[Disciple] Chapter 139

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Chapter 139: Do I have to be this Unlucky?

That woman seemed to be injured, as she had fainted on the ground. Her breathing was extremely weak, and looked as though she was on her last breath. Looking at this, Zhu Yao really felt like giving her a kick.

But this person was surely quite capable. Although she was injured, the absorption of divine energy into her body did not stop, as though she was instinctively using divine energy to restore the damaged meridians in her body.

This was not a good sign.

“What kind of mushroom is this?” The mushroom curiously circled around the woman several times. “It looks really strange, a lot stranger than a rock spirit.”

“This is not a mushroom.” Zhu Yao corrected. In his eyes, were everything in the world mushrooms? “She’s a divine practitioner.”

“Divine? Has she cultivated into a deity as well?” The mushroom was a little exhilarated.

“Mn.” Wasn’t this Divine Realm? Everyone should be deities, right?

The mushroom once again sized up the unconscious woman on the ground, only to reveal a despised look. “She looks really ugly. She has varied colours on her, and isn’t as good looking as me in the slightest.”

What varied colours? What she’s wearing are clothes, alright? For a human to be despised by a mushroom, Zhu Yao was speechless.

“It’s best that we hurry and leave.” Zhu Yao urged. Although she did not know why this person had fallen all the way down here, she couldn’t guarantee that the woman wouldn’t be enlightened after seeing her jade-body when she woke up. As an unmovable jade, and a mushroom which possessed the combat power of zero, they were definitely not her opponents. “This is not a good person.”

“Why? Has she bullied you before?” The mushroom blanked, as its sense of justice instantly exploded forth. Its entire mushroom body turned hot-red. “Don’t be afraid. Once she wakes up, I will avenge you.”

“You can’t beat her.” As a mushroom which had yet to learn a divine art and cultivate a human form, just where did you get your confidence from?

“Nonsense!” The mushroom was momentarily anxious, and it heavily bounced. “I’m the only mushroom in this forest which had become a deity. There isn’t a single mushroom capable of beating me. How could this newly arrived ugly mushroom beat me?”

She had already told it that the woman wasn’t a mushroom. Zhu Yao was a little speechless.

The mushroom however was already sitting next to the woman, and had made up its mind not to leave.

Yo, just by giving it some praises, it actually really believed he was almighty. Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and suddenly thought of a plan.

“The great mushroom deity is obviously unbeatable, and isn’t afraid of small deities. It’s just…” Zhu Yao purposely used a worried tone.

As expected, the mushroom curiously turned his head around.

“It’s just that I heard this divine practitioner has always been a crafty schemer. And she has a very bad habit as well.”

“What habit?”

“She especially likes to eat mushrooms. And, the more handsome and whiter the mushrooms, the more she loves them. Furthermore, she’s the type to eat them raw.”

The mushroom trembled, and with a slight nudge, it pulled himself out from the soil. Bouncing back a few steps, it fearfully stared at the person on the ground. “She actually eats mushrooms. As expected, she’s really sinister.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Someone like her isn’t worthy of making the great deity act.”

“Right, right.” The mushroom nodded consecutively, as though it was trying to hide something. “Hmph, then I will let her off for now. Let’s go home.”

After saying that, it turned around, and sprinted madly to the direction they came from.

Zhu Yao glanced back and forth in the direction of where the unconscious woman was. They weren’t too far away, so she suddenly changed her mind. “Wait a minute.”

“What are we still waiting for?” The mushroom seemed to have been really frightened. “We will be eaten.”

“She’s too close to the place we live at. After she wakes up, she will still be able to find us.” Furthermore, when they ventured here earlier, they had long unconsciously opened up a small path. When the time came, that little bitch would only have to follow to path to find them.

“Then what should we do?” The mushroom was a little flustered. It had lived for so many years, and what it was most afraid of was being eaten. “Are we moving?” But it had lived there for several tens of thousands of years. That patch of soil was the best residence to it.

Zhu Yao hesitated for a moment. Glancing at the hole in the ground which the mushroom had bounced out from, she suddenly had an idea.

Three days later, the heavily injured Tao Manfeng finally woke up.

Only to realize she was in a deep hole. The crater was several meters deep, approximately the depth of four times her height. Around the crater, there basically weren’t any places of support, adding that her injuries were overly severe, and was struck by the heavenly lightning as well, neither was she able to cast the Flying Sword Art, nor did she have the strength to crawl out of there.

She pondered for a moment, and decided to meditate to restore a little of her divine energy. Her current position should be the bottom of Lightning Divine Palace. That Yu Yan was merciless with his attacks, it wasn’t certain that he wouldn’t chase after her, and she didn’t know how long she had been unconscious for. If she was discovered, when that time came, even if she wished to flee, she wouldn’t be able to.

When she thought of this, Tao Manfeng felt extremely aggrieved. She had believed that her act was completely flawless, so how was she recognized all of a sudden? The first time Yu Yan appeared before her, his expression showed that he evidently had no impression of her looks either. Even when she said that she had lost her memories, he had simply spaced out for a moment before accepting it.

Everything was utterly strange, as though everything began when she picked up that useless divine jade.

Tao Manfeng’s expression changed, as she hurriedly reached out her hand to touch the side of her waist. However, she realized there was but an empty space. That piece of divine jade disappeared? She searched around for a moment, and discovered that there wasn’t a trace of the jade anywhere. When did she drop it? She actually did not know about it happening? Could that piece of jade be the reason?

In an instant, the fog in her heart dispersed by quite a bit. No matter what, she had to first hurry and leave this crater in order to find that piece of jade.

