[Disciple] Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: Introduction Cutscene

Zhu Yao returned to being Yin Xin, her Version 6.0 avatar, and the Gods still only existed in legends. Then, what was going on with the dragons that filled the sky, carrying much sense of presence, and the phoenix she saw back then? Were they all illusions? She suddenly felt as though she had finally managed to beat a boss, only to have the developers making an announcement of a rollback scheduled in a few minutes.

And she realized that she had an additional debuff on her body.

She had been restricted by a divine art which even uncle grandmaster had never seen before, preventing her from leaving a hundred miles away from Fluorescent Wind Clan.

As an experienced shut-in, she had no qualms about not leaving her house, but the main point was, she still had a quest to complete though? Since she had returned to being Yin Xin, then the bug before still had to be fixed. Initially, she had wanted to first clear up the misunderstanding between Mo Xianxian and Fluorescent Wind Clan. However, the scenario had never progressed in the direction she predicted since the very beginning. Fluorescent Wind Clan had already been rolled over much earlier than expected. Although not a single personnel had died, it was still similar to what Mo Xianxian would have done, and even worse than that.

Unexpectedly, she had been unconscious for three months, however, the four phoenixes that would raze the Divine Realm to the ground had yet to appear. Did that mean she had not failed the quest yet, and the bug could still be fixed?

And she had suddenly turned into that egg. She clearly remembered every detail of that incident, yet now, it felt as though she simply had a dream, and when she woke up, the Gods had still not re-emerged yet. With a mind-burning development like this, she felt that her intelligence wasn’t enough at all.

As for these matters which she couldn’t understand, Zhu Yao decided… not to think about them.

After laying on the bed for three months, it’s about time for her to head out for some fresh air.

However, the moment she pushed on the door, she felt like she had been transported to another world again.

With trembling fingers, she pointed at the patch of grass in front of her. “Master… What’s that unknown living creature that looks like a white furball?”

“Rabbit.” Yu Yan still had that unchanging expressionless look.

“Then what’s that green ball-like thing with wings on top of that tree?”

“Bird.” Yu Yan continued to answer.

“That colourful ball over there?”


“That brown round pillar-like thing over there?”


“Then what about that pig with a long tail over at the hillside?”

“That’s a horse!”

Stop joking around. That’s a horse? Was there any horse that would have a belly so fat that it could literally touch the ground? How did all the animals transform in just three months? Sweeping a single glance around her surroundings, every single one was freshly and finely fat, limitlessly nearing the shape of a ball. Especially that celestial crane in the sky. Stop forcing yourself to fly. Aren’t your little wings tired? Being as round as you are, you’re about to fall already, hey.

Alright, it had already fallen down.

Yu Yan sighed, before explaining. “Master raised them.”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao was startled. Her grandmaster raised them? Who could raise their animals to such an extent? His ancestors must had owned a pig farm, right?

As she thought of this, a white figure flew over from the distant sky, and a moment later, he landed in front of them. That person was precisely the uncle who was filled with fatherly love.

Yu Yan nodded to him, and greeted. “Master.”

“Dad… Ah pui. grandmaster.” Their temperament was too similar. It was all out of pure conditional reflex.

A large cloth bag was carried by her grandmaster’s shoulders, and his smile was still as kind and warm as before. Suddenly, with a swing, he placed the bag down and opened it. He then proceeded to taking out a celestial fruit, and handed it to Zhu Yao.

“For me?” Zhu Yao blanked.

Uncle grandmaster still did not speak, and simply smiled even more warmly.

Zhu Yao stared at that fresh and juicy celestial fruit, and then, turned to look at those unique ‘pig’-shaped living creatures all around her. The corner of her lips twitched. She did not want to become as fresh and refined as them.

“Hoho… Thank you, grandmaster. But… it’s fine. I don’t like to eat fruits.”

