[Disciple] Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: Can’t We Just Have a Nice Talk?

Zhu Yao was just about to raise her foot and enter the hall to explain, however, never did she expect that the great hall would have such a tall threshold. The moment she raised her foot, with a plop, she fell… Hence, the first shining appearance on stage which she had yearned for a long time, with a posture of lying flat on the ground, she had successfully pulled everyone’s attention.

Zhu Yao simply felt those blazing stares on her one after another.

The hall was instantly in complete silence.

This was definitely an accident. Zhu Yao embarrassingly crawled up, faked out a few coughs, and elegantly dusted off the dust on her clothes, as though the person who fell earlier wasn’t her. Everyone, please, forget about this imperfect introduction.

“Xin’er!” As though she was deliberately working against her, the cheap mother who came two steps late, pulled her over and inspected her from head to toe with a heart-ached expression. “How are you? Are you hurt anywhere? Why did you run so quickly, child? You fell, right? Earlier, I reminded you not to be so impulsive. Did you hurt yourself?”

Zhu Yao simply felt blades with the words ‘she fell’ written on them, piercing straight into her heart one after another.

“Mother, can we not bring this up?” Can you please stop stabbing into a wounded heart?

Yin Shi inspected her from head to toe, before she was able to feel at ease, and only then did she recall the reason why she was here. Looking at the hall, her face instantly darkened, and her imposing aura as Clan Master was instantly released at full force.

“What’s going on?” She looked straight towards the center, where Mo Xianxian was holding onto her sword with a grieved expression. Her voice unconsciously carried great pressure within it. No matter who it was, if someone were to appear in their own home and make a ruckus while holding onto a weapon, they would all be a little unhappy. Furthermore, it was supposed to be her own daughter’s big wedding day as well.

Under Yin Shi’s pressure, Mo Xianxian evidently paled a little, though she still held onto her sword tightly. However, she did not look at the furious Yin Shi, but rather, she glared at Zhu Yao who was beside her. “You’re Yin Xin?”

Zhu Yao blanked for a moment, before she then habitually raised her hand and greeted her. “Hi, nice to meet you!” She did not expect that in the short amount of time she hadn’t seen her, Mo Xianxian no longer carried that frail look which she had when she first came to the Higher Realm. Most probably, her current unrestrained look was her true nature.

Initially, Zhu Yao wanted to leave a good impression for her, however, who would have thought that she didn’t have the slightest of intention to appreciate Zhu Yao, and instead, her expression was being filled with hatred. Holding onto her sword, she pointed it towards her. “Yin Xin. The grudge today, I, Mo Xianxian, will definitely have you people pay dearly for it.”

What did she do, hey? She hadn’t even say anything yet?

Mo Xianxian evidently did not have the intention to explain. After saying that, she turned around, and flew out with her sword.

Zhu Yao couldn’t allow her to leave like this without understanding a single thing. The next time she would see her, was when she would come back to slaughter the entire clan. Anxious, Zhu Yao could not help but shout at the only person in the hall that she knew, and was even the person closest to Mo Xianxian right now.

“Mushmush, stop her!”

“Ou!” The moment she said that, the white-clothed man at the side raised his hand, and quickly brought down Mo Xianxian who had already stood on the sword. Because it was at the spur of the moment, that sword had already flown out, while the person who was on the sword, fell onto the ground with a plop.

Consecutively, two people performed the act of falling onto the glossy floor of the great hall. Everyone present was in complete silence once again.

Especially the mushroom who made the move to stop her, looked even more doubtful. He looked at the foreign-looking woman at the entrance, and then, looked back at his own hand. Did he know this person? Earlier, just why did he listen to her instruction?

Mo Xianxian who failed to leave, glared furiously at Zhu Yao. She seemed to have really been provoked, as she loudly condemned. “Slut!”

Suddenly being scolded for no reason, before Zhu Yao could even speak, Yu Shi next to her, however, could not endure it any longer.

