[Disciple] Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: Master has Menopause too

After sending that ridiculous tribulation cloud away, Zhu Yao realized a very serious problem. Fluorescent Wind Clan was destroyed. A former flourishing celestial mountain with blessed lands, had turned into scorched earth. Beautifully designed structures were destroyed and ruined, and a burnt smell permeated in the surrounding air. I’m sorry, cheap mother, I have prodigal habits.

The more important problem was, she suddenly recalled the ending in her precognitive dream. It seemed like due to Mo Xianxian and Xu Nuoyan destroying half of Fluorescent Wind Clan, it brought about the phoenixes, which then proceeded to raze Divine Realm completely into the ground. However, she had now destroyed Fluorescent Wind Clan much earlier than predicted.


She seemed to have smashed this event. I wonder if an apology works?

“Master…” Zhu Yao weakly turned around. “Let me ask you a very stern and serious question.”

“Mn?” Yu Yan turned to face her.

“If… I’m saying if, alright? If we have to fight against God-beasts, more specifically, phoenixes, what’s the chances of victory?”

“Gods?” Yu Yan frowned. Although he did not know why his stupid disciple would ask something like this, he still replied sternly, and seriously. “No chances of victory.”

“…” Police officer, please, listen to my explanation.

“Xin’er!” Clan Master Yin Shi, who finally realized she had thrown aside something, had returned. While she was still on her sword, she had already pounced towards Zhu Yao.

At the instant she was about to come into contact with her, Yu Yan, while hugging his disciple, shifted. In a flash, they had appeared a few dozen meters away. Yu Yan’s brows furrowed. Where did this human trafficker coming to steal his disciple pop out from? A moment later, a cold aura began to spread from his body.

“Who are you?” Yin Shi was shocked at the other party’s level of cultivation. However, worrying about the safety of her own daughter, she coldly said. “Release her.”

The cold aura emitting from Yu Yan’s body became denser. He was not the type to have a good talk in the first place. Now, there’s actually someone else trying to steal his disciple away from him, this sure was a serious matter. With a wave of his hand, he was about to summon a bolt of heavenly lightning.

“Wait a minute!” Zhu Yao leapt out in time, and hugged onto his hand which was about to cast an art. I’m already unfortunate enough today, could the rest of you please stop making it worse? “She’s my mother.”

Yu Yan blanked. He looked at her a little strangely, then turned to look at Yin Shi, before turning to look right back at Zhu Yao. You have a mother?

Hey, hey ,hey! What’s with those eyes of yours? Who doesn’t have a mother of her own?

“Xin’er, come here quickly.” Yin Shi worriedly shouted out, and she began to feel even more worried in her heart. Looking at this situation, it seemed that the person who was facing the tribulation earlier was this man. “This person came to our Fluorescent Wind Clan to face his tribulation on purpose, bringing the tribulation lightning bolts along with him. Who knows what ulterior motives he may have?”

“Uh… Mother, this is a misunderstanding.” Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Looking at situation earlier, the tribulation lightning bolts seemed to be… as though… alright, they were definitely charging right for her. Her master was clearly chasing the tribulation lightning bolts from behind. Heaving a sigh, she nudged a little, motioning to her master to release her. Yu Yan tightly knitted his eyebrows, and only released her a while later.

Zhu Yao said as she walked over. “Mother, this is… my master whom I had just admitted under tutelage to.”

Just? Yu Yan turned his head, and the layer of frost on his face thickened a little.

Zhu Yao trembled. A unique situation calls for unique measures.

Yin Shi pulled her daughter over and inspected her from head to toe. Only then did she drop her guard a little. “Xin’er, how are you? Are you hurt anywhere? Child, why are you so muddle-headed? With such an intense lightning tribulation brewing over us, why did you still stay here?”

But she would have to be able to run away first, right? Why didn’t you give her a transportation artifact to use then?

“Even if it’s admitting under a master’s tutelage, you have to discuss it with mother first, right?” Yin Shi had already guessed that he was definitely the master her daughter spoke of, who had protected her during the lightning tribulation, which resulted to her being unscathed. Hence, the anger she had earlier had dissipated, and she bowed towards Yu Yan. “Thank you, High Deity, for saving my daughter.”

