[Disciple] Chapter 175

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Chapter 175: The Trash Retreats

The rear mountain behind the main mountain of Fluorescent Wind Clan was the place with the richest divine energy other than Dawnfall Peak. Living in the mountain were the few elite disciples accepted by the various Atrium Lords of the clan.

Zhu Yao had arrived in the early morning, however, she did not head over to the Clan Master’s cave residence, but instead, went straight towards another cave residence in the middle. That place was filled with spiritual plants, and red flowers and lush green willow trees were arranged with particular elegance. The divine energy present were not far off from Dawnfall Peak either. Zhu Yao looked around as she walked, until she stopped in front of a large jade-green gate, only to realize a seal was placed on it.

“Yin Xin wishes to meet senior-martial brother Xu.” Zhu Yao shouted.

A moment later, the jade-green gate was opened. Before she could even enter, an azure-clothed man came forward. His face was coloured with delight, as though he was very surprised from her visit.

“Junior-martial sister Yin!?”

Zhu Yao smiled. “I have never visited senior-martial brother’s cave residence, and since I was passing by, I decided to swing by. I’m not bothering senior-martial brother, am I?”

“Of course not.” Xu Nuoyan gave a warm smile, and gently said. “For junior-martial sister to visit my place, it’s naturally something I can’t hope but wish for. Even if I’m currently in closed-door training, it’s a must to welcome junior-martial sister.”

He sure knew how to talk, instantly pointing out that he gave up on his closed-door training, all for the sake to see her. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the least bit guilty of it!

“Junior-martial sister, please.” Xu Nuoyan directed her to the living room, and personally poured her a cup of tea. “Junior-martial sister, why the sudden thought of seeing your senior-martial brother?”

Zhu Yao put down the tea-cup in her hands. “My mother had told me this, that senior-martial brother was my father’s personal succeeding disciple. Senior-martial brother have always been kind, and even has the best talent in the clan, so she wants me to learn from senior-martial brother.”

“Clan Master has spoken too highly of me.” Xu Nuoyan said modestly, however, his gaze towards Zhu Yao had begun to drift, revealing an affectionate look. “For junior-martial sister Yin to be able to understand me, this senior-martial brother is already very satisfied.”

“In the past, Yin Xin had too many misunderstandings of senior-martial brother.” Zhu Yao followed his cue. “But, I have only just awoken. Everyone simply looks foreign to me, including you, senior-martial brother. That was why my mother cancelled the practitioner-pair ceremony in my will.”

“Xu Nuoyan’s expression sank. “I understand, junior-martial sister, I…”

“Furthermore.” Zhu Yao immediately interrupted his words. “On that day, when that Miss Mo made her speech, she confidently said that senior-martial brother was her husband, and that she was your legal wife. Although I, Yin Xin, do not possess a high level of cultivation, I’m still my mother’s daughter. No matter how one sees it, I can’t possibly marry to a man who already has a wife.”

“Junior-martial sister, you misunderstood me, I don’t ha…” Xu Nuoyan eagerly tried to explain like before.

“Oh right!” Zhu Yao once again interrupted his words. “On that day, she seemed to have pulled out your token of love as proof.” Zhu Yao immediately took out a hair pin. “I was curious back then, so I picked it up to have a look, and realized that the ‘Xian’ letter was even carved on it? Mother said that it looked rather similar to senior-martial brother’s handwriting.”

Xu Nuoyan’s face paled. He suddenly stood up, and said with a furious look. “That lady surnamed Mo is simply too crafty, for her to actually use such a method to frame me. It’s no wonder your misunderstanding of me is so deep. Junior-martial sister, I have never gifted anyone a hair pin, you must not listen to an evil person’s words.”

“You really do not recognize this hair pin?”

“I, Xu Nuoyan, swear to the heavens!” Xu Nuoyan said with a stern look.

“Ok.” Zhu Yao immediately kept the hair pin, and covertly moved her hand to her waist, pressing down on the piece of jade that was shaking faintly. “Just treat it as though I was thinking too much.”