“Impudent!” She no longer suppressed her high-level pressure, as she slammed it straight at Mo Xianxian. In an instant, she spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, as she was once again pressed onto the ground. “Is this how Advent Cloud Palace teaches their disciples?” Yu Shi turned and glared at the Atrium Lord who was leading the Advent Cloud Palace representatives.

That person was called Yun Hai, and he was exactly Mo Xianxian’s master. When Yin Shi questioned him, his face instantly revealed a slightly embarrassed expression. “It’s this lowly one who failed to teach his disciple well, and have allowed Clan Master Yin to see a laughing matter. This child will be dealt with under Clan Master Yin’s instruction.” After saying that, he glared at Mo Xianxian. “Twerp, hurry and apologize to Clan Master Yin and the young mistress.”

“I’m not wrong! Why do I have to apologize?” Mo Xianxian gritted her teeth as she raised her head.

“I say…” Zhu Yao waved her hands.

“A slut who seduces my husband, just what right does she have to make me apologize?”

“Shut up!” Yin Shi had really snapped this time. This daughter whom she had held in her hearts for so many years, she couldn’t even wait till she could pamper her, so how could she tolerate an outsider calling her a slut? “A mere Profound Deity disciple, actually dares to spout such audacious words!”


“So what if I dare call her that?” Mo Xianxian still said as she gritted her teeth. “What? Seeing that I have exposed this matter, are you going to kill me to shut me up?”


“Fine, since you’re willing to court death, then I shall grant your wish!!”

“Can I…”

“If you want to kill me, then go ahead!”

You’re seeking death.”

“Stop!” A bolt of heavenly lightning directly descended from the sky. With a thunderous sound, it penetrated through the great hall’s ceiling, and the white lightning flash instantly lighted up the entire hall. She had been unable to find the opportunity to speak up, and as she watched as the scenario developing in the direction of the initial plotline, Zhu Yao had no choice but to charge out and cut them there and then. Out of reflex, she summoned the heavenly lightning bolt which she was most specialized in.

This time, not just Mo Xianxian and Yu Shi, even everyone present in the great hall was dumbfounded. They stared blankly at Yin Xin one after another. This girl actually knows lightning type divine arts.

Great, everyone’s attention was finally gathered on herself. Zhu Yao looked at her surroundings for a moment, before she took a deep breath and helplessly said. “Can’t we just have a nice talk?” It was initially such a simple matter. Was there a need to turn this into a bloodfest?

Mo Xianxian was frightened by that heavenly lightning bolt. She regained her senses after blanking out for a moment, yet, she still looked at her with a face filled with disdain and hatred. After giving a cold snort, she said. “I have nothing good to talk to you about.”

“You don’t have anything to say, but I do!” Zhu Yao glanced at her. “You claimed that I seduced your husband, but I don’t know who is this husband you speak of?”

Mo Xianxian coldly laughed, as she turned to look at the audience in the hall. Evidently, she did not wish to answer her question.

Zhu Yao however, walked towards the man dressed in red marriage attire, who had not spoken a single word. Chuckling, she loudly said. “Hello, fellow deity. This is our first meeting, isn’t it? My name is Yin Xin! I wonder how I should address fellow deity?”

Xu Nuoyan was stunned. Evidently, even he had not expected that she would ask in such a manner. However, due to the current situation, he had no choice but to give a reply. “Junior martial sister Yin, this one here is named Xu Nuoyan.”

When his words fell, everyone present took a deep breath one after another. No one would have thought that these two were holding the practitioner-pair ceremony, had only just met for the first time.

“That’s impossible!” Mo Xianxian exclaimed out as well, and her face was filled with disbelief. “How could this possibly be your first meeting?” They were the ones who clearly betrayed her.

“I have never met him nor spoken a word with him till today. Even this practitioner-pair ceremony was organized by my father and mother. So I’m completely unrelated to him.”

“Hmph, how would I know how you two hooked up?” She still could not believe her words.

