[Disciple] Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: The Jokester Sent by the Heavens

Zhu Yao had never seen a lightning tribulation that was as vast as this. Not only had the entire sky darkened, even the lightning flashes that were inadvertently leaked from within the tribulation clouds, were carrying lightning might that was comparable to the Ascension Lightning Tribulation.

The tribulation clouds brewed for about seven minutes, before releasing the first tribulation lightning bolt. When that lightning bolt appeared, a large white light instantly engulfed a large portion of the sky. That bolt of… No, it could no longer be considered as merely a ‘bolt’, it was already a large piece of lightning. It struck straight down, instantly lighting up the world which were originally in darkness. As though it had suddenly turned into daytime, the light was so piercing to the eyes, one could hardly open them. Not to mention the might of the Heavenly Dao contained with the tribulation lightning was causing everyone’s bodies to tremble entirely.

The many deities were already sitting on the ground to meditate one after another, as they began to comprehend the Heavenly Dao contained within.

The lightning bolts struck one after another. Although Zhu Yao had always specialized in lightning type divine arts, this was still the first time she had ever seen heavenly lightning of such magnitude. If the tribulation lightning bolts did not just strike the person facing the tribulation, under such an incredible lightning might, she wondered how the Divine Realm would end up after getting struck by them?

She rejoiced in secret, as it was great that she was far away from the scene, allowing her to safely watch this mysterious and great natural spectacle. However, these lightning bolts were a little too thick, as though they were becoming thicker with each and every subsequent bolt. Earlier, it was still the size of a bucket, but now, it was becoming more like a tall tower. Eh… Why did she feel that lightning bolt was getting closer?

Hoho! This must definitely be her imagination…

My ass!

That tribulation lightning bolt, was actually striking closer and closer!

“What’s with this lightning might? Why is it approaching here?” The audience of deities realized this irregularity as well.

“Not good, the tribulation lightning bolts are about to strike here.”

“What do we do?”

Earlier, they were still a hundred miles away, but now, they could already sniff a charred smell. The lightning flashes were approaching as well, as the most recent tribulation lightning had struck straight at the foot of the mountain where the Fluorescent Wind Clan was based at, instantly burning the entire forest into crisp. Within one’s entire field of vision was the eye-piercing white lightning flash.

“Run!” Zhu Yao loudly shouted, and only then did everyone react. One after another, those who flew on their swords, flew on their swords, while those who flew on their tools, flew on their tools, as they scattered in the direction opposite of the lightning tribulation. They were afraid that the next tribulation lightning bolt would strike their own heads. After all, this wasn’t a joke. A lightning might at this level, even if it was a late stage Ink Deity, he might not be able to block the next bolt. One would just be waiting for death if he didn’t run.

Seemingly in a blink of an eye, the entire Fluorescent Wind Clan was completely emptied.

Other than Zhu Yao.

Momma’s egg. She had only just woken up, so she did not even have a single flying sword. She was basically unable to fly.

Cheap mother, what happened to the promise of being the clan’s treasured pearl and precious baby? Come back here!

The lightning might of the lightning tribulation once again strengthened, as a terrifying aura instantly engulfed the entire sky above Fluorescent Wind Clan. The tribulation clouds tumbled, and the next tribulation lightning bolt looked as though it was about to strike. Zhu Yao anxiously ran about in circles. It couldn’t be, right? No one told her that the avatar she connected into this time would only last a single day!

Suddenly, a white figure, flew out from that charred forest. Zhu Yao simply felt her waist tightening, and was then instantly brought into a familiar embrace. Within the ice-cold aura was mixed with a slight scorch, the calm and refreshing atmosphere also contained a little bit of soot as well.

“Barbeque! Ah, pui. Master!” Zhu Yao was seemingly able to recognize the person in front of her at first glance, however, he looked different from his usual calm demeanour. He was currently revealing a trace of fatigue, and even his hair was in a slight mess.

