[Disciple] Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: Disciple’s Dead Again

“Sesame, head back now!” Zhu Yao’s heart turned cold, and for a moment, she even felt the urge to kill Sesame. “You best hurry and turn back, you hear me!?” That person… That person, wasn’t a deity at all, nor was he any sort of divine practitioner.

That pressure earlier, felt the same as the one she felt from Phantom back then.

He was a Devil!

“Sesame!” She must head back and notify her master.

“Msshtresh (Mistress)…” Sesame kept Zhu Yao by its mouth, however, it did not stop its feet. It simply mumbled out a reply. “I’m pwoteckting msshtresh (I’m protecting mistress).” After saying that, Zhu Yao was already drenched from his saliva.


Will it kill you to materialize your human form and hold me? Why do you have to bite me? Zhu Yao sensed the evil intentions of the entire universe. It seemed like her master had long discussed this with Sesame in the dimensional space, hence the reason why it wasn’t listening to her. Zhu Yao had no choice but to view her divine sense region, unlock the seal of her divine sense, and guide out the divine energy from the dimensional space to materialize her human form by herself.

Tao Manfeng sensed the abnormal movements in the divine energy, and began to move about in the dimensional space. She had stayed inside for an entire day, and naturally knew that this world was a dead end with basically no exits. Although the rich amount of divine energy here had successfully allowed her to make a breakthrough into the Profound Deity level, there was completely no point if she couldn’t leave.

“Who are you? Where is this place!?”

Like hell Zhu Yao had the time to spend caring about this little bitch. She automatically ignored her shouts and screams, as she desperately guided out the divine energy from her divine sense region. A red glow emitted from the entire piece of jade.

“H-H-H-H-Hot…” As Sesame was caught off guard, its tongue was burnt, and had no choice but to spit Zhu Yao out.

The red glow brightened, and a moment later, what appeared was a sword riding Zhu Yao… whose face was completely stained with saliva.

Her gaze swept towards Sesame was she turned around, and Sesame shrank its head in an instant.

“I will settle scores with you later!” Zhu Yao fiercely glared at this certain unreliable beast, and descended onto the ground. She did not stop the guiding of divine energy. The divine energy in her body constantly surged, immediately raising her cultivation from the intermediate stages of Profound Deity, to the late stages, and then, to a Paragon.

That familiar pain once again came. However, this time, Zhu Yao did not have the time to care about these details. The speed of her taking in divine energy did not slow down, instead, it accelerated. The meridians in her entire body was about to explode from the expansion, and traces of blood began to faintly appear on her body, dyeing her white robe in red.

Zhu Yao did not dare to stop, and simply hoped. Faster. Faster. She must notify her master. Even if she couldn’t be of help, at the very least, she couldn’t be a dead-weight. Hence, she had to raise her cultivation level.

Finally, it was as though she could hear a ‘kling’ sound, which sounded as though something had broken. Large amount of divine energy quickly rushed into her body.

Gold Deity!

Zhu Yao sealed her divine sense region, and stood up. She couldn’t be bothered with her body filled with saliva and blood.

“Let us return.” Zhu Yao summoned her own divine sword, and rose into the sky. Just as she was about to head in the direction they came from, the space in front of her twisted, and in a blink of an eye, a familiar black figure appeared in front of her.

That Devil!

How was that possible?

“Where’s my master?” Zhu Yao’s heart twitched, for a moment, she was in a fluster. They had only left for a few moments, so how could her master possibly…? No, that’s impossible. “What did you do to my master?”

He did not reply, and he simply looked at her with an expression that could freeze one’s heart. That familiar pressure once again assaulted her, but this time, she had prepared her defenses, and her divine sense was not harmed. Zhu Yao understood that she was not his match, and had no choice but to circulate all the divine energy in her body, to summon countless of lightning bolts.

However, his figure simply blurred, and Zhu Yao had difficulty breathing in the next instant. A bone-piercing ice-cold hand was already grasping her by her neck. All the divine energy that she managed to circulate earlier, was instantly suppressed back into her body, as though the divine energy had been swallowed back.

