[Disciple] Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: A Bowl of Egg Drop Soup

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Wasn’t this a little too sloppy? When she wanted hope, she started to emit light, and when she wanted a map, a navigation system popped out. And what’s with this Ren Woxing? Does that make me Invincible in the East?

Giving me whatever I want… Heavens, when did you start granting people whatever they desire?

Zhu Yao’s direction of thoughts changed. She wondered if she picked something else, would it be fulfilled as well? Hence, she instantly began to think of various necessities. Hamburgers, spicy gluten, stinky tofu, master…

A moment later.

Nothing happened…

Alright, as expected, she was too naive.

She once again looked at that empty destination box. After pondering for a moment, she said the word ‘exit’.

The string of words in the air flashed, and another line instantly popped out.

Beginning navigation, please wait…

Map is now loading…

10%… 20%… 30%… 40%…

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. It really was an actual navigation system.

90%… 100%…

“Ren Woxing of the Three Realms” Navigation System welcomes you! Navigation begins below.

Take ten steps forward.

Flips table. What’s with this ‘ten steps’? Shouldn’t it be calculated with the metric system? And currently, she was an egg, she basically did not have legs, alright!? How would she know how far was ten steps!?

She really wanted to spit on this Navigation System’s face.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment. She herself was incapable of walking, but the child could. She could guide where the child would walk.

Hence, she once again rolled forward. As expected, when the child saw that the egg wanted to move again, he instantly stood up.

This time, Zhu Yao did not roll at the front like before, instead, she circled to the back of the child, and pushed him forward, while attentively counting the number of his steps. After he walked all ten steps, she then rolled in front of him, blocking his path.

A moment later, the navigation system’s hint instantly changed.

Turn left, and walk five steps.

Once again, Zhu Yao immediately pushed the child to the direction stated and had him continue walking. Just like that, the journey later on could still be considered a success.

But there’s one thing she’s concerned with…

What with these hints becoming more and more irritating?

What’s ‘walk a forked road at the front’? What’s ‘walk forward while making a wavy shape’? And what’s ‘walk forward while making a Z-shape?’

Then, what about making an S-shape, and then, a B-shape next, huh!?

Zhu Yao threw retorts over and over again, however, she had no choice but to continue walking according to the hints. She did not know just how long she walked in these irritating manners either, but she had felt dog-tired ages ago. Finally, the words ‘You have reached your destination’ appeared on the navigation system.

Zhu Yao looked around for a moment. The surroundings were still completely dark, and basically nothing that could be called an exit had appeared.

The hell, what happened to the promised exit?

Thank you for using “Ren Woxing of the Three Realms” Navigation System. Goodbye! Please leave a good review!

Good review, your sister! Are you making fun of me!? Get back here!

The string of white words flashed, and then, as though it had been turned off, there were no longer any words popping out.

Fury boiled in Zhu Yao’s heart. Just as she was about to curse out, suddenly, a brilliant white light shone from the back, lighting up more than half of the entire dark sky. When Zhu Yao turned to take a look, on the ground that she and the child had walk passed, it was emitting out flashes of white light.

That’s… a formation!

From the path they walked on earlier, a formation was actually formed! The light grew closer, and in an instant, it had already spread to their feet. The two of them were then enveloped by that white light.

“Egg!” The child anxiously shouted out.

In the next moment, the scenery in front of her eyes changed. She saw a cliff that blocked her entire vision, with a mix of black and red colours, it emitted out a dense charred smell.

What was this place?

Before Zhu Yao could even be stunned, she felt empty beneath her feet, and she began to fall straight down. Feeling a blazing hot air blowing from below, when she turned to take a look, what she was fiery red lava constantly burning and tumbling about. Occasionally, it would even emit out one or two bubbles.

This was actually a volcano, and that teleportation formation had sent her right inside one! And right in the air at that!

Momma’s egg. Freaking navigation system, can’t you be a little more reliable!? Poor review! I’m giving an absolute zero star review!

If she were to fall down like this, it would be strange if she wouldn’t be cooked! Most likely, the next time this volcano were to explode, what it would spurt out would not be lava, but egg drop soup!

Save me!

A sharp long caw sounded. Zhu Yao simply felt something clenching onto her egg shell, and the moment she was about to fall into the lava, she was grabbed by something else. No longer feeling the acceleration from free fall, she was brought flying upwards.

That was a bird, a bird enveloped in flames, and its tail was even covered with feathers of varied colours.

A phoenix!

Zhu Yao was stunned. This phoenix wasn’t huge, and did not seem to be like the four which she saw in her dream back then. This one was just a little larger than her egg-body. Its two claws were tightly grabbing onto Zhu Yao, and it seemed to be really struggling with its flight. It used a large amount of energy before it finally flew out of the volcano.

Only then did it place Zhu Yao on the ground. The fiery red bird emitted out a red light, instantly turning back into its human form. It was actually the child that had been with her. He was actually a phoenix!

“Eh? Why is a brat from the Phoenix Clan here?” Suddenly, a man’s voice sounded from behind, carrying a hint of doubt.

That person was youthful man, walking over with a smiling face. Even though he was walking on the volcano filled with ash, he still carried a royal demeanour.

The child was startled for a moment, before he could even rest, he instantly went over to tightly hug Zhu Yao. Raising his guard, he watched the man in the silk robe behind him.

Though, when that man saw his action, his straight brows lightly furrowed. His initial face which carried a slight smiling intent, instantly turned stern. “What are you hugging?”

The child did not reply, and instead, anxiously retreated.

