[Disciple] Chapter 143

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Chapter 143: Guest of Lightning Divine Palace

Yu Yan did not reply, instead, with a twist of his palm, a divine sword appeared in his hand.

Eh? What’s happening? Zhu Yao was a little confused.

Yet, Yu Jin seemed to have expected it. A smiling intent surfaced from the corner of his lips, as he summoned his divine sword as well.

In an instant, two shadows flashed, and their figures could no longer be seen.

In the layers of lightning clouds away from Lightning Divine Palace, two figures were currently engaged in an intense battle. In an instant, rays of lightning greatly flashed, explosive thunders constantly roared, and there were even couple of lightning bolts flying towards the forest at the bottom.

Zhu Yao was a little speechless. Was it really alright to act like that? At the very least, they were still members of the same sect right? If her guess was correct, then that Floor Master should be the grandmaster of her grandmaster, right!? Master, are you trying to destroy the sect? Seeing how they were used to it, and had already known to fly out of the radius of Lightning Divine Palace, evidently, this was not the first time they had exchanged blows.

Zhu Yao finally realized who the Floor Master was fighting so flashily and loudly on the day he picked her up.

In the beginning, she was a little worried for her master. After all, the difference in cultivation levels between the two of them was an entire realm. So, she anxiously stared at the two faraway figures, afraid that her master would be at a disadvantage. However, after looking for a while, nothing serious seemed to be happening, though her neck was beginning to ache from looking upwards. This battle of theirs lasted for an entire day. In the end, unconsciously, Zhu Yao slept while watching them. When she woke up, she found herself on the bed in her cottage. It seemed like after finishing his fight, her master casually brought her back into her cottage.

Ever since then, Yu Jin would often head down the mountain. Every single time, he only had a single goal, and that was to have Yu Yan take over the role of Floor Master. Threats, temptations, lies, he never ran out of tricks to do so. However, that certain person simply did not give in to any of them. In conclusion, as they were unable to see eye to eye, they would always end up fighting.

Zhu Yao, who was initially afraid and worried, became calm and easy-going at the end. Presently, if she saw the two of them fighting, she would simply continue on with what she was doing. Occasionally, when she was bored, she would move a stool over to the courtyard, and sit there with her movie-watching mode activated. Mn, if only she could have some watermelon to bite on, that would be perfect.

“Little little grand disciple.” With a wavy smile, Yu Jin walked over.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Great great grandmaster.”

“Hoho, at least Blossom… Yu Yao understands the rules.” As he received Zhu Yao’s murderous gaze, Yu Jin had no choice but to swallow his earlier way of addressing her. Haah, as he thought, she was much cuter when she was just a piece of jade. “Why don’t you help me persuade your master to accept the position of Floor Master? After all, I did help you materialize a human form. You couldn’t have forgotten about it, right?”

“How could I forget?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched again. The days of her being used to grill meat, and supporting the bed’s leg. “I remember it. Very. Very. Clearly.”

Yu Jin blanked, as though he had recalled those matters back then as well. A hint of awkwardness flashed past his face, as he concealed himself with a few coughs. “Kuh kuh. Little Yu Yao, currently, your master isn’t in a hurry to enter the tower. Since he’s idling around, why don’t he accept this role? Furthermore, the status of the one and only Floor Master of Lightning Divine Palace is noble and mighty. Not a single person in the entire Divine Realm can compare to the person holding this role. I’m actually willing to hand over a position like this to your master, isn’t that a great matter?”

“I have to thank you then.” If it’s really that good, then why don’t you continue to hold that position? “You can talk about this matter with my master directly.”

She finally understood why her master was not staying in the great palace at the peak of the mountain, and instead, was staying at the foot of this mountain. He was simply irritated by this Floor Master.

“Child, if your master is willing to listen to me, why would I look for you?”

“He wouldn’t listen to me either.” She was his disciple, not his master.

“He will, he will.” Yu Jin’s face was filled with joy, as he once again approached closer. “You’re his personal succeeding disciple, so naturally, he will listen to you.”

