[Disciple] Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Chicken Egg, Duck Egg, Century Egg

The so-called God Races, referred to the four races of God-beasts – Dragon Race, Phoenix Race, Qilin Race and Black Tortoise Race. Other than Black Tortoise which was an existence acting as the cornerstone of the world, and had only appeared once during the beginning of the world, the other three God Races had formed their own clans. Among them, only the dragons were given birth through eggs, and the qilins were viviparous. As for phoenixes…

Hoho, they did not give birth.

The reason why phoenixes were called immortal birds, were because at the moment of their deaths, their bodies would turn into flames, and then, they would reborn from the ashes. Hence, they basically would not have problems such as lack of population, after all, they couldn’t die. However, with every rebirth, the phoenixes would lose their former memories and revert back to chicks. The parent-child relationship among the phoenixes, were determined by the first person they see right after their rebirth. In other words, it’s the so-called imprinting phenomenon.

When the Dragon Clan informed the Phoenix Clan, the Patriarch came over really quickly. Zhu Yao had thought that the person would be an uncle, but it turned out to be an auntie.

Unexpectedly, the auntie did not look at that shaky egg, but instead, instantly went to hug onto the bony child and began to cry her lungs out. As she cried, she called out. “Shao’er, Shao’er…”

So it turned out that this child was actually her second son, Shaobai! Two years ago, he fell into the Nether Abyss, and never did she expect that he would reappear here.

Zhu Yao evidently sensed that there was something off with everyone’s expressions when the auntie spoke of the Nether Abyss, as they looked at the child in disbelief. As the auntie was able to find back her son, she was really happy. However, the child was evidently unappreciative of it. Other than giving her a single glance when she appeared, no matter what she said after that, he didn’t budge and continued to hug tightly onto Zhu Yao.

Only then did the auntie notice the egg. However, even after discussing with the dragon clansmen, no one knew just what kind of egg she was.

The Dragon Clan felt that among the four great God Races, only dragons were hatched through eggs, so inside the egg, it should undoubtedly be a dragon. However, the dragons always had difficulties giving birth, hence, they would always pay utmost attention to every single dragon egg. Not to mention, with every production of a dragon egg, a mystic phenomenon would definitely surface between the heavens and earth. In these recent ten thousand years or so, there had only been twelve of such mystic phenomenon. In other words, the number of eggs that should exist, should only be twelve. A situation where one was being left out was basically impossible.

The auntie of the Phoenix Clan felt that this was a phoenix egg. Although they had never laid eggs, that did not mean that, they wouldn’t be able to, right? If all phoenixes had all relied on resurrecting from the ashes to live on, then, where did the first ever phoenix in the world come from? Not to mention, among the bird-type creatures and species in the world, didn’t all of them lay eggs?

Not only was this a phoenix egg, there was a possibility that this was an opportunity bestowed to the Phoenix Clan by the Heavenly Dao. An opportunity for them to procreate like the other races other than by resurrecting from the ashes.

There was a portion of them who thought that this might be an egg of a Black Tortoise. Although no one had actually seen a Black Tortoise, it was still one of the four God-beasts along with the other three. This sounded logical, and most probably, it’s an opportunity for the Black Tortoises to make a reappearance.

Everyone believed that their own words were logical. The God Races had always found difficulty with procreation, every child was extremely precious to them. Hence, both parties wished that this egg which had suddenly appeared was their own clansman.

As for the Qilin…

In any case, they weren’t here right now, so there’s no need for them to be part of this. The two clans ignored them in a very understanding manner.

In the end, after a long discussion, investigation, and argument between the two Patriarchs, they came into an agreement. The decision would be made after it hatches. No matter was it a chicken egg, a duck egg, or a century egg, after looking at the child after it hatches, then it would be entirely clear.

Regarding who would be in-charge of hatching the egg, the Dragon Clan was unable to compete for it. Because at that point in time, they did not possess the skill necessary. The dragon eggs had always been placed in the volcano, allowing them to hatch under the natural high temperatures. Because the hatching territory was specifically chosen by the Dragon Clan, and each of their babies had its own settings targeting its needs, there were formations that increased temperatures purposefully laid there.

Because the content within this egg was still unknown, this method evidently could not be used.

Hence, the egg-hatching work was handed to the Phoenix Clan.

That’s right, auntie was planning to bring the egg home to hatch it.

When Zhu Yao imagined herself being sat on by a huge phoenix’s buttocks every single day, she felt uncomfortable all over.

At the key moment, it was still her little friend Shaobai who made a critical impact. Because… He wouldn’t let go!

No matter who it was trying to persuade him, be it uncle, auntie, bros, oh, they were her little friend Shaobai’s father, mother, and big brothers of course, in the end, even when his little brother, who was said to be two hundred years younger than him, came, he still tightly hugged onto the egg without letting go.

Auntie had inspected her little friend Shaobai’s injuries while they were at the Dragon Clan’s territory back then, and his injuries were very severe. His fundamental core was damaged, and devilish energy had already infiltrated his divine sense region. Logically speaking, in such a state, it would have been impossible for him to stay alive. Yet, her little friend Shaobai still pulled through. However, he still refused to be healed, as though other than the egg in his embrace, he couldn’t hear the voice of anyone else.

Zhu Yao sighed. Her little friend Shaobai’s wounds were not just limited to his physical body. The injury to his heart was even more serious.

In the end, auntie had no choice but to treat his wounds while he was hugging the egg. After a few days of recuperation, hint of redness finally returned to her little friend Shaobai’s face. However, Zhu Yao simply grew even more tired as time went by. The egg shell which was still able to glow like a light bulb before, could no longer emit out even the slightest bit of light.