Uncle grandmaster smiled, and then, once again, continued to pull out desserts, confectioneries, and various snacks… With large assortments of delicacies in his hand, one simply had to name it, and he would have it. With sparkling eyes, he passed them to her with intentions filled with love.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt her belly aching. Logically speaking, she was his junior, and she should humbly accept the things that her senior was giving her. And her master had said that her grandmaster had especially come out of Lightning Divine Tower in order to treat her injuries. But… She weakly looked towards Yu Yan at the side. Master, save me. I don’t want to become a pig.

“Master…” Probably because Zhu Yao’s eyes were filled with too much bitterness, Yu Yan received her request for help. “Yu Yao currently has a divine physique, and had long abstained from food.”

Uncle grandmaster was startled for a moment. After giving Zhu Yao another glance, he let out a long sigh. With an expression filled with regret, he gave up on feeding her, and reached out his hand to pat on her head. After organizing his bag well, he turned and happily walked to the rest of the animals.

“Master…” Was this really her grandmaster?

“Master simply likes to feed people food.” Yu Yan replied with a calm look. Turning his head, he looked towards the top of his disciple’s head, where his teacher had patted on, and his brows gradually furrowed.

It’s not that he likes to feed people food, but rather, he likes to feed pigs, right? I have a grandmaster that likes to feed others, what should I do?

“Master does not like to speak too much. If you don’t like to eat, you can simply refuse.” He could not help but reach out his hand to stroke his disciple’s head. Stroke, stroke, and stroke and stroke…

“Is that alright?”

“No matter.”





“Can you not mess up my hair?” This habit of stroking someone else’s hair was a tradition that was passed down as well, right?


On the second day after Zhu Yao woke up, uncle grandmaster returned to Lightning Divine Palace. In the first place, he came out simply to treat Zhu Yao’s injuries. Since she had already recovered, then naturally, he had to head back now that his mission was accomplished. On the day he left, those ball-shaped creatures in the yard were all very unhappy, as they came to send him off altogether, and had even chased after him for several hundred meters. Especially that plump celestial crane with its floppy wings, which fell down from the sky time and time again, only to pick itself back up and chase after him again and again. That scene where it sent him off eighteen miles away was simply too touching.

Zhu Yao waved the handkerchief in her hand. Grandmaster, you can be at ease. These fat animals which you have raised, I will definitely eat them all.

In the period of time she was unconscious, the reconstruction of Fluorescent Wind Clan had already been completed. This efficiency and speed, when Zhu Yao took a glimpse of it, had even gave her a shock. Other than a few charred and bent trees that could occasionally been found at the bottom of the mountain, traces of the place being burnt down once before could no longer be seen.

Other than the place she lived in.

The place where she and her master lived in was a floating mountain above Fluorescent Wind Clan’s main mountain, named Dawnfall Peak. Positioned at the very center of the divine pulse, it was the place with the richest divine energy, and was also the place she first awakened at. However, she clearly remembered that it was an exquisite and beautiful pagoda back then. Although it wasn’t big, at the very least, it could be considered as a luxurious villa. But, why did it turn into the current straw cottage? Could it be that the reconstruction of Fluorescent Wind Clan did not include Dawnfall Peak? At the very least, she was still the second generation of the rich, right!?

And it’s already been several days since she woke up, yet, not a single person from Fluorescent Wind Clan had come to look for her, including her cheap mother Yin Shi. What happened to the promise of being a precious daughter?

In response to her doubts, Yu Yan simply replied with two words. “Too noisy!”

“Ah?” What did he mean?

He did not reply, instead, with a gentle wave of his sleeves, a red glow lighted up in the boundaries surrounding Dawnfall Peak.

“A formation!?” Zhu Yao was startled. The corner of her lips twitched, and she said. “Master, you couldn’t have set an isolation formation on Dawnfall Peak, right?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan calmly nodded. He was completely unconscious of the fact that he had acted wilfully on someone else’s land.

No wonder no one had come to see her.

“I want to meet my mother.” After all, she was her mother. She had to at least tell that she was safe.