She simply smelled a fishy smell in her mouth, and blood was endlessly flowing out from the corner of her lips.

“Mistress!” Anxious, Sesame pounced at him. However, before it could even touch the corner of his clothes, it was blown away by a ray of black light, and it fell onto the ground with a loud boom. It struggled to climb onto its feet, however, it was instantly pressed onto the ground by pressure. Its wings were completely severed, and there were even tears at every inch of its bestial body, with blood flowing all over the ground.

Sesame! Zhu Yao was growing impatient. However, she was completely unable to resist. Even though she was merely grabbed by the neck, her entire body wasn’t even able to move at all. This Devil was much stronger than that Phantom.

He simply raised her just like that, and there wasn’t any happiness or sadness to be seen on his expression. He didn’t continue applying more strength, nor did he release her. Even though they were currently so close, she was still unable to clearly see his face.

Until the moment when even she was about to think that she was going to be strangled to death like this, he suddenly spoke. Though, his voice was still as plain and toneless as before.

“You’re his disciple.”

Zhu Yao tried her best to struggle out her voice. The depths of her heart pained when she thought about her master whose current situation was unknown, and she was unable to suppress the panic in her heart at all. If anything happens to my master, this lady here will have the entire world hold a funeral for him. Suddenly, the sounds of roaring thunders came from afar, and even the sky had completely darkened. An enormously loud dragon roar sounded, and it looked as though a white lightning dragon was dancing among the thunderclouds.

It was the materialization of her master’s sword intent! He’s alright! Zhu Yao’s tensed nerves instantly relaxed.

Then was this person in front of her eyes a clone of that Devil?

He looked straight at her, and in an instant, that bone-piercing chill became stronger, as he once again asked. “You’re his disciple.”

He desperately forced herself to calm down. Don’t be anxious. His clone is already so strong, if he returns to his main body, then it will become more dangerous for master. She had to stall him, or eliminate him. However, her current cultivation was merely at the Golden Deity level, so what should she do to damage him?

“You’re his disciple.” He asked again. His voice was the same as before, so calm, to the point where there wasn’t even a single intonation, similar to a computer-generated voice of the modern era.

She had no choice but to take a gamble. Zhu Yao unlocked her divine sense, and had even expanded it limitlessly. Expanding the entire dimensional space, she then compressed all of the divine energy into a small mass.

After finishing her preparations, she then began to struggle, and forced out a word. “Yes.”

The black-clothed man stopped for a moment. He tilted his head a little, as though he was confirming her answer. After a while, he replied. “Oh, then you must die.”

His grip suddenly tightened, as Zhu Yao felt as though she could hear her bones crackling. Her breathing was cut off, and her neck could be broken off in the very next moment.

Zhu Yao willed her thoughts, instantly releasing all of the compressed divine energy. Her entire body emitted out a white light.

“Self-destruct.” The black-clothed man realized her intentions, yet, he completely did not bother to distance himself away at all, as though he completely did not mind her self-destruction in the slightest. Instead, his grip became even tighter.

Him not caring about it was her goal all along. Zhu Yao desperately expanded her divine energy, and began to circulate all of the divine energy in the entire dimensional space. Indeed, self-destructing her divine sense was completely unable to harm a Devil, but after all, she possessed a dimensional space, that was filled with divine energy, within her divine sense region. If the dimensional space was to self-destruct as well, then she simply wouldn’t believe that she couldn’t kill a clone.

The white glow on Zhu Yao’s body radiated magnificently, becoming brighter and brighter.

The Devil finally sensed the anomaly as well, as he released his devilish aura to attack her divine sense. Zhu Yao was courting death in the first place, so how could she hold back? Instead, she instantly grabbed onto his hand, and prevented him from moving.

“You’re courting death!” There was finally a tone in the Devil’s voice, it however, became much colder.

