[Disciple] Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: Towards Cloudhold City

Zhu Yao turned around, and returned to the house. After a moment, she sensed that the three’s presences had already left Fluorescent Wind Clan.

“You shouldn’t have let them go.” Yu Yan frowned, as he greatly disapproved of her actions.

“It doesn’t matter.” Zhu Yao sat right onto the bed. “No matter how stupid Mo Xianxian is, after the incident today, she will no longer seek revenge on Fluorescent Wind Clan.”

“The dimensional space in that jade…”

“That piece of jade is merely a tool, a human’s heart is what’s truly dangerous.” Zhu Yao explained. “Mo Xianxian offended Fluorescent Wind Clan that day, and now, she had even been expelled from Advent Cloud Palace. Even if my mother does not pursue this matter, there’s no guarantee that someone else wouldn’t target her. That piece of jade is her life-saving celestial tool. If I were to take it away, most likely, she wouldn’t be able to survive. So why don’t I take this opportunity to earn a favor from her?”

“…” Yu Yan did not speak any further, however, his frown deepened. When he recalled that piece of jade was initially his own disciple’s body, and it was now even in someone else’s hands, for some reasons, he felt a little displeased. As expected, that Goudan person, he should have been killed right from the start.

“Oh right, master.” Zhu Yao suddenly recalled something. “I feel a little strange, as though I’m suddenly able to control fire…”

Before she could even finish… poof!

The entire ceiling was suddenly lighted up by an intense fire, instantly burning the ceiling into a clean crisp, as ashes fell and covered her entire face.

“Just like that.” She pointed to the ceiling. She was suddenly more proficient in fire type arts than lightning type arts.

Yu Yan’s expression sank. It sure was rare to see fire type arts being cast so quickly. “When did you realize this?” He silently cast a water type art, extinguishing the fire.

“Yesterday, when Mo Xianxian snuck up on me.” Initially, she had only thought that the flames had a certain degree of intimacy with her, and that it was unable to harm her in the slightest.

Yu Yan reached out his hand and cupped her wrist, inspecting her meridians. After sending in a strand of divine sense to investigate, he realized that his disciple was as normal as ever. He had always known that his disciple possessed heaven-bending affinity with lightning spiritual energy, so when did her affinity with fire becoming this incredible as well?

“Your current body carries too many mysteries, your master do not know of the reason either.” Yu Yan released his hand, and then moved to stroke her head. “Floor Master has always possessed deep understanding regarding many strange matters. Tomorrow, I will make a trip back to Lightning Divine Palace. While you’re here in Fluorescent Wind Clan, do not take any rash actions.”

Zhu Yao put down his hand which was destroying her hairstyle, and she was startled when she heard his words. “Master, you’re leaving?”

“Mn.” Yu Yan took the opportunity to hold onto her hand. Learning from what she did before, their fingers intertwined. “While I’m