“You want me to dispel the formation?” Yu Yan strangely glanced at her.

Zhu Yao nodded. “This place is after all Fluorescent Wind Clan.” It wasn’t good to stop the owner from coming in, right?

“Yu Yao, by now, everyone knows that you’re a disciple of our Lightning Divine Palace. Hence, there hasn’t been people coming over. However, there are several letters left outside.”

Letters? Those paper cranes? “Aren’t they just letters? I can take a look at them later. Dispel the formation then.”

Yu Yan gave her another glance. Under Zhu Yao’s constant urging, he finally dispelled the formation.

Zhu Yao simply saw the surrounding red glow flash, and the sky felt as though a layer of its plastic film was peeled off, fading in all directions. In the sky, several black-coloured dots with little wings instantly appeared. And then, the dots increased, and increased…

And then, they grew into a large mass. Zhu Yao simply felt a gigantic shadow flying towards her in an overbearing manner.

Those are paper cranes!? They must be locusts, right!?

Zhu Yao reflexively hugged her head, as the large crowd of locusts charged straight towards her. It looked as though she was about to be buried alive under the pile of letters.

Yu Yan cast a fire type divine art, immediately burning the stacks of paper cranes, though, her face was now entirely covered in ash.

Did it have to be that exaggerated? Did she know this many people in the first place?

Zhu Yao picked up the remnant of a piece of paper, and written on it were the few words ‘Junior-martial sister, are you safe’, while the rest of the letter could no longer be read. Just who wrote these?

“Junior-martial sister, have you fully recovered?” A man dressed in azure robes suddenly descended from the sky. He looked very young and handsome, and his bright eyes revealed clear signs of joy. “I heard from Clan Master that your injuries were very severe, and I have been very worried. It’s just that a barrier had been placed on this Dawnfall Peak all of a sudden, so I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to see you.”

Zhu Yao was stunned for a moment.

The man took a step forward, and said with sincere words. “I had thought that, if you still do not leave the mountain in a few more days, I will come see you even if I have to break into the mountain by force…”

“You…” Seeing that he was becoming even more excited, Zhu Yao could not help but interrupt him. “Who are you?”

The man’s excited expression stiffened. The corner of his lips twitched, and only a while later did he continue with a smile. “Junior-martial sister, do you not remember me? I’m Xu Nuoyan. Your senior-martial brother Xu.”

“Oh!” So it’s him. No wonder she felt he was a little familiar. So it’s the male lead from her precognitive dream. However, compared to that stern and bitter expression he had on the day of the lightning tribulation, there was a huge different with his current excited expression which looked as though he was on steroids. For a moment, she wasn’t able to recognize him at all.

“Junior-martial sister Yin, it’s great to see that you’re alright.” His eyes lightly sank while he looked straight at her, as though his mind was filled with thoughts about her.

Zhu Yao could not help but tremble from his concentrated gaze. Could this person have eaten the wrong medicine?

“… Fellow deity Xu!”  The hair on her shoulders suddenly stood on ends, and she rubbed against them to suppress the chills. “I wonder how’s that lady Mo from back then?”

The glint in Xu Nuoyan’s eyes instantly dimmed, as though he had been struck with a heavy blow. “Junior-martial sister… The incident concerning that day, I have already clearly explained it to Clan Master. You must believe me, I do not have any relations with that person. I don’t know her at all! In this world, the only person I, Xu Nuoyan, wish to be practitioner-pair companions with, is you, junior-martial sister.”

“…” The hell. The male lead had a change of heart? Was there an event like this in this scenario? Don’t stray away from the script, hey!

“Practitioner-pair?” Yu Yan, who had been standing at the side without making a single comment, suddenly coldly uttered these two words.

Zhu Yao simply felt her heart skip a beat, and that it had dropped into cave of ice.

“This is a misunderstanding!” Master, let me explain. This is merely an introduction cutscene!

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