“No matter if you believe it or not, this is the truth. My physique is weak since young, hence, I have never met any outsiders. This fact is known to everyone in Fluorescent Wind Clan. You will know simply by inquiring about it.” Zhu Yao turned and looked towards Xu Nuoyan. My great Fluorescent Wind Clan hasn’t stoop so low to steal someone else’s husband. However, today, you have made a great mess in my Fluorescent Wind Clan and shamed our reputation, so this matter can’t just be settled like this. Since you said that you’re his true wife, naturally, I will not do things like breaking your marriage apart. You two leave together then. Today’s practitioner-pair ceremony shall end here.” Oh my, such big news! Everyone, head back to your various homes to find your various mothers so that they can start various gossips. If you have a husband at your home, please pay attention to them!

“…” Mo Xianxian blanked for a moment, as though she did not expect that the matter today would actually be settled so easily with just her words. Could it be that she was actually be willing to hand over her newly-wedded husband? At this moment, she began to believe that the two people really did not know each other.

“Clan Master Yin, this matter…” A well-prepared practitioner-pair ceremony was actually cancelled in just a whim, the audience that came to give their blessings were all unable to respond a little, as they looked towards Yin Shi one after another.

“My daughter is right.” Yin Shi planned on doing this in the beginning, however, she was thrown into fury due to Mo Xianxian, and did not have the opportunity to say it. Earlier, she had been worrying about what excuse she could use, however, with this woman’s ruckus, she had instead provided her an excuse to use. “Since Nuoyan already had a former marriage, then this practitioner-pair ceremony shall be cancelled here.”

Hearing her words, although everyone still had some doubts, they still accepted it. Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief as well. No matter what, she had to dispel the female protagonist’s hatred for her. As long as Yin Xin were to not marry Xu Nuoyan, everything could still be saved.

“This can’t do! Clan Master, you can’t be fooled by this person.” Unexpectedly, the one who stood out this time, was Xu Nuoyan who had been silent the entire time. He glanced at Mo Xianxian on the ground, and coldly said. “This disciple does not know this lady Mo, nor have I taken her as my wife.”

Yo, is a hidden event about to be unlocked?

“Husband…” Mo Xianxian widened her eyes, as she looked at Xu Nuoyan with a face of disbelief.

“Clan Master!” Xu Nuoyan however did not even spare her a glance, as he turned towards Yin Shi. “You should know best of this disciple’s character. If I already had a former marriage at hand, how could I have concealed this from you? Someone must be making a ruckus on purpose.”

“This…” Yin Shi was a little hesitant, as she looked at Mo Xianxian suspiciously.

“Lady Mo!” Xu Nuoyan turned around, and said with a righteous look. “I don’t know how I have offended you to have you make create an act on my wedding day. I have never met you before, so how could there have been a marriage between us?”

Mo Xianxian simply could not believe that these heartless words would actually come out from the mouth of the person whom she had been deeply caring about. “Xu Nuoyan. Ever since we were in the Azoth Core stage in the Lower Realm, we have been married as husband and wife. After developing our feelings for thousands of years, how can you treat me in such a way?”

“Nonsense!” Xu Nuoyan fiercely waved his sleeves, revealing an expression as though he was being ridiculed. “I have been obsessed with cultivation since young. I did not dare to slack off for even a moment, and during that period, I never held the intentions to have a practitioner-pair companion. So how could I possibly have a wife?”

“You…” Mo Xianxian simply felt a cold wind blowing ruthlessly into her heart. “Are you really going to be this heartless?”

The eyes Xu Nuoyan were looking at her with became even colder. “Lady, please behave yourself.”

Mo Xianxian simply felt her blood boiling, and then, in the next moment, she spat out a mouthful of blood. She suddenly felt that the struggle which she had endured so many years was simply a joke. “Fine. Xu Nuoyan, in that case, the relationship between you and I, Mo Xianxian, shall be severed here and now.” This was the second time she said such words today. If during the first time, she had simply felt betrayed after realizing her husband was marrying another woman, then, this time, she had completely turned cold due to his heartlessness.

