[Disciple] Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: The Sect Master’s Headache

“The thing ancestral-martial uncle is speaking of, is it… a type of mystic art?”


“Food? Is it an unknown heavenly treasure?”

“No.” Yu Yan frowned. Unless he has never heard of it as well? “It’s a type of drink usually given to people who are experiencing a loss of blood.”

The corner of Zi Mo’s lips twitched. “Is ancestral-martial uncle referring to water that is boiled after the brown sugar has dissolved in it?”

Yu Yan pondered for a moment, and nodded. So it can be done with just dissolving the brown sugar in boiled water. “Do you have brown sugar here?”

“N… No.” Zi Mo coughed a few times, and finally regained his senses. Just why was his ancestral-martial uncle looking for this this late in the night? “But, if ancestral-martial uncle urgently needs it, this disciple can send down a request, and I will have it sent to ancestral-martial uncle tomorrow.”

“Mn.” Yu Yan still had the same cold expression on his face, slightly nodding his head, he agreed to his suggestion. Satisfied, he turned to leave. After taking a few steps out, he suddenly thought of something, and once again turned his head back. He then asked with a serious expression. “Say, during a woman’s period, other than drinking brown sugar water, is there anything else that needs to be taken note of?”

“Ah!?” Zi Mo’s legs jerked, and he almost fell onto the ground. He… He did not mishear, right? A woman’s period!? “Ancestral… ancestral… martial… uncle, why… why are you asking about this?”

“You don’t know either?” Yu Yan squinted his eyes, lightly looking into Zi Mo’s eyes. His facial expression did not change, however, his expression evidently showed his disdain. So much for having so many disciples under you.

Zi Mo simply felt cold sweat dripping down from his forehead. Biting the bullet, he replied. “This… this disciple did not really conduct a deep research about it. However… I heard that during that period of time, women will experience a huge loss of blood, they cannot be overly exhausted. and they cannot come in contact with anything cold.”

Yu Yan nodded, and silently took note of it. After pondering for a moment, he continued with his stern and serious interrogation. “Then, what material is best for sanitary pads?” When his disciple received the rawsilk sanitary pads, her expression was strange, she should have been unsatisfied with the material used.

“……” Was his ancestral-martial uncle’s body taken over? Why did he have to ask a man like him, about a woman’s private matters? “This… This disciple thinks that, it should be a fabric material with good… water absorption characteristic. For example, Fresh Camlet and the like.”

“Fresh Camlet?” Yu Yan was startled. That seemed to be made out of silk spit out from a type of low rank spirit silkworm. He really did not have any on hand, hence, he turned his head and silently stared at Zi Mo, who had been wiping his cold sweat off the entire time.

“……” Zi Mo trembled from the stare. Without a choice, he took out his storage pouch, and silently pulled out a bunch of white fabric. “This disciple has a few pieces of them, if ancestral-martial uncle does not mind, you can freely choose…”

“Mn!” Yu Yan nodded, and before Zi Mo could even finish, with a wave of his hand, all of the fabric materials were kept into his own storage ring, leaving none behind.

Zi Mo, who was still holding onto the storage pouch: “……”

I didn’t say I was giving them all to you, right? Ancestral-martial uncle, don’t you think you’re a little too bold? Rubbing his hands with a pained heart, he did not have the nerve to get them back.

“Ancestral-martial uncle, the reason why you’re asking about all this is?” If someone were to tell Zi Mo that this person who had cultivated for more than ten thousand years suddenly had interests in the matters of a woman, even if he was beaten to death, he would not believe it.

Yu Yan answered without a care. “My disciple is on her period. I’m taking care of her.”

Oh, so it’s about his newly accepted disciple.

Wait a minute! Is there a need for him to take care of something like this?

“Ancestral… ancestral-martial uncle, junior-martial aunt… is a woman!”

Yu Yan gave him a chilled glance. Isn’t that obvious?

Zi Mo’s heart cramped, he hesitated how he was going to have ancestral-martial uncle understand the difference between a man and a woman. “This disciple is trying to say, if you’re this worried about junior-martial aunt… is… is she alright?”

Yu Yan frowned, and replied. “She fainted.”


