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Chapter 172: Disciple, Let’s _____

“High Deity.” Xu Nuoyan looked towards Yu Yan, and greeted him. “Junior-martial sister and I had already conducted a practitioner-pair ceremony, yet, it was disrupted by people with ill intentions. Causing junior-martial sister to have concerns is a fault on my part. From today on, I shall care for her with all my heart, and I hope that High Deity will feel rest assured to hand her over to me.”

Hand her over to him? Yu Yan’s expression instantly turned as dark as the deepest part of a pot, and then, looked towards his own disciple.

His every word was so cold, it felt as they could sprout out flowers of ice. “Practitioner-pair ceremony?”

“No!” Zhu Yao jumped out of fury. Clearly, it had already been cancelled. Don’t say things that can cause misunderstandings, hey. “Who became practitioner-pair companions with him?”

“Junior-martial sister, are you blaming me?” Xu Nuoyan’s expression turned even sadder. “Don’t worry, from today onwards, I will definitely not allow anything sad to happen on you again.”

“What does anything that you do have to do with me?” This person must had gone insane, right? Why did he come over here and say such misleading words? Wasn’t Mo Xianxian the person he loved? “I have already said it on that day. Our practitioner-pair ceremony was cancelled, and for us to marry is impossible. It never happened on that day, and it will never happen in the future!”

“Junior-martial sister, I know you’re angry at me.” He gave a ‘do not act so angry’ look. “But, I will wait for the day when you think it through. Ever since the day Clan Master betrothed you to me, I, Nuoyan has already decided that you will be the only person in my life, and I will not allow you to suffer from the least bit of grievances. High Deity…” He suddenly turned towards Yu Yan again. Putting up a look expressing determination towards a senior, he raised his hand and vowed. “My heart towards junior-martial sister is clear under the sun and moon, if there’s the least bit of pretense, I’m willing to be struck by five lightning bolts to the head, willing…”


“Ah?” Xu Nuoyan blanked after halfway through his vows, and for a moment, he couldn’t understand. “High Deity…”

Boom boom boom!

Five clear heavenly lightning bolts, struck straight towards Xu Nuoyan’s head.

It’s really five lightning bolts straight to the head, huh.

“High Deity!” Xu Nuoyan exclaimed, while he hurriedly rose to the sky with his sword. He fled to the outskirts of Dawnfall Peak, and chasing relentlessly after his buttocks were five heavenly lightning bolts.

Only then did Yu Yan turn to look at his stupid disciple.

Zhu Yao simply felt her heart trembling for a moment. “Master, let me explain!” She really was unfamiliar with him.

Yu Yan’s expression however, turned even colder. Grabbing onto Zhu Yao, in a flash, they had already returned into the straw cottage.

When she came to her senses, Zhu Yao had already been pressed onto the bed by someone.

“Practitioner-pair?” A certain master had gone completely insane. Zhu Yao was seemingly able to see flames of fury surging around his body. With emphasis on every word, it was as though he was voicing them out while gritting his teeth. “You? And, him?”

Zhu Yao was completely unable to move from the way he was pressing on her. The aura emitting from his body was filled with a cold intent, and their faces were even more so, extremely close. A tyrannical CEO-like attitude such as this, could this be the legendary… Bed bang? Her master was being furious out of envy, and he wanted to be forceful on her? Then after this, would some shameful acts occur?

Although the atmosphere was wrong…

I’m suddenly kind of looking forward to it, what to do? (3)

“Mn?” Seeing that she wasn’t replying, Yu Yan’s tone raised.

That’s right. This was it. This ecstatical ‘mn’! Tyrannical CEO Yu had taken over!

Out of excitement, Zhu Yao instantly hugged him back, and said with a serious look. “Come, do not pity me just because I’m a tender flower. I can take it!” Let’s do a little something that surpasses our relationship as master and disciple.

Where should we start? Stripping our clothes, or taking off our pants?

“…” CEO Yu instantly dispersed.

The fury that enveloped Yu Yan, after seeing his disciple’s expectant look, instantly vanished. In the end, it turned into a long sigh, and his heart squeezed for having a disciple that did not act accordingly to the situation.

With his body buried under her hair, he gently smelled the scent of her hair, calming down his unstable emotions. He had always treated matters coldly and quietly, and an impulsive emotion like this was a little foreign to him. However, when he thought that his only disciple was being taken away by someone else, he felt like zapping someone out of explosive rage.

Although his disciple was stupid, she still belonged to him.

“Yu Wang…”

“Your sister’s Desire!” Can we please make love properly?

“Your master… does not like how that person looks at you.”

“…” Zhu Yao simply felt as though her heart was filled with warmth, so full it felt like something was wanting to pour out. After a long while, she replied. “Mn, I don’t like it either.” I only like how you’re looking at me.

Yu Yan was silent for a little while, yet, his embrace became even tighter, as though he was wanting to confirm something. All she could hear was his gentle breathing sounds.

