being washed away by the water stream. A huge amount of water filled her entire vision, and she understood that she was currently moving about while sinking.

What’s strange was, she did not have the slightest feeling of suffocation. However, the water did not rise for too long either, as after a few minutes, the trembling caused by being washed away finally stopped. The rain stopped as well, and she once again saw that blue and cloudless sky.

Zhu Yao felt that she had to ponder about her life a little.

Unfortunately, before she could finish pondering, a doubtful female voice was suddenly heard.

“Eh? What’s that?”

Fast approaching footsteps could be heard. In the next moment, in her line of vision, a giant appeared. In her point of view, that giant was as tall as the sky, and was even female. Zhu Yao was so frightened, her heart was about to jump out.

No matter who it was, if they were to suddenly see someone’s eyes which were even bigger than their own heads appear in front of them, they would definitely be frightened. Furthermore, this giant had clearly already spotted her.

Zhu Yao’s first reaction was to run.


Momma’s egg. Run my ass. She was basically unable to move at all. Even in a crisis like this, she realized that she still had no sensation of her own body at all.

She could only stare blankly at that giant, as that giant reached out her gigantic hand, and grabbed her up.

She sized Zhu Yao up for a moment. “So dirty!” That face which was as huge as a basketball court, revealed a disgusted frown. And then, raising her other hand, she reached out to fiercely rub Zhu Yao’s face.

The hell. Was she using her as a washboard?

Zhu Yao suddenly felt like crying, however, no matter how much she retorted in the depths of her mind, she was still unable to let out a single sound. Only when that female giant was satisfied, did she finally stop the rubbing. Zhu Yao felt that she was a little fortunate that she could not feel anything right now. Otherwise, with that female giant’s method of rubbing, a layer of her skin would have definitely been peeled off.

“After rubbing it clean, it looks rather chic.” That female giant muttered to herself, as she grabbed Zhu Yao and placed her close to her basketball court-sized face, as though she wanted to take a closer look.

Those water well-sized eyes could already reflect her entire body. That squarish, clear, snow-white…

The hell!

The moment she saw her own reflection in the female giant’s eyes, Zhu Yao finally understood why she couldn’t move.

Unknowingly, she suddenly recalled the first words she said at that moment when she saw her master after he descended upon the Lower Realm.

“Oh hero, do you still need something to hang by your thigh?”

Back then, she only said that because simply wanted to hug his thigh. However, never did she expect that…

She would really turn into an accessory that could hang by his thigh!

And it was even a piece of rectangular, clear-white jade, without the slightest scar on it.

Flips table!

Realmspirit, come out! I guarantee I won’t bash you to death!

Zhu Yao suddenly comprehended what the biggest evil intentions of the world were.

“Eh? Why do I feel that this jade is a little darker than before?” With a doubtful expression, the woman held onto the pendant which she had unexpectedly picked up, and flipped it about. “It’s clearly a divine jade, so why is its divine aura so weak?”

That’s right, I’m just an inferior product, hurry and shatter me apart, so that I can continue with version 6.0. Zhu Yao silently chanted.

“Ah, whatever.” With an unmindful expression, the woman stuffed the jade pendant next to her waist. “It’s also a form of fate for me to have picked it up. It might have its uses in the future.”

Don’t! Don’t hesitate to shatter me, please.

Unfortunately, the woman could not hear the pleas in Zhu Yao’s heart. Patting the side of her waist with a peace of mind, she confirmed that it was placed nicely. Only then did she turn around, and was just about to leave this place.

Only then was Zhu Yao able to clearly see that the place she was laying on earlier, was merely a small ditch that wasn’t even the size of two hands.

After picking up a divine jade, the woman was evidently joyous, even her footsteps felt a little lighter than before. However, after walking for a few moments, her face suddenly paled. As though she had realized something, she hurriedly raised her head to look towards the sky.

In the next instant, a white figure suddenly appeared three steps away from her. That person was a man. His exceptionally handsome face was a little cold. Although he had retracted it, his entire body still carried a trace of a higher being’s aura, and his pair of especially clear eyes was staring straight at the woman in front of him.


Zhu Yao was so excited, she even felt like pouncing towards him. Unfortunately, she couldn’t even move the slightest bit.

The woman did not move, as she raised her guard while looking at the person who was suddenly blocking her way. Carelessly, her line of sight fell on that unique inscription drawn on his sleeves, and her eyes instantly widened. That mark was…

“Yu… Yao.” Yu Yan called out, his voice was still without any warmth. Zhu Yao however, could faintly hear the rising fluctuation in his tone. “You’re finally here.”

Master. Zhu Yao suddenly had an urge to cry.

However, she suddenly heard a response from a female voice. “That’s right.”

In the next moment, that woman who picked her up, took a step forward and stood next to Yu Yan. While the master whom she cared deeply about, was currently reaching out his hand, and placing it on that woman’s head.

The hell, you little bitch!

  1. Penguin Group: A large trade book publisher.

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