[Disciple] Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Truth Exposed

Zhu Yao attentively sensed for a moment, only to realize that the warm flow of energy earlier had disappeared in a blink of an eye. However, she had clearly sensed that her entire jade had lit up, but no matter how she continued to guide the energy into her body, she could no longer have that sort of feeling.

Just as Zhu Yao was pondering about it, that warm flow that disappeared before, once again appeared. Furthermore, it was gradually seeping into her from the top half of her jade-body. Even if she did not circulate the technique, that warm flow would still gather in her jade-body on its own. After a careful look, Zhu Yao realize that the upper half of her body was being enveloped by a silver light, and, that silver light was shining onto her from outside the window. It was moonlight!

She could actually absorb moonlight to cultivate!? In other words, she did not have to continue being an accessory. That’s great.

Zhu Yao momentarily heaved a sigh of relief. Though she presently still did not understand the basic cultivation technique, she understood that this moonlight was evidently beneficial to her. Hence, she silently guided even more of this warm flow into her jade-body. This speed, however, was clearly too slow. Even when the sun had once again risen, the warm flow of energy in her body was still too miniscule to take notice of.

That woman seemed to have the intention to go into closed-door training, as she still had yet to wake up from her trance state. The divine energy within her body was becoming richer as well.

Naturally, Zhu Yao would love it if she stayed in her trance state. As long as she did not wake up, whenever night were to come, she would be able to absorb more moonlight to cultivate. Even if she was unable to cultivate to the point of forming a body, it would be fine as long as she was able to talk.

Unfortunately, the time at night was after all, limited. Although she had already worked very hard in her cultivation, even after three months had passed, she was still unable to speak. At the very most, from a piece of white coloured jade, she had grown even whiter.

Zhu Yao was growing anxious. This woman who was disguising as her, would most probably come out of closed-door training in another month. When that time comes, she basically wouldn’t have such an opportunity to cultivate secretly behind her again. And, there would come a day that the woman would realize the jade was the reason her master had mistakenly recognized her.

Her speed of absorbing moonlight was simply too slow. She had to find an even better method to increase her speed of absorbing moonlight. However, she basically did not know the basic technique of this form of cultivation. The technique she used to take in spiritual energy in the past was completely ineffective as well. Just what ways were there to allow moonlight to guide itself into her jade-body?

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled the method she used to form her Azoth Core back then. Back then, her speed of absorbing spiritual energy was much faster than before, and naturally, she used the concept of centrifugal and centripetal forces. Then, could she use the same method to circulate the moonlight energy she had already absorbed in a high-speed rotation, in order to spur even more energy to enter her body?

Zhu Yao tried to circulate the warm flow of energy that she had guided in for the past three months. Although the amount of energy was merely a strand, it was exceptionally obedient. She simply had to will it, and that warm flow of energy began to circulate in the jade on its own. The core of the jade gradually lit up, and as expected, as the speed of circulation increased, the amount of the warm flow of energy entering the jade increased as well.

Zhu Yao suppressed her excitement, and carefully added the newly entered energy into the little spiral of energy that was currently circulating around. The mass of the warm flow of energy began to grow, becoming even denser than before, and the spot of light at the core of the jade began to gradually expand as well.

As the amount of moonlight being absorbed increased, Zhu Yao, however, did not continue to grow whiter as a jade, but instead, began to faintly become transparent. She could even faintly sense the scenery that was blocked due to the woman’s clothes. It felt similar to the time she cultivated her divine sense out back then.

Half a month later, she had completely turned into a rock that was as clear as crystal. As the amount of suppressed energy in the jade increased, her cultivation speed grew even faster. To the point where not only could she absorb moonlight, she was now faintly able to absorb a portion of divine energy.

This was a good sign. Usually, she was only able to cultivate with moonlight, so she could only sleep in the day. Now that she was able to absorb divine energy, she would be able to continue cultivating in the day as well. However, she was still unable to move, nor could she talk. Every time, when she wanted to let out her voice, it felt as though her throat was stuck. Later on, after absorbing divine energy, her jade-body was no longer transparent as well, instead, she was slowly dyed green in colour. She looked more like a piece of emerald now.