A ray of black light flashed in his hand, as though he was about to sever her neck, preventing her self-destruction. Zhu Yao’s divine energy however had already expanded completely, and this was the moment!

Willing her thoughts, just as half of her divine energy was already exploding forth.

“Pfft!” Under his forceful grip, her mouth opened and she spewed out blood, splattering it all over his face.

For a moment, it broke apart the devilish aura concealing his face, revealing a hollow and emotionless face.

He was…

Zhu Yao fiercely widened her eyes, and was completely stunned!

“Yue Ying!”

When her words fell, on his hollow face, that pair of cold eyes instantly widened.

In the next moment, everything was engulfed by that white light.

A familiar notification window once again appeared before her eyes.

Congratulations, you have once again died utterly, and completely. Please choose:

[Resurrect] or [Chat] or [Deliver Some Soy Sauce] or [Give a Thumbs-Up to the Handsome, Godly and Successful Realmspirit]

What was going on with these notification windows that were becoming even more shameless than before? Realmspirit, you have been surfing through too many tweets, haven’t you!?

With a darkened expression, Zhu Yao tapped on the second option, [Chat].

In the next moment, she once again arrived at that pitch-black and empty space. This time, without her yelling, Realmspirit’s QQ-chat window had already popped up by itself. Other than his QQ avatar being changed to the default male avatar, there wasn’t any other changes.

Realmspirit: Yo, courageous maiden. Long time no see.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Taking a deep breath, she endured the urge to charge right forward and beat him to a pulp. “Realmspirit, what the hell is going on? Don’t you think you should be giving me an explanation?”

Realmspirit: Oya, what’s wrong girl? What’s there to be unhappy about? Tell me about it so that I can be happy about it!

“Can you even become even more irritable than this?” Zhu Yao glared at him. In the modern era back then, why didn’t she feel that this person was so irritable and shameless? He was a rather respectable person, so why did he lose a few screws from his brain after she was transported here? “I’m talking about Yue Ying. What happened to Yue Ying? Why is he in Divine Realm? And he has even turned into a Devil?” She clearly remembered when Yue Ying got out from the glacier back then, he was a regular human child. Forget about being of the Devil Race, he didn’t even carry the slightest bit of devilish aura. And although he possessed the Penta-Spirit Veins, he could still use spiritual energy to cultivate. He was an upright seedling with great prospects, a good serious and hardworking child. “Could it be… he’s possessed by that damn rabbit?” Did that Devil, which had entered the Rabbit Deity’s body, escape from that divine body and invade little Yue Ying’s body? Wouldn’t that Devil be a little too unbeatable then?

Realmspirit: That isn’t it, yo. Bunny-chan is still obediently staying in the Lower Realm, not wanting to ascend at all.

Realmspirit sent her a screenshot, and on the picture, a man, wearing a dark-green robe, was lying down on a mountain stack of carrots. Rolling on the ground, he carried an expression looking as though there wasn’t a single regret in his life.

Mn, that annoying face indeed belonged to that damn rabbit.

“Then what’s going on? Is that Yue Ying himself?”

Realmspirit: This… I don’t know either. But, the Devils will definitely resurface. This is the cycle of the Heavenly Dao, and it cannot be prevented. Just like how the Gods are already awakened as well.

“Gods?” Zhu Yao blanked. “Are you talking about the dragons?” It couldn’t have been because of the time she turned into a dragon, right?

Realmspirit, it’s not just the dragons, girl. All four God-beasts will once again awaken.

“How do you know about that?” Zhu Yao looked suspiciously at the screen. She was becoming even more curious about Realmspirit’s identity. Regarding matters like this, people living in Divine Realm might not even know about them, right?

Realmspirit: Because it has long been written in the prophecy of the Revelations. ‘Bearing the will of the lord, the Gods and Devils will arrive, the golden age of the Ancient Era will open, responsibility of the Three Realms will be taken, and an eternal sacred ground will be created.’

Revelations? The hell is that now?

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