After a long while…

“Yu Wang, let’s become practitioner-pair companions.”


Yu Yan released her, and then, sat next to her cross-legged. With a serious look, he said. “This is the Practitioner-Pair Art. You simply have to guide out the divine energy at the same time as I, and then, circulate it according to the instructions.” Didn’t she want to be practitioner-pair companions with him all this time? He had fulfilled her wish.

“That’s all?” There’s no need to be completely naked, and there’s no need to harmonize the Yin and Yang?

Yu Yan nodded.

“The hell!” I have already taken off my pants, and you tell me this!? “Isn’t it said that Practitioner-Pair Art can only be done between husband and wife? Then, at the very least, there should be a little procedure that should be done between the couple, right?” She was unwilling to accept this!

“…” Yu Yan blanked. He seemed to have thought of something, as a hint of red flashed across his jade-coloured face. His eyes wavered for a moment, before replying. “The practitioner-pair methods in Divine Realm are different from the Lower Realm. There isn’t a need for it to be that complicated. As people who have gained divine physiques, naturally… cough… naturally, carnal lust is of least importance.”

“It’s important to me!”

“Ah?” Yu Yan blanked.

Zhu Yao stared straight at his face, and with emphasis on every word, she said. “I said, it’s important to me!” This lady here wants to be a carnivore!

“Non… Nonsense!” Yu Yan tried hard to furrow his brows. “You’re a practitioner. How can you be indulged with desires to this extent.”

“Then I’m not going to cultivate anymore.” She pounced onto him, and reversed their positions from earlier.

As Yu Yan was inattentive for a moment, he collapsed onto the bed. “Yu Yao!”

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao instantly kissed his lips…


A fresh meat came on its own accord, and there’s no reason to let it go either. Without any reservations, Zhu Yao touched his robust body, and her hand went lower. Lower. And lower…

On that day, till the very last moment, Zhu Yao still did not get what she wanted. It was simply not because she did not try hard enough, rather, the enemy camp was too despicable. Force wasn’t able to hook up this tyrannical lord. And she was even fixed onto the same position for exactly four hours, listening to a lecture on moral education.

A certain master began the story from the first ever practitioner in history who obtained a divine physique, stretched the content to the allegiance towards various constructed cultivation sects, and then, to the importance of harmony within the Divine Realm. He then proceeded on to an extremely important subject regarding the continuity of deities, quoting from people from the days of new and old. His persuasiveness, his earnestness, and his decisiveness… had completely extinguished the little candle in Zhu Yao’s heart.

In the end, the conclusion that Zhu Yao came up with was: ‘I might as well have a little something going on Xu Nuoyan.’

“Yu Yao.” At the very end, he pulled her into his embrace. Mn, the type where she pulled up from the bottom of the bed. That’s right. She was kicked off the bed!

“There are too many mysteries within your body. Your master promises you that I will help you clearly investigate them. Once all of these matters are settled, when that time comes, no matter what you do… I will definitely not stop you.”

“No matter what I do?”


“You won’t kick me off the bed?”

“… Mn.”

Alright then, to obtain such a promise from him, Zhu Yao felt that she could still endure it a bit longer.

Hoho… When that time comes, will steamed or braised be better? Kuh… She still liked the original taste better.

“Xin’er? Xin’er!” Yin Shi nudged her own daughter who was evidently distracted.

“Ahem!” Zhu Yao cleared up her thoughts, and instantly retracted all of the pink bubbles from around her body. “Mother, what is it?”

She strangely looked at her own daughter. “Aren’t you the one who came to look for me? What happened? Could it be that your wounds have opened again? Where? Let your mother take a look…” Yin Shi instantly became anxious.

“Oh, I’m fine!” Zhu Yao then brought up the main topic at hand. “Mother, today, other than telling you that I’m safe and sound, I want to ask you when did you know of this Mo Xianxian person?”

Unexpectedly, when Yin Shi heard this unknown name, not only did she not reveal the slightest bit of disgust, she even blanked for a moment. With a strange look, she asked. “Mo Xianxian? Who is she? Is she a disciple of our clan?”

“Mother, you don’t know her?” Zhu Yao was startled. “She’s the person who claimed to be Xu Nuoyan’s wife on the day of the practitioner-pair ceremony.”

“So it’s her!” Only then did Yin Shi recall the matter. Glancing at her daughter, she sighed and said. “Haah, speaking of this matter, it really cannot be blamed on that child, Nuoyan. He had told me that he had never seen that lady before, let alone being practitioner-pair companions with her. I see that it’s just people with ill motives wanting to frame our name, and purposefully wanting to start a conflict. Currently, the four great continents look peaceful on the outside, but we have been constantly moving behind the scenes. And adding that currently, only you and your mother, I, remained in Fluorescent Wind Clan, we’re naturally being targeted.” Yin Shi revealed a look of helplessness. “But Yin Xin, there’s no need for you to worry. Right now, you have admitted under the tutelage of Lightning Divine Palace. Most likely, they will no longer dare to set their eyes on us. Although we have still not found out who was the person behind the incident on that day, Nuoyan is unrelated to this. So you mustn’t blame him.”