From a white jade, into a crystal, and then, into an emerald. Zhu Yao felt that one day, she would be able to evolve into a diamond.

A month later, the woman finally woke up from her trance state. Like how Zhu Yao had turned from a white jade into an emerald, the divine energy within the woman had become much richer than before. In the past, before she started cultivating, she was unable to discern it. But currently, she was able to sense that the might on this woman’s body, and undoubtedly, the woman’s cultivation had risen. Though, she was unable to discern it in detail.

The woman took a deep breath, tidied up the clothes that she had not touched on for more than four months, and cast an incantation to clean herself up. Her expression carried a slight amount of complacency. Raising her hands, she cupped them, and instantly, a sparkling lightning glow could be seen between her palms. As though she was very satisfied with her own cultivation, the woman revealed a complacent smile. Picking up the cultivation jade tablet Yu Yan passed her, she left the cottage. It was about time for her to receive the second level of the divine arts.

The woman was walking very anxiously. With light steps, she headed straight for the straw cottage at the front.

Zhu Yao knew that her opportunity had come. Aiming at the piece of grassland, she circulated all of the energy in her body, and aimed downwards with all her might. She simply felt as though her entire body was loosened, as her jade-body nudged upwards, and shook herself out of the woman’s waistband. Then, she fell onto the grassland at the side.

As Zhu Yao had consumed all of her energy, she once again reverted back to a white jade. However, as for that woman, she basically did not feel anything at all. Even if she discovered it, she would simply think that the piece of jade loosened and fell off. Adding that her mind was completely set on finding someone, she basically did not realize that the jade on her waist had already fallen off.

Not to mention, the place Zhu Yao chose was even a piece of grassland which was close to a cliff. Hence, she basically did not let out any sounds. The woman walked straight forward, and completely did not realize Zhu Yao’s small movements at all.

Only when she had walked far away did Zhu Yao finally heave a deep sigh of relief. She succeeded.

But she was about to collapse.

She had consumed all the energy she had accumulated for four months in an instant. This feeling was even more tiring than completely depleting her spiritual energy back then. Zhu Yao’s initial green body, had once again turned flowery white.

It seemed like she had to continue cultivating. As long as she was not on that woman’s body, her master should be able to clearly see the truth. If he was still going to mistake that woman for her, then Zhu Yao would definitely bite him to death.

Right now, she did not have the slightest bit of energy. It seemed like her only choice was to wait for the moon to appear. She would once again cultivate for a period of time, and when she gains the ability to move, she would then look for her master, or have that certain person find her himself.

Mn. But, she prayed that the grassland wasn’t too deep, to the point where moonlight would not be able to reach her.

As she looked towards the sky with resentment, suddenly, she realized something completely red was currently descending from the sky. Was it a petal? After all, peach blossoms were planted everywhere around here.

However, that red object grew even bigger, and only then did Zhu Yao realize that he was actually a person, who was simply dressed completely in red. He flew here with empty hands, and did not fly with the use of a weapon or tool at all. As though he was taking a stroll, he walked down from the sky, step by step. With every step he took, a large number of petals automatically gathered beneath his feet. Just like that, he came walking down while stepping on these petals.

That’s right, a him. That person was a man. With such an exaggerated entrance, he was actually a man. The moment she took a close look at his face, Zhu Yao was really thrown into a shock. A beauty. One that would make the moon hide away and embarrass the prettiest of flowers. Phrases such as a work of art, would not even be sufficient to describe his stunning look. Every corner of his face felt as though had achieved heavenly perfection. He was so beautiful, it was a little hard to breathe. She could not help but say this, but as a stone, even she was astonished.

Although he was dressed entirely in red, not only did his slightly wide robes not carry the slightest of a maiden-like atmosphere, he gave people a refined feeling.