Yu Yan did not reply, instead, he simply nodded. Seeing that she was still holding onto his own disciple without letting her go, his heart was filled with dissatisfaction. With his arms working faster than his brain, he instantly pulled his stupid disciple back to his side. Mn, satisfied!

Then, taking this opportunity, he sent a strand of divine sense towards her, allowing the mark on his disciple’s forehead to reveal itself.

“A personal succeeding imprint!” Seeing the sudden appearance of the mark on her own daughter’s forehead, Yin Shi was startled. She had no objections to her daughter going under a master’s tutelage. After all, her daughter had only just woken up, and did not have any foundation. An additional High Deity as her master could be considered as another form of guarantee. However, her daughter had never cultivated since young, and even if she possessed a divine body due to being deity-born, she was still not really sure of her aptitude. To accept her as his personal succeeding disciple just like that, wasn’t it too hasty? “I wonder which continent High Deity comes from, and how I should address you?”

Yu Yan tightly cupped onto his stupid disciple’s wrist. He recalled that when his disciple took the first tribulation lightning bolt earlier, her meridians were injured. Although it wasn’t very serious, he still inserted a strand of divine energy into her, wanting to restore her meridians. Hence, he answered a little unmindfully.

“Lightning Divine Palace, Yu Yan.”

“What?” This time, Yin Shi was really startled. “Lightning Divine Palace? Is… Is it that Lightning Divine Palace?”

This time, Yu Yan finally placed his line of sight onto Yu Shi, and then, with the same extremely cold tone, he asked. “Are there two Lightning Divine Palaces in this world?”

After saying that, he swept a glance at Zhu Yao. It was already enough for his disciple to be stupid, why was her mother too…

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Hey, hey, hey. What’s with that crooked expression of yours?

“So it’s actually a High Deity from Lightning Divine Palace.” Yin Shi was in absolute joy. Her own daughter had actually been admitted into Lightning Divine Palace, wasn’t that a little too fantastical? Wasn’t it said that the disciples of Lightning Divine Palace had always been selected from the Lower Realm, and they had never taken in disciples from Divine Realm?

In an instant, she felt as though her Fluorescent Wind Clan being destroyed was no longer a big deal. Wasn’t it just a few buildings? The disciples under her clan did not suffer any injuries, and they could always rebuild them in a blink of an eye. For her daughter to be able to enter the Lightning Divine Palace, it could be said to be heavenly fortune. “I am grateful that High Deity fancies my daughter. From today onwards, I hope that High Deity will take great care of my daughter.”

“Mn.” She indeed needed to be taken care of greatly.

Zhu Yao: “…”

“From this point on, she will be my personal succeeding disciple.” Yu Yan said with a solemn voice. Since his disciple wanted to express that she was newly admitted, then he had no choice but to repeat the words he said back then when he first took her in. “Entering under my tutelage, you will succeed the Daoist name ‘Yu’. From this moment onwards, you will be called Yu…”

With fast reflexes, Zhu Yao quickly covered his mouth, gritted her teeth and said. “Yao!”

Yu Yan pulled down her hand, and instantly, his expression sank a little.

What’s with that regretful look of yours? As I thought, the name “Desire” was something you came up with on purpose, right!?

“High Deity…” Naturally, Yin Shi saw that impolite action from her own daughter. For a moment, she was a little embarrassed. However, seeing that the person in question did not look as though he minded, for a moment, she did not know what she should say.

“Mother!” Zhu Yao took a step back, tidied up her clothes, and then, recalled the serious matter she had to take care of. “I have a very important question to ask. Is there any unique artifact within Fluorescent Wind Clan?” If her guess was correct, there would definitely be something that the Phoenix Race needed in Fluorescent Wind Clan.

“Unique artifact?” Yin Shi blanked, as she did not understand why her daughter would suddenly bring this up.

“That’s right, like for example… an object related to the God Race?”

Yin Shi shook her head. “The God Race has long been extinct. Currently, in the Three Realms, the shadows of the God Race had long disappeared. And, when a God Artifact emerges, there will naturally be the occurrence of an abnormal phenomenon. If our clan possesses a God Artifact, how can it be possible for it to be unknown to everyone else? Why did you bring this up?”

To save the world! Zhu Yao felt like crying. “I naturally have my own thoughts. Mother, can you think about it a little more? Is there really nothing at all? Especially if it’s… related to phoenixes.”