He seemed to be scrutinizing her in a hurry, as he probed. “Yu…”

Out of reflex, Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat, as she hurriedly covered his mouth. Gritting her teeth, she was frustrated about the word he was about to say next earlier. “Yao!”

His tightly-knitted brows gently slackened, and in an instant, his sunken expression had relaxed quite a bit as well. An impulse rose in the depths of his heart, as though there was something he had to do in order to suppress it. Hence, unhesitatingly, he lowered his head, and pressed against the pair of gentle lips in front of his eyes. In an instant, that strange impulse in the depths of his heart finally dissipated to a large extent.

Before Zhu Yao could even have the time to feel shock at this ten-thousand-year shut-in’s sudden enlightenment, Yu Yan simply gave a light peck on her lips, as he then proceeded to instruct her with a stern expression. “Later, stay a little further away from me, and you must not approach at any costs.”

After saying that, with a push of his hand, Zhu Yao was instantly sent a few dozen meters away by a gentle breeze. And the next heavenly lightning bolt, at this very moment, descended down, speeding straight towards Yu Yan.

So the person facing the tribulation was her master!

“Stay there, nothing will happen!” Yu Yan instructed.

Zhu Yao nodded, as she had absolute confidence in her own master. As expected of her own master, he was already facing the lightning tribulation of a High Deity in such a short amount of time. Although he looked a little fatigued, she believed that her master was able to get through this.

The anxiety she had earlier because she was thrown aside without a flying divine artifact, was instantly swept away. Her master said that she would be fine, then she would definitely be…


A gigantic lightning bolt struck towards Yu Yan, and then, in the instant it landed on the ground, it twisted, striking straight onto Zhu Yao’s head.

It was as though she could hear the sound of her trust shattering apart.

“Yu Yao!” Yu Yan’s figure flashed, as he moved towards her.

Zhu Yao, who had already been zapped into black crisp, coughed out a mouthful of black smoke. With dead fish eyes, she looked towards a certain unreliable master, as she faintly threw out these two words. “You liar!” What happened to the promise of being fine? Master, your ‘making a fool out of your disciple’ attribute has levelled up again, right?

“…” Yu Yan did not understand either. Although he had long known of his disciple’s affinity towards lightning spiritual energy had reached a heaven-bending level, he never expected that his own tribulation lightning would actually be guided to her as well? When he ascended back then, he did not see such a situation from her, though? Furthermore… other than her meridians being a little damaged, and her body turning a little charred, she actually did not have any severe injuries!

Just as the next tribulation lightning bolt was about to fall, Yu Yan, however, did not push his disciple to a safe place this time. In any case, to her, it seemed as though there wouldn’t be anywhere safe. Hence, he could only hug his disciple tightly, set down a defensive art, and then used his own cultivation to endure this heavenly lightning bolt alongside her.

However, the heavenly lightning bolts were striking even faster and fiercer, as though they were making desperate attempts to penetrate his defenses. Each subsequent bolt was stronger than the one before, and even Yu Yan was beginning to find it a little hard to defend against them.

Zhu Yao was a little anxious as well. This was her first time seeing her own master having such a powerless moment. Even beads of sweat were showing on his forehead. It could be seen how strong this lightning tribulation was. She did not dare to move. She was lucky with the first bolt, however, she did not dare to say that she could endure a second heavenly lightning bolt. Right now, she could only pray that the lightning bolts would finish zapping as soon as possible. Fortunately, there could only be eighty-one tribulation lightning bolts, as she silently counted in her heart.

Seventy-eight, seventy-nine, eighty, eighty-one!

Zhu Yao revealed a smile, as joy filled her heart. As expected, perseverance was…

Eighty-two, eighty-three, eighty-four…

The hell, what happened to the promised victory? All eighty-one heavenly lightning bolts had already descended! Why were there so many? And they were even striking even faster and harder. A concentrated lightning tribulation like this basically shouldn’t be sustained for this long.