“But you’re his personal preceding great grandmaster as well.” If they had to compare authorities, his was much higher than hers.

“That’s different. Your master has not entered Lightning Divine Tower for so many years, most definitely, it’s because he was waiting for you to ascend. Looking at this point, as his disciple, you are of great importance to him. Currently, you have yet to officially begin cultivating, so naturally, he would have to spend time guiding you. In any case, since he’s not entering the tower for a while, wouldn’t taking up the position of Floor Master be killing two birds with one stone?” His face was filled with the ‘I’m doing it for your own good’ expression.

“I believe in master’s arrangements.”

Seeing that she wasn’t budging, Yu Jin once again added. “Seeing that we have a relationship on the same bed, how can little little grand disciple be so heartless?”

Zhu Yao stood right up. “What same bed? The one lying on the bed was you. I was the one supporting the bed.”

“Don’t mind the small details.” Yu Jin smiled especially shamelessly. “Furthermore, your master’s Floor Master position will still be handed to you sooner or later. If your master accepts it now, you can prepare yourself sooner as…” He suddenly paused, as though he had thought of something. His eyes momentarily glowed, as he turned around and stared intensely at her. His smile became even more wavy.

“What are you planning?” Why was he smiling so strangely?

“Little little grand disciple…” Yu Jin suddenly approached very closely, and his pair of peach blossom eyes seemed to have narrowed into thin lines. “Do you wish to become Floor Master?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Don’t worry, if you don’t wish to become one now, you can always change your mind!”

“Come, follow me to the hall. I will hand you the Floor Master Seal.” Yu Jin basically did not have the intentions of allowing her to choose, as he grabbed onto Zhu Yao, and flew straight towards the peak of the mountain.

Regarding such a forceful action, Zhu Yao had no choice but to summon the ultimate guardian beast.

“Master…” There’s a strange uncle here trying to steal your disciple.

A white light flashed, and a certain Floor Master was once again cut off halfway towards the mountain peak. The two figures once again fought intensely. As the one and only remaining survivor, Zhu Yao immediately returned to her home and pulled out a stool. After finding a position with the best view, she began spectating. Mn, let’s have master make some spicy glutens next time.

In this battle, they fought for exactly six hours. Compared to the previous shortest battle in these few months, it was even shorter by four hours. The reason why the battle ended prematurely, was because someone came during their fight. Wearing a blue coloured robe, that person flew on his sword, carrying a valiant aura.

Not just that, he was very polite as well. Following the rules, he stayed outside Lightning Divine Palace, where the layers of lightning formations were. Then, with an imposing tone, he began to announce with a loud and clear voice.

“Emissary of Advent Cloud Palace from the East, requests an audience with Lightning Divine Palace… Aiya…”

Before he could even finish, he was unfortunately struck down from the skies of Lightning Divine Palace by the stray bullets… no, stray lightning bolts thrown by the two people. In the skies, his loud, clear, and imposing voice continued to echo.

“Aiya… ya… ya… ya…” His voice continued to spread, and spread even further.

Not a moment later, Zhu Yao simply heard a loud boink. A very fresh charred corpse, which was emitting out a nice grilled scent, fell right in front of her.

Zhu Yao: …

Yu Jin: …

Yu Yan: …

“Kuh kuh…” Yu Jin finally stopped, and a hint of awkwardness flashed past his face. With a disguising tone, he said. “Little little grand disciple, this person seems to have come from Advent Cloud Palace. I will have you deal with him then. When he wakes up, bring him over to the hall to have an audience with this Floor Master.” After saying that, he turned around, and flew away.

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. You piece of responsibility avoiding bitch.

“Master.” Zhu Yao had no choice but to look towards Yu Yan with a pleading look.

Yu Yan glanced at the charred corpse on the ground, casually pulled his own disciple towards the house, and left these two words. “Not dead.”

Only then did Zhu Yao heave a sigh of relief. But to leave him aside like this, was it really alright?