The longer Zhu Yao watched this, the more problems she felt were surfacing. Whether Xu Nuoyan was actually Mo Xianxian’s husband or not, was something she knew best. Originally, in her precognitive dream, he always carried deep feelings for Mo Xianxian from the beginning till the end, hence, she had thought that as long both parties were to clear everything up, and reunite the two lovers, then the events after this would not occur. However, Xu Nuoyan suddenly fell out. Could it be that there were still some hidden intentions within?

“Clan Master, this person has destroyed this disciple’s reputation, and has many times offended you and junior-martial sister. Such audacity definitely cannot be forgiven.” Xu Nuoyan’s eyes sank, as he said with a righteous look.

Mo Xianxian, however, once again summoned her own divine sword. “Enough with the nonsense talk, I was simply blind in the past. Today, I will definitely get justice for myself.”

Xu Nuoyan’s expression sank as well. Summoning his own weapon, a cold light flashed in his eyes. “If I don’t teach you a lesson today, won’t it become a laughing stock for my Fluorescent Wind Clan?”

The two former husband and wife, were thus about to fight it out in the hall. Mo Xianxian had already raised her sword and slashed it towards Xu Nuoyan.

Just what in the world was going on?

“Stop!” Zhu Yao loudly shouted to stop them. “Why are you guys fighting again? Can’t we just have a nice talk?”

“Junior-martial sister.” Xu Nuoyan said with a worried look. “You have never left Fluorescent Wind Clan, so you do not know of the evil in people’s hearts. This woman has especially picked today to make a ruckus, it can be seen that she has an ulterior motive.”

“Xu Nuoyan, you yourself are the one being ungrateful, yet you’re saying that I have ill intentions? If we’re talking about a person’s heart, then the one with ulterior motives is you.”

Seeing that two of them were about to fight it out again, without even thinking, Zhu Yao directly summoned the heavenly lightning bolts. Following after the many thunderous sounds, the ceiling which only had a single hole broken through earlier, was now completely blown away.

The entire building was filled with the light of purple lightning flashes.

This time, not only had they frightened the two people who were fighting, even the entire audience in the hall were all looking at her with different eyes.

“This is… a lightning formation! She actually knows how to execute a lightning formation.”

“A divine art like this, the only possible reason is…”

“How is that possible? That place has never taken in any disciples from Divine Realm, right?”

“Just who in the world is she?”

Uh… Zhu Yao’s expression stiffened. Earlier, she had just subconsciously struck a few more times. Her master had never told her that this was some sort of incredible divine art though?

“Junior-martial sister Yin, why do you know the divine arts of Lightning Divine Palace?” Xu Nuoyan could not help but ask as well.

“Uh… That’s a problem.” Why did they change the topic so quickly? Weren’t the two lead casts going to continue with their fight?

“Actually…” While Zhu Yao was bitterly thinking about how she was going to bluff her way through, as though responding to her, the sky began to roar out, emitting out several thunders, with each subsequent one becoming louder and louder. The entire skyline began to darken, and heavy tribulation clouds filled the sky. Heavy lightning pressure seemed to be coming from afar, causing a few of the people to have difficulty breathing due to the pressure.

Everyone’s expressions changed. They no longer bothered inquiring about her divine arts, as they went out and looked towards the sky one after another.

WIthin the heavy layers of clouds, lightning continuously flashed. The tumbling tribulation clouds seemed to have covered more than half of the entire Divine Realm’s skyline. That lightning might was clearly several hundreds of miles away, however, it was shockingly dense, as though the lightning bolts concealing themselves within the tribulation clouds, could sweep across the entire continent in an instant.

“Someone is facing a tribulation!” Someone exclaimed.

Everyone’s hearts instantly stiffened. A lightning tribulation that was as vast as this, was another High Deity about to be born in Divine Realm?

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