Only then did Xu Nuoyan’s emotions calmed down a little, and went back to take his seat. He then once again looked at her suffocating gaze. “Junior-martial sister, you do not understand senior-martial brother because you have only just awoken, I can understand… why you’re unwilling. Senior-martial brother will always wait for you.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She was feeling a little allergic from his sweet-talk. “Hoho, actually, there’s something I don’t understand. The number of times senior-martial brother and I have met can even be counted on one hand, so how can you…” If he were to say that he began to love her only after seeing her for a few times, she wouldn’t believe it even if she was beaten to death.

Xu Nuoyan’s expression sank, his face was even faintly carrying an indiscernible melancholy. “To you, it might have only been a few encounters, but to your senior-martial brother, it has already been a thousand year-long wait.”


Xu Nuoyan sighed. Her hair stood on ends from his intense gaze. “Junior-martial sister, you might not have known about this. A thousand years ago, on the very first day I was taken into the clan, master had brought me to Dawnfall Peak to see junior-martial sister. That was the first time I met you, and junior-martial sister, you might laugh at me for this, but I… ever since that day, you captured a place in my heart.”

“A thousand years ago?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched.

“Yes!” Xu Nuoyan, however, still kept that affectionate look. “Back then, I had only just ascended not too long ago.”

Zhu Yao turned silent. She had unconsciously wanted to look at the jade on her waist, however, she endured it. She could only borrow the action of sipping her tea, to press onto the jade that was about to leap out from her waist. When he said that it was when he only just ascended, it meant that it wasn’t too long from the time he left Mo Xianxian, right?

“So, junior-martial sister, you can choose to not believe me…” Xu Nuoyan, however, still continued his affectionate confession. “But please, do not my suspect my feelings for you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have sought for Clan Master’s permission to marry you while you were still unconscious.”

“Marrying me was your intention?” Zhu Yao grabbed onto this important point.

“Yes!” Xu Nuoyan heavily nodded, and said with a firm look. “Back then, junior-martial sister was still in a slumber state. Even if you were to sleep for all eternity, I wouldn’t have minded it. I merely wish to stay by your side for my entire life, junior-martial sister…”

The longer he spoke, the more agitated he became, and in front of her eyes, his claws were just about to reach towards her.

Zhu Yao, however, felt queasy in her stomach, as she immediately stood right up. “I forgot to turn off the gas. I will first take my leave.”

As expected, shameless people are unbeatable.

“Junior-martial sister…” Xu Nuoyan was taken aback. Why did she suddenly want to leave while they were still chatting along nice and well? And what did she mean by ‘turning off the gas’?

Zhu Yao pressed onto her waist, and hurriedly walked out. Just when she reached the entrance, she stopped. “Oh, right. I have forgotten to ask. Why did my mother want you to go into closed-door training?”

Xu Nuoyan’s face stiffened, before he replied a moment later. “It was my fault. I was dissatisfied with being framed by that woman surnamed Mo, who brought about junior-martial sister’s misunderstanding of me. At my act of impulse, I sent a few men down to vent my anger. Because of this, Clan Master was furious of me.”

He sent people to kill his wife, and even wanted to twist his words, saying that it was all for her sake. This was really too much.

Zhu Yao did not tardy any further, and flew straight back towards Dawnfall Peak. Pulling out the jade on her waist, a ray of white light flashed past, and a black-clothed woman appeared right in front of her.

“Did you hear all of that clearly just now?” Zhu Yao glanced at her. “Now, do you still think that I’m the cause?”

Mo Xianxian did not reply. Her delicate face had long lost that violent aura from yesterday. Instead, she seemed to be in slight state of trance. “Why? Why does he want to do this me? He clearly swore he would never hurt me…”

Seemingly unable to bear the blow, her legs gave way as she knelt onto the ground, and she began to cry out loud. “Even though I believed him, no matter how hard it was for me in Divine Realm, I still believed in him.” She hugged her legs tightly, forming into a ball. Her tears flowed uncontrollably. “He sent me a message, saying that he couldn’t recognize me because of his troubles, and I believed him… And the moment I received the news that he was sent into isolation, I immediately rushed over. But… But… Why?”