The figure beside her who had been an unmoving mountain, suddenly let out a groan. The defensive art surrounding him shook for a moment as well. There were faint traces of it collapsing, and Zhu Yao simply felt an aching in her heart at that moment. “Master…”

Before she could even speak out her worries, the defensive art, under the tribulation lightning bolt with excessive output, had already shattered resoundingly. Yu Yan instantly embraced her tightly in his chest, and the next heavenly lightning bolt sped straight towards his back.

Zhu Yao’s eyes greatly widened. Looking at the relentless tribulation lightning bolt in the sky, in an instant, flames of fury filled her entire being, burning so much so that she had even forgotten everything. As though she was using every little bit of energy within her body, she loudly shouted. “Enough!”

As though it had heard her voice, the tribulation lightning bolt that was about to land on their bodies, suddenly stopped. Just like that, it abruptly stopped in mid-air, as though it was gigantic physically illogical lamp floating in the sky.

“Is there even an end to your zapping!?” The flames within Zhu Yao had already surged all the way into her head, and she no longer cared about it being a lightning tribulation or whatever. Her mind was filled with the impulse to vent off her anger. “What kind of hatred or grudge do you have against me, to zap me like this? All eighty-one heavenly lightning bolts had already descended, and you’re still zapping! Zap, zap, zap, zap your sister!”

In an instant, the sky was deadly silent, even the rumbling thunder earlier could no longer be heard.

Yu Yan: … (My disciple seemed to have done something incredible?)

Zhu Yao: … (I seemed to have done something incredible.)

An instant later, the lightning bolt that stopped in mid-air, with a pzzh sound, as though the switch had been turned off, suddenly dispersed.


It… seriously ran off after her scolding? Did she obtain some sort of new skill?

Immediately after, a swoosh sound, similar to the sound of something being extinguished, could be heard. Even the constant strands of lightning streaming through the tribulation clouds, had instantly disappeared without a trace. Not even the slightest of lightning flash emitted out ever again.

And then, before the two people could even react.

Huaaa! Rain began to pour. The rain was very mysterious. Clearly, the tribulation clouds had covered the entire sky, yet, the rain only covered a three-step radius around the place where she and her master were standing on, as though it was raining on them on purpose.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Master… It can’t be crying, right?” It was crying because she scolded it?


Yu Yan did not reply, however, the rain above their heads began to pour even more fiercely. If it was just a huge rain earlier, then the amount of rainwater now could bring about a flood. The droplets of water could already be connected into straight lines.

Seriously? Did the tribulation clouds have such frail hearts?

Zhu Yao rubbed the rainwater off her face. She raised her head a little helplessly, and looked towards the tribulation clouds above her. “Stop crying!”

When her words fell, not only did the rain not stop, it instead increased in volume. That could no longer be called rain, but simply a pouring of water.

“I already said to stop crying.”

The volume continued to increase… It seemed like before long, it could even sink the entire Fluorescent Wind Clan under a sea of water.

The hell, my explosive temper isn’t enough to persuade you, is that it!?

“You miscounted your zaps yourself, and you’re blaming on me, is that it? What kind of broken heavenly lightning bolts are you zapping then, huh?”

Before Zhu Yao could even finish, the tribulation clouds in the sky began to scatter. In less than fifteen minutes, it was already a clear sky above them, and the tribulation lightning had completely scattered… Except for the rain, no, the water-pouring tribulation cloud above their heads.

Yu Yan had already silently brought up a barrier to use as an umbrella. Zhu Yao raised her head, and looked at that terribly unhappy tribulation cloud. “Why are you still staying around for?”

The moment her voice fell, the water-pouring instantly stopped. Immediately after, that unhappy tribulation cloud speedily floated off into the distant skies, and as it went off, it scattered rainwater all over the place. If one paid attention, one could hear wailing sounds coming from the direction where the cloud floated off.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened.

You must be a jokester sent down by the heavens, right!?

Yu Yan casually cast a Dirt Removal Art, cleaning the two of them who had already turned into drenched chicken. He looked at the person next to him with a complicated expression. What to do? My stupid disciple seems to have a physique that attracts strange occurrences.

Haah, being a master is such a difficult task!

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