The man stared intensely at the egg in his hands, and the longer he looked, the more widened his eyes became. His face revealed a furious expression, and he said with a sharp voice. “Release that egg, and I will let you live.”

The child did not listen to him at all. Suddenly, he transformed into his original form, and carrying Zhu Yao, he once again flew into the skies.

“Stop there!” The man broke into fury. In a flash, a gigantic azure dragon rose from the ground, and came chasing after the little phoenix.

Emitting out a dragon roar, his voice instantly resounded through the clouds.

Zhu Yao and her little companion were both dumbfounded.

A dragon!

That man was actually a dragon. What was going on? Having a phoenix appear was surprising enough, but now, a dragon came out as well. Were the Gods commonly seen around here?

This wasn’t the most shocking part. Following after his draconic roar, suddenly, similar roars came from the surroundings, as though they were responding to his. The entire heaven and earth were filled with the overwhelming roars. The child, was after all, still a little phoenix. Under the shock of those resounding dragon roars, he had long lost all his energy and begun to fall towards the ground.

Zhu Yao began to fall with him as well. However, what she saw was shining figures one after another, gathering here from all directions. After taking a careful look, they were actually dragons of various sizes. There’s green, purple, and various other colours of dragons currently flying towards them.

Even among the layers of clouds above them, there were several gigantic dragon heads protruding out.

The hell, she couldn’t be seeing an illusion, right?

Dragon, dragon, dragon…

Why were there so many dragons?

That azure dragon from the beginning, successfully caught onto the two of them who constantly descended. Hugging onto the egg-shaped Zhu Yao with one hand, he carried the child by his tattered collar on the other, as though he was trying to pull the child away from the egg. Yet, he still hugged onto Zhu Yao without letting go. The azure dragon worked hard for a long while, yet, he was still unable to have him release his hands.

“Ao Jiang, what happened?” The dragons which had rushed over had all turned into their human forms, completely surrounding the two of them. Zhu Yao did a rough count, and she realized there was actually about a hundred people.

“I saw this little one from the Phoenix Clan coming out from Dragon Mountain, and in his hands, he was hugging…” Along with the child, he carried the egg, and raised it up for the rest of the dragons to see.

“This is…” All of the dragons were startled, and their eyes towards the child instantly carried immense fury.

“What boldness. He actually dares to run to our Dragon Mountain to steal our eggs.”

“What’s the intent of the Phoenix Clan? Are they trying to start a war?”

“If it’s a war they want, then so be it. Don’t have them think that our clan is afraid of them.”

“To dare steal our children, we must definitely make them pay.”

“Right, right…”

The numerous dragons began to shout out their condemnations. Zhu Yao then understood the situation. So they actually thought that this little phoenix had stolen their child.

“Brat, just who sent you here?” Ao Jiang picked up the child and coldly interrogated. The child did not reply, and instead struggled with all the strength remaining in his body, while still hugging onto Zhu Yao without letting her go. Occasionally, he would even turn into his original form and desperately attack Ao Jiang. His pair of eyes were crimson red, looking as though he was crazed.

Zhu Yao’s heart ached from watching this. He had only just left the place that was filled with devilish energy, and this child’s state of mind had yet to recover, so naturally, he basically couldn’t hear their words. With just a slight stimulation, he would fall into a state of insanity. Currently, in the depths of his heart, he most likely only held onto a single thought, and that was to protect her well and prevent her from taking her away.

Ao Jiang then seemed to have cast some sort of art, as a set of glowing chains instantly bound the child. The more he struggled, the tighter the chains became. A moment later, there were no longer traces of redness on the child’s body.

The hell, are you still human!? Zhu Yao was instantly enraged. She simply felt unknown flames surging up from her chest, as though something was being released from the depths of her body. Her entire egg shell began to light up again, but this time, it was a red light instead of white.

Ao Jiang simply felt something burning in his embrace. Trembling, he released Zhu Yao, however, more than half of his silk robe had been completely burned off. The restraints on the child’s body instantly shattered as well.

Zhu Yao retracted the red light, and began rolling back into the child’s embrace. This time, he hugged her even more tightly, as all four of his limbs were now wrapping the egg shell. Mechanically, he chanted. “Egg… Egg… Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!”

“This…” Ao Jiang was dumbfounded. He had never seen a dragon egg that could emit light.

“There’s something strange about this matter.” Among the crowd of dragons, a slightly elderly man walked out. “First, head over to Dragon Mountain and check the number of children there.”

Instantly, a dragon beside him changed into his original form, and flew into the volcano where Zhu Yao fell into earlier. A moment later, he flew back. “To reply Elder, there are no mistakes in the number of our children. There’s a total of twelve of them, no more and no less!”

When these words fell, all of the dragons were stunned, and they all unconsciously turned to look at the child who was hugging onto the egg.

Then where did this egg come from?

“Elder, this…” Ao Jiang took a step forward.

That elderly man shook his head. With a stern expression, he looked at Zhu Yao, and his brows deeply furrowed. “I’m afraid… within this egg, it might not be a child of our Dragon Clan.”

“How is that possible?” Ao Jiang instinctively refuted. There’s clearly a God’s aura within the egg, and among the God Races, other than their Dragon Clan, which else were born through eggs?

“Ao Jiang, invite Feng Xishan over. Have the Patriarch of Phoenix Clan personally make a trip here.”

“The Phoenix Clan? Why?”

His expression sank. “This egg is brought out by this phoenix, so it’s naturally a matter concerning the Phoenix Clan. Hurry and go.”

“Yes!” Only then did Ao Jiang change into his dragon form, and flew towards the sky.

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