This incident had proved that the so-called deities did indeed possess the physique of a cockroach. On the second day, that unmoving corpse with was completely charred black, woke up by himself. Not only was his injuries healed, even his clothes had been changed to a new set.

The little one respectfully bowed towards her, and his voice was still as clear as before. “Fellow deity, might if I ask if this is Lightning Divine Palace?”

“Uh… yes.” Zhu Yao responded. He couldn’t want to have her settle the score, right?

A hint of joy invaded the little one’s face. “Then, might if I ask why was I unconscious on the ground?”

Here it comes. Zhu Yao pointed to the sky. “You were struck by the heavenly lightning bolts, so…” Everything was caused by that sly fox, it’s unrelated with her master.

“I see.” The little one raised his head, glanced at the lightning clouds that enveloped the surroundings, and said with praise. “As expected of Lightning Divine Palace, the Mountain Barrier Formation is especially sophisticated. Even though I was standing outside the formation, I was still struck by it.”

Zhu Yao stared with widened eyes. He couldn’t be thinking that the lightning bolts that struck him were caused by the lightning formation outside, right? Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and said with a stern look. “Yes, you were injured by the formation.” Please look at my sincere eyes. “But, fortunately, it was not a serious matter. In the future, please be mindful not to casually approach it, dear.”

“Thank you for your reminder, fellow deity.”


The little one gave her an extremely grateful smile, and only then did he recall of the matters he was here for. “I believe fellow Deity must be a disciple of Lightning Divine Palace. This one is named Miao Lin, the emissary of the Advent Cloud Palace from the East. Under the instructions of our Patriarch, I have a matter which requires the audience of the Floor Master for. Might if I ask if fellow Deity could pass along this message.”

“So it’s Deity Miao Lin.” Zhu Yao replied with a courteous smile. “Floor Master has instructed me that once fellow deity has woken up, I am to lead fellow deity to meet with him directly.”

“Floor Master has actually long known that I’m here?” Miao Lin’s eyes shone with a worshiping light. “As I thought, he possesses heavenly foresight.”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Young one, you’re too naïve. The person who injured you was exactly that bitch.

“Then, I will have to trouble fellow deity.”

Zhu Yao turned around and waved her hands at the person sitting at the courtyard. “Master, I’m sending him to the hall at the peak. I will be back immediately.”

Only then did Miao Lin realize that there was another person sitting at the courtyard not far away from them. When he looked over, he was secretly a little startled. That person was actually an Ink Deity, and the imposing aura being emitted from his body was frightening.

Hearing his disciple’s words, Yu Yan frowned. Raising his head, he looked towards the man next to his disciple, stared intensely at him for a moment, before giving a light response. “Mn.” After pondering for a moment, he added. “Return early.” After saying that, he continued to stare at the person next to her.

Miao Lin, however, was drenched in cold sweat from his stare. Was it just his imagination? Why did he feel that this Ink Deity seemed to have some sort of objection against him? He was clearly here to simply pass a message, and had not offended him in any way, right?

Bringing along Miao Lin, Zhu Yao headed directly towards the hall at the mountain peak through the teleportation formation at the foot of the mountain. However, she did not see that Yu Jin anywhere. Zhu Yao could not just throw Miao Lin aside without tending to him either, so she had no choice but to wait with him. But, they sat for exactly four hours, yet, not even the shadow of the sly fox could be seen.

“Deity Yu, I wonder if it’s because Floor Master is busy with some matters, so…”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Busy? When it came to that person, at this hour, he was most probably… sleeping!

“Deity Miao, please wait a moment. I will head inside to call him over.”

After informing him as such, Zhu Yao turned and headed towards the back of the hall. In an instant, she kicked open a certain door.

“Yo, little little grand disciple, why have you come? Have you thought it through, and changed your mind in becoming Floor Master?” Yu Jin sat right up from the bed half-dressed, as he waved his hands at Zhu Yao, calling her over. “Come, come, come. Grandmaster here will cast the seal on you. It will be done very quickly, without the slightest bit of pain.”

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