Zhu Yao sighed as she knelt down next to her. This lady was so silly to the point where… she really wanted to lecture her to death. “After the practitioner-pair ceremony, he sent you a message?”

Mo Xianxian nodded while making a choking noise.

No wonder. She had clearly severed herself from Xu Nuoyan back then, yet, she suddenly returned to kill her. Xu Nuoyan sure had his methods. While he was going circles around her in Fluorescent Wind Clan, he was holding onto Mo Xianxian at the side as well.

“You actually believe whatever he says, you deserved it.”

Mo Xianxian did not reply. A moment later, she choked out. “He’s… my husband.” How could she not believe his words?

“How long have you known him?”

“… A little more than ten thousand years.”

“You couldn’t even see through a person in ten thousand years.” Zhu Yao glanced at her. “Are you actually stupid?”

Mo Xianxian cried even more sadly.

“Stop crying!” Zhu Yao was a little irritated. Matters such as consoling someone, were not her specialty. “Isn’t it just a broken love? It’s not too late to wake up. There’s a large number of men in this world, waiting for you to tease!”

“…” Mo Xianxian did not respond. Instead, she tightly hugged her legs, slightly trembling as she cried, suppressing the feelings that she had already lost.

Zhu Yao wasn’t in the position to say anything else. After all, in a time like this, most probably, she was unable to take in anything. The only thing she could do was sit by her side, accompanying her. Who knew that her crying would be similar to the flood of the Yellow River, where she was unable to collect herself back the moment she started? Zhu Yao’s buttocks were already sore from sitting, yet, she was still not letting up.

Zhu Yao had no choice but to return to the house, take out Goudan, and throw him towards her. Don’t say that your boss isn’t helping you. Right now, her heart has just been broken from love. Hurry and take advantage of this opportunity.

“Little sister Xianxian, what’s wrong? Don’t cry.” As expected, Goudan was on the right track, as he anxiously began to circle around Mo Xianxian.

“It’s easy to understand just by looking at her. She was fooled by a man.” Unknowingly, Tao Manfeng followed out of the house as well, snorting coldly. “I have already told you that man can’t be trusted. You’re the only one who would believe his ridiculous words. What did he say again? He had no choice? Those were all lies. There’s no need for you to console her either, she deserved it.”

Yo, her mocking mode was activated in full force, why did it sound like she was being sour? Zhu Yao turned to glance at Tao Manfeng. She was beginning to feel that there was something a little off about this lady.

Tao Manfeng was a little uncomfortable from her stare. Giving another cold snort, she no longer spoke after that.

“Since this matter has been cleared up, then you people best hurry and leave Fluorescent Wind Clan.” Zhu Yao immediately passed down the eviction order. “In the future, do not come over to try to kill me out of no reason ever again.”

When these words fell, a hint of awkwardness flashed past their faces.

“Here, catch this!” Zhu Yao threw the spatial jade towards Mo Xianxian.

“You…” Mo Xianxian was startled for a moment. She could not believe that Zhu Yao would actually return the spatial jade to her.

“I don’t want it.” Her master had said that half of the jade had already been destroyed, and it was no longer the one from before, it now possessed divine energy similar to that found in Lightning Divine Palace. Furthermore, that was her former avatar. To make it sound nastier, that was her past corpse. There was no way she would want to have it by her side every single day. “When encountering such matters, rack your brains more. Stop being stupid.”

Mo Xianxian clasped onto the divine jade in her hands. After a while, she said. “Thank you!”

Zhu Yao waved her hands a little irritatingly, and chased the three people away. If she were to continue crying like this, she would soon drown. She was truly hoping that this lady would walk out from her former path, and stop being twiddled around in circles by that trash of a man.

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