Zhu Yao felt as though this person was a little familiar, as she wondered where she had met him before. That inhumanly beautiful man walked straight towards her direction, and in a moment, the surrounding fluttering petals seemed to have paved a road of flowers, bringing about a slight gust of wind in an instant.

That man then casually stepped down, and…

Gave Zhu Yao a kick.

Zhu Yao simply felt as though a strand of divine energy had rushed into her body, and with a “swoosh”… She fell down the cliff.

“Your sister!”

The man blanked, as he looked at his surroundings. Did he hear a voice earlier?

Must be his imagination!

Tao Manfeng was an Earth Deity who had just ascended not too long ago. She ascended to the Higher Realm from a small spiritual world. In the past, she could still be considered to be a mighty expert in the Lower Realm. Carrying the aptitude of a mutated wind spirit vein, she had always been someone who was looked upon by many practitioners. However, she had never expected that after ascending to the Higher Realm, she, who had been high and mighty all this while, had become so mediocre.

The Higher Realm gathered practitioners who ascended from various small worlds, so in the beginning, who wouldn’t be dragons among men? And, the competition between experts would only become even more intense. Adding that her small spiritual world was just another small world which couldn’t produce one person who could ascend into the Higher Realm once every few ten thousand years, she basically did not have someone to back her up in Divine Realm.

With no guidance, and with no one to back her up, from a high and mighty expert, she became a lowly piece of dirt. Although she now possessed an immortal divine body, she was still being suppressed everywhere she went, and she could only live in the Higher Realm by wagging her tail between her legs. She had thought that she would stay low like this forever, until the heavens dropped her a large biscuit.

She encountered a disciple of Lightning Divine Palace, and this person, had actually mistaken her for his own disciple. Tao Manfeng was both joyous and afraid. Lightning Divine Palace was the most reputable place in the entire Divine Realm.

In the legends, it was stated that Lightning Divine Palace possessed all of the lightning under the heavens, carrying the ability which could control all of the heavenly lightning in the world. A mysterious and secretive place. Just how many disciples were there inside? And who was the person managing the Divine Palace? No one knew the answer. Only when it was a huge incident concerning the danger of the Three Realms would they occasionally make an appearance to deal with it.

Even the Great Emperors of the Four Lands feared them. Undoubtedly, a place like that was somewhere no one would dare to offend in the entire Divine Realm.

Tao Manfeng was excited. She knew that his was her opportunity, hence, she unhesitatingly impersonated that disciple called Yu Yao, and had even lied that she encountered an accident during her ascension, which resulted in a loss of memories.

And that Yu Yan had indeed brought her to Lightning Divine Palace as well. Unexpectedly, he did not enter the Main Palace, but was instead living at the foot of the mountain. She guessed that this person was most probably not an elite disciple in Lightning Divine Palace. However, it wasn’t a problem. As long as she could form some relations with Lightning Divine Palace, in the future, it could be considered her strongest backing in Divine Realm.

The most important thing was, this person actually knew the Imperial Lightning Art. In legends, it was stated it was a divine art capable of controlling heavenly lightning. Tao Manfeng became even excited, and was unable to calm down at all. This was a divine art that was said to be only available to disciples of Lightning Divine Palace. If she were to master it, just who in this world could bully her?

Hence, she went into closed-door training without a shred of hesitation, as she was afraid that person would take back the incantation for the art on a whim. After diligently spending more than four months, she finally broke through the first level. Then, she did not waste any efforts, and headed straight for that cheap master for the incantation for the next level.

Unfortunately, she was unable to find the figure of that person in his room. After pondering for a moment, she turned around, and walked towards that peach blossom forest.

Finally, she saw that white figure in the depths of the peach blossom forest. Growing excited in her heart, her head was currently filled with the need for the next level of the incantation, as she anxiously sprinted towards where he was.


Before she could even call out, suddenly, a ray of formidable energy instantly sent her flying out. For a moment, her meridians stirred, and she puked out a mouthful of blood. Even the cultivation that she had raised in the past four months had instantly been dispersed by half.

“Who are you?” A cold voice instantly smashed into her head, which completely drained away all of her excitement.

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