“Xu Nuoyan really don’t know that woman?”

“Of course.”

“Mother, you trust him that much?”

“That isn’t the case!” Yin Shi thought that she was having a child’s fit, thinking that her mother was pampering outsiders more than herself. So, she said with a little delight. “A disciple who have ascended from the same world as him, personally proved this matter. In the Lower Realm, he indeed did not have practitioner-pair companion.”

Zhu Yao frowned. Them being husband and wife or not, was something she knew very clearly. However, now he had even specially invited a witness to testify, just what was he planning?

The guess that had been in the depths of her heart, was finally clear now.

Initially, she had thought that the hatred Mo Xianxian had for Fluorescent Wind Clan, was because of Yin Shi breaking up the pair of lovebirds.

However, when she turned into Yin Xin, and took the initiative to cancel the marriage, Xu Nuoyan actually acted ungratefully towards his former wife. And he had even appeared several times before Zhu Yao, having the intentions to repair the relationship between them. Now, he had even denied the relationship he once had with Mo Xianxian. This attitude which was completely different from the one she saw in her precognitive dream, made her suspect his motives and schemes for acting the way he was right now.

In the dream, Mo Xianxian hated Yin Shi. Not only was it because Yin Shi had injured her during the practitioner-pair ceremony, Yin Shi had even more so sent people to kill her multiple times, preventing her from having a single place to rest in the Divine Realm. However, when Zhu Yao looked at her cheap mother’s expression now, before the practitioner-pair ceremony back then, she basically did not know who Mo Xianxian was? Hence, it was impossible for her to be behind the incidents where Mo Xianxian were hunted down in the Divine Realm.

And the only person who knew she existed, was Xu Nuoyan who was having a different attitude from before.

She suddenly recalled that when Dog-Egg first made things difficult for Mo Xianxian, he had once said that he was guided by a Gold Deity. Xu Nuoyan’s cultivation, was coincidentally at the Gold Deity level!

The person who wanted to kill Mo Xianxian, was Xu Nuoyan himself!

Why did he want to kill her? In order to marry Yin Xin?

However… Why did he suddenly change his mind in the end, and reverted back to finding Mo Xianxian?

“Xin’er.” Seeing that she was having a frustrated look, Yin Shi pulled her hand, and patted on it. “I know you have just woken up, and do not have much contact with anyone. So, I can understand that you do not wish to be practitioner-pair companions with your senior-martial brother Xu. But, there’s no need for you to reject him so eagerly either. Nuoyan is a good child. After interacting with him for a long time, you will naturally know of it. A human heart can be seen after many days, after all.”

‘A human heart can be seen after many days.’ If he really was how she guessed him to be, then this person’s heart had been buried a little too deeply.

“Mother, you trust him that much?”

Yin Shi smiled, and said with a confident look. “He’s your father’s personal succeeding disciple. No matter how, he’s a family member who knows his roots.”

But this family member, would destroy Fluorescent Wind Clan in the end.

“Mother, there’s a matter I need to talk to you about.” Zhu Yao didn’t want to harm the innocent, but she did not want to stay passive and be beaten either. “Back then, when I left with my master, I once saw that Mo Xianxian along the way. Back then, she was being chased, and the chasers seemed to be precisely disciples from our Fluorescent Wind Clan.”

“Chased? I didn’t…” Yin Shi blanked, and a moment later, a thought came into her mind. As a Clan Master, how couldn’t she not possess an extraordinary and shrewd mind? After pondering for a moment, she was about to come up with a connection. Although Mo Xianxian had caused a huge ruckus in Fluorescent Wind Clan, no matter how, she was still a disciple of Advent Cloud Palace, so Yin Shi wouldn’t have the final say in the matter, let alone using a despicable method like sending people to hunt her down.

But the people weren’t sent by her, then who could it be?

Yin Shi stood up with a solemn face, and walked back and forth in the center of the room.

“Xin’er, were you not mistaken? Those people who went to hunt her down, were they really disciples from our clan?”

“I’m not entirely sure either, it’s just that I seem to have seen a phoenix-like insignia on their sleeves.” These people were naturally all imaginary, however, Zhu Yao understood that Yin Shi would definitely investigate this matter.

Yin Shi took a deep breath, and her expression sank even deeper. A while later, she said. “Xin’er, return for now. Mother will deal with these matters.”

Zhu Yao nodded, and she obediently returned to Dawnfall Peak. The things she should tell her were already told. She did not wish to heavily rely on the precognitive dream she saw, only to lose her own judgment of the matter. Hence, she could not entirely rely on the scenes in the dream to predict Xu Nuoyan’s movements.

The truth would tell if he was innocent or not.

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