Tao Manfeng calmed her heart, and began to meditate, as she recovered her divine energy with all her might. Her injuries were too severe, if she did not rest for three to five years, it would be impossible for her to recover. However, if it was to simply leave this hole, she didn’t need that much divine energy.

Three days later, Tao Manfeng finally accumulated a strand of divine energy. Casting the Soaring Art, she flew out of the hole.

Raising her head, she looked at the dark sky, and then at Lightning Divine Palace which was being surrounded by bolts of tribulation lightning in the distance. Taking a deep breath, just as she planned to turn around and leave, after taking two steps, she stepped onto empty air.

Boink! She fell into another deep hole.

Tao Manfeng: “…”

She was a little spaced out for a moment. Why would there be another hole at the side!? Enduring the pain from her wounds which had once again opened up, she crawled up. When she was thinking of casting the Soaring Art once more, she realized her Dantian had already been emptied. Hence, she could only accept her fate and begin to accumulate the next wave of divine energy.

In another three days, Tao Manfeng finally came out of the second hole. Glancing at the two deep holes that were lined up together, she could only accept the fact that she was unlucky. Turning around, she walked towards the opposite direction, only to step on empty air again and fell into the third hole. Boink!

Tao Manfeng felt uncomfortable all around now.

And another three days passed…

She fell into the fourth hole.

Only when she was squatting in the depths of the fifth hole, did she faintly realize that things were a little amiss, as though someone was making fun of her on purpose. She was sure that the ground outside was filled with holes, however, there basically wasn’t any presences of other deities nearby.

This time, she was a little more cautious. Three days later, she did not simply cast the Soaring Art again, instead, she began to seriously tend to her injuries.

Only after the fifteenth day did she fly out with her sword. After looking at the five deep holes on the ground, without lingering any further, she flew towards the south-eastern direction.

Only when not a single movement could be heard, under a human-sized pile of dirt that was next to a huge tree not far away, a mushroom cap popped out.

“She’s gone?” The mushroom searched around for a moment. After realizing that not a single human figure was in sight, it then leapt out. “Great, she’s really gone. That mushroom-eating human is finally gone. We’re safe now.”

The mushroom excitedly bounced about several times, shaking the large tree at the side, which caused its leaves to scatter onto the ground. Then, it seemed to have recalled something. Bouncing back to the side of the tree, the mushroom let out a white light, and then, forcefully plunged back into the pile of dirt earlier. Tilting its body, it dug out a piece of white jade.

“Rock spirit, you’re right. This method has indeed made her leave on her own. As expected of my subordinate, my smarts have rubbed onto you.” The mushroom revealed a complacent look, and it did not forget to praise itself a little.

Zhu Yao did not refute, and allowed it to become high on its own. She had the mushroom create those holes on purpose. There weren’t just five, but dozens of holes were dug out near them, every two steps she were to take, there would be one of them. That little bitch had evidently been injured by someone. After waking up, even if she did not fall into the holes, after discovering that there were several holes nearby, no matter how, she would still unconsciously think that there was someone plotting against her. Then, after recalling the person who injured her, her first reaction would be to hurry and leave this dangerous place.

“Rock spirit, let’s go bask in the moonlight.” The mushroom was especially excited. In these few days, in order to prevent the woman from noticing them, they had not been able to move around for a few days. They were afraid that their movements would be too big, which would then be discovered by her. Now that the crisis had been averted, and it was even a night with a full moon, the mushroom naturally brought this up.

“Alright!” Moonlight was able to provide aid to her cultivation, Zhu Yao naturally would not reject his proposal.

Hence, with Zhu Yao on top of its cap, it bounced out of the canopy of trees, and arrived on a spacious ground. Basking under the moonlight, just as they were about to absorb the moonlight essence, a woman voice suddenly sounded from the sky.

“And here I was wondering who it was. It was actually a mushroom spirit.” Tao Manfeng who left earlier, had returned, and she stared coldly at the gigantic mushroom below. “A small little spirit cultivated from a mere mushroom, actually dares to play tricks in front of this deity.”

The mushroom was given a fright, as its entire mushroom body began to turn pale. “Save me, I’m going to be eaten.” Making an about-turn, it bounced back to the tree, and like an ostrich, it stuffed his head into the pile of soil it had hid in earlier.

Zhu Yao was thus flung out, instantly crashing onto the tree bark. At the end, she dropped into the pile of dirt. The hell, he was even boasting about how incredible he was earlier, why did it suddenly act like an ostrich now? Where’s your pride as a mushroom, huh?

“Jade!” The woman’s eyes glowed, evidently, she had spotted Zhu Yao. “You’re actually here.”

With a look of joyful surprise, she was about to fly her sword over to pick Zhu Yao up. Zhu Yao even carried the intention to die now. She just knew that the mushroom wasn’t reliable.

Just as she was about to once again land in the woman’s hands, a change suddenly occurred at this moment.

Bolts of heavenly lightning descended from the sky. As though cannon balls were being shot, accompanied by loud thunders, they came smashing down onto the ground. The light of lightning filled the entire mountain forest for a moment. The surroundings were filled with heart-shattering might, and the thundering noises felt as though they were celebrating the coming of a new year.

And in the sky, two unclear figures were currently engaged in intense combat. The two of them were fighting above with spells and arts, and the range of the shockwaves of their duel was a little too large.

Tao Manfeng panicked as she hid from the lightning bolts that were flashing in the surroundings. Glancing at the jade that was under the tree not far away from her, she gritted her teeth, as she still flew off on her sword in the end.

After she left, the heavenly thunders boomed even louder. Furthermore, there was even a bolt of lightning which came crashing straight down onto the large tree where Zhu Yao and the mushroom was.

Do I have to be this unlucky!?

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