Even her consciousness was becoming a little blurry. Initially, she had only been worried about her little friend Shaobai’s injuries, and had been forcing herself to wait till his injuries were completely healed. However, nothing could stop her eyelids from becoming heavier and heavier.

Faintly, she heard auntie talking to her little friend Shaobai in a very flustered manner.

And then, Shaobai transformed into his original form. His figure, compared to the time at the volcano, was more beautiful than before, and even his rainbow coloured tail was emitting out a gentle glow. Spreading out his pair of wings, he embraced Zhu Yao under his gigantic wings. It was as though her body was soaked in hot water, and she felt exceptionally warm.

She could no longer endure her sleepiness, and finally, she completely sank into darkness.

When Zhu Yao opened her eyes, she saw a face beaming with smiles right above her head. That was a middle-aged uncle, and he was no more than a palm distance away from her. His expression was very gentle, just like a stream of water, causing people to unconsciously relax their guard.

Seeing that she had opened her eyes, the uncle’s smile grew even deeper.

She was a little dumbfounded, as she realized that she was no longer in that egg. Raising her hands, her sleeves were embroidered with the phoenix insignia which was characteristic of Fluorescent Wind Clan. Just what was going on?

“You are?” She had never seen the person in front of her before, however, she could sense the immense amount of goodwill coming from his body.

The uncle smiled. He did not reply, and instead, hinted her to reach out her hand.

Zhu Yao stretched out her accordingly. The uncle bluntly cupped her wrist and carefully inspected her pulse for a moment, before he satisfyingly nodded. Then, he reached out his hand towards her head, and gently patted on it with a loving expression.

As though he was quietly consoling her not to be afraid.

Looking at his expression that was as benignant as that, Zhu Yao recalled a proverb. ‘A father’s love was comparable to a mountain.’

“Dad… Ah, pui! Senior, mind if I ask something? Where is this place?” Zhu Yao inspected the room for a moment. Other than a table and the bed she was lying on, there wasn’t any other furniture. This setup was rather familiar.

The uncle did not answer, instead, he suddenly passed over a cup of water.

Zhu Yao’s throat was dry in the first place, so she accepted it. “Thank you.”

Guruguru, she finished it with a few gulps. Just as she was about to continue with her questions.

That guy once again passed her a fruit. That fruit was entirely red like an apple, yet, it emitted out a rich amount of divine energy, looking absolutely delicious.

Hence, she did not hesitate to receive it either. “Thanks.”

He still simply gave the gentle smile. The fruit was absolutely juicy, and the moment she bit into it, the taste gushed out.

The uncle then kindly passed her a piece of cloth.

“Uh… Thank you.” Zhu Yao simply took it, and she seemed to have only been saying this same line the entire time.

After finishing the fruit, he then passed a plate of dessert, which was more fragrant than the fruit.

Zhu Yao did not hold back and received it.

After that, were various preserved fruits, candied fruits, and sweets that she had never eaten before…

When she regained her senses, she was already bloated.

Yet, the uncle still continued to feed her various types of delicacies. For every single dish she ate, his eyes would brighten a little more.

Only then did Zhu Yao recall something important.

Uncle, who are you?

“Are you awake?” A white figure suddenly appeared at the door.

“Master!” The person who entered was none other than Yu Yan. Her master finally thought of picking her disciple up? This time, he was so late! I’m giving you a poor review!

With quick steps, he walked over. Sitting by the bedside, he grabbed onto her hand and began to check on her pulse. It was unknown if it was an unconscious act, but the instant he sat down, he seemed to have pushed that uncle to the side, instantly squeezing him towards a corner.

After checking for a while and confirming that there wasn’t any problems with his disciple, Yu Yan heaved a sigh of relief. Turning around, he looked at the man with the same gentle smile, who had been squeezed to the other side of the bed.

Frowning, he said with extreme unwillingness. “Thank you, master.”

“Eh?” It can’t be!

So he wasn’t an uncle, nor was he her dad. He was actually her grandmaster. Shouldn’t her grandmaster be white-haired and more sage-like? For example, the look the Floor Master used for official purposes?

Was it really alright for him to be this lovable and cute?

The uncle stood up, and did not reply to Yu Yan either. He looked at the two people with the same face that was filled with smiles, and then, he reached out his hand to pat on Zhu Yao’s head. In a flash, his figure disappeared, leaving behind a pile of snacks.

“Uh…” Was this person who was enthusiastic in feeding his juniors, really her grandmaster? It’s definitely because of a mistake with how she woke up, right?

“Your injuries were overly serious, and you were unconscious for three months.” Yu Yan gently said.

“Injuries?” Wasn’t she just asleep? She clearly remembered turning into an egg, and then, sleeping in someone’s embrace while waiting to be hatched. Just when was she injured?

Yu Yan frowned, before he gently said. “Back then, when we left. Your organs were unknowingly damaged, and your meridians were severed. Even your divine sense region was just about to collapse.”

“Wait a minute.” ‘When we left’? Where were they headed to? Zhu Yao was a little confused. Suddenly, she made a daring guess. “Where are we?”

“The place where you had me bring you. This is naturally Fluorescent Wind Clan.”

Fluorescent Wind Clan?

“Your body seemed to have been cast with a unique binding art, forbidding you from leaving Fluorescent Wind Clan.” Yu Yan’s expression was a little sunken. Back then, when he brought his disciple away, her divine sense was an inch away from collapsing, injuries strangely appeared all around her body, and they were even worsening as time went by. However, the moment they returned to Fluorescent Wind Clan, this situation stopped.

Zhu Yao blanked, and she instantly summoned a water mirror. In the mirror, what reflected was a girl with the looks of a teenager, and was quite similar to a person she recognized.

Yin Xin. She actually turned back to her Version 6.0 Yin Xin! Wasn’t she dead?

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