“Phoenixes?” Yin Shi pondered deeply for a moment, before answering. “The only thing our clan has that is related to phoenixes, is our clan’s insignia.” She pulled up her own sleeves, and pointed at the design printed on it. “Our Fluorescent Wind Clan’s insignia, is the outline of a phoenix.”

Zhu Yao pulled up her own sleeves to take a look. As she had said, her own clothes were embroidered with a simplified diagram of a phoenix as well.

Then what was the phoenixes looking for? Zhu Yao was confused. As she pondered deeply about the large masses of questions in the depths of her heart, she was worried that the phoenixes would slaughter their way towards Divine Realm at any given moment.

The disciples that had scattered all over due to the lightning tribulation earlier, had all begun to fly back one after another. All of them gathered themselves at the center of the charred piece of land where the ruins of the former Fluorescent Wind Clan stood. Yin Shi had already begun to instruct the disciples to clear the debris.

“This is the first time High Deity is paying a visit. However with the current situation… For our Fluorescent Wind Clan’s bad reception, I seek High Deity for your forgiveness.” Yin Shi courteously said.

“No matter.” Yu Yan completely lacked the self-consciousness that he was also one of the culprits behind this miserable state, as he calmly said. “I’m bringing her back to Lightning Divine Palace.”

“Ah?” Yin Shi was unable to react at all. She did not have the intention to chase him away at all.

Yu Yan, however, had already turned to look towards Zhu Yao who seemed to be thinking of something still, as he called out. “Yu Yao.”

“Ou.” Zhu Yao habitually reached out his hand.

Yu Yan lightly held onto it, and then, grabbed onto Zhu Yao as they flew into the air. Just as they were about to leave, a man dressed in wedding attire came flying towards them from the front.

“Junior-martial sister Xin’er.” Xu Nuoyan stopped in front of them with a worried expression, and looked at her from head to toe. “It’s great that you’re alright. I have been worried about you.”

Zhu Yao frowned. In an instant, a strange sensation rose from the depths of her heart. This Xu Nuoyan was a little too passionate towards her, right? They seemed to have only met for the second time.

“Mn… Fellow deity Xu.” Since she had already entered Lightning Divine Palace, naturally, she couldn’t address him as senior-martial brother.

“Junior-martial sister Xin’er…” The smile on Xu Nuoyan’s face stiffened, and his eyes sank a little. Glancing at Yu Yan next to her, his face revealed a slightly heartbroken expression. “Regarding the incident earlier, does junior-martial sister not believe your senior-martial brother?”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao blanked. What are you talking about?

Xu Nuoyan’s expression turned even more bitter than before, as he said with an anxious tone. “Junior-martial sister, listen to me. That person and I…”

“Move!” Before he could even finish, he was interrupted by Yu Yan’s cold voice. The eyes he was looking at his disciple with, he didn’t like them at all.

Hence, after his voice fell, the pressure of a High Deity came pressing down towards him. Xu Nuoyan’s figure flashed. He instantly fell off from his divine sword, and landed straight into the charred land below. Due to the suppression in levels, he even sank deep into the soil. Like a stamp pressing down on an inkpad, a perfect human structure was formed.

Zhu Yao: …

“Master, has your menopause arrived?”

“Mn?” A cold aura emitted from his body.

“No… Nothing. Master, you’re heroic, domineering, a unifier of the continent spanning over a thousand generations.”

“…” She’s spouting nonsense again.

Yu Yan did not stay any longer. As he flew in the direction of the Lightning Divine Palace, he asked. “What’s the matter regarding the Phoenix Race?”

And Zhu Yao was here waiting for him to ask about it! Just as she was about to tell him about the bug this time in order to have him help analyse this problem, an intense pain suddenly came from her chest, as though her organs were being ripped towards a particular direction by someone. She could not bear the pain at all, as she puked out a large mouthful of blood.

“Yu Yao?” Yu Yan stopped, as he was frightened by his disciple’s sudden situation.

The ripping sensation on Zhu Yao’s body felt even more intense, and her vision began to blur. Not to mention, the direction of this ripping seemed to be coming from…

“Master… Return… Return to Fluorescent… Wind Clan…”

In the next moment, she had already completely submerged into darkness.

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