“It’s just blood loss, nothing to worry about.” He had already fed her the medicine, and even cast on her a mystic art that relieved pain. He was rather confident in his own mystic arts.

“……” He was not referring to that. “Ancestral-martial uncle, do you happen to know, what periods… ahem, mean to women?”

Yu Yan swept his sleeves without a care. He had gotten the things he needed, it was about time he left.

Zi Mo continued. “In the mortal realm, when a girl reaches eleven or twelve years old, or even earlier, they will have… ahem. This means that they have reached adulthood, and they can…” marry.

“Have an early rest.” Before he could finish, unable to wait any longer, Yu Yan’s figure flashed, disappearing without a trace.

Zi Mo, who was about to get to the main point: “……”

Rubbing his own storage pouch, his heart ached even more.

The reason why ancestral-martial uncle came here late in the night, was just to take away his Fresh Camlet? Although Fresh Camlet could not be said to be a very precious fabric material, it was not something a regular person could afford to wear. And, due to its strong water absorption characteristic, and defensive capability, usually, people would use it to refine water-type weapons. Using a fabric material like that for sanitary pads, was really too unthinkable. The most important issue was, ancestral-martial uncle took all of his stock, and did not even leave a single small piece for him.

Zi Mo painfully sighed. What could he do about it? That person was his ancestral-martial uncle, after all. He could do nothing but to just let it go. Just when he was depressed, on his bed, he actually saw a piece of white fabric material which was emitting a soft glow, as though the moonlight was shining upon it. It should be something ancestral-martial uncle left for him. Zi Mo picked it up to take a look, and was so shocked, even his hands began to tremble.

This… This… This… This is rawsilk! The rawsilk which were produced from Southern Sea Sharkmen could be said to be a rare treasure in the world, and could be used to refine defensive spiritual treasures of a high grade. Their value corresponded to the aggressiveness of the sharkmen. Sharkmen were born naturally as eighth rank beasts, which were equal to Azoth Core stage of human practitioners, and usually, they move in groups, people would not easily dare to offend them. A sharkman would only produce a single piece of rawsilk in its entire life, and it would treat the rawsilk as its life. In other words, to obtain a single piece, one must carry the resolve to face a sharkman to its death.

And currently, he had that one piece in his hands. Zi Mo chuckled as he touched the piece of rawsilk. The depression he had earlier from losing his Fresh Camlet was instantly replaced by a large amount of satisfaction. He would not mind sending ancestral-martial uncle another few hundred pieces of them.

But, the moment he thought of what he had used this fabric material for, an unsettling feeling began to surface again.

Wait a minute, the reason why ancestral-martial uncle left this rawsilk, was to exchange it for the Fresh Camlet which he did not have, in other words, he only had rawsilk on hand before this. Then the material he used for the sanitary pads before this was…

Zi Mo momentarily felt uncomfortable all around his body.

As Zi Mo sank into deep frustration, Yu Yan had already returned to Jade Forest Peak, preparing to sew the sanitary pads throughout the night. He looked towards the direction of his disciple. It was completely dark in the house, it seemed she had already fallen asleep. Hesitating for a moment, with a heart full of worry, he opened the door.

This disciple of his was really too weak, the main point was that her mind was not really that bright. She was hurting that much during the day, yet, she was still unwilling to tell him the reason, not only was she weak, she was stupid as well. If he were to not tighten his watch over her, he was really worried that she might one day die of stupidity.

Inside the house, Zhu Yao was already asleep. Yu Yan stretched his hand out and checked her pulse. Her pulse was much stronger and steadier than it was in the morning, it seemed she would not feel that much pain after this. Heaving a sigh of relief, he once again looked at his silly disciple who had rolled herself in the blanket.

Suddenly, he recalled Zi Mo’s words. He said that during this special period of time, women must not catch a cold. After pondering for a moment, he silently took out a blanket and covered it over her. A mortal catches a cold easily, right?

He looked at her again, and was still feeling a little worried. Not sure if a blanket was enough, he once again took out another blanket and covered it over her.

He glanced at her again, and was still feeling slightly worried. Yu Yan was not a stingy person, hence, he took out a third blanket.

He peeked at her again, taking out a fourth…


Thus, on the sixth morning Zhu Yao was taken in as a disciple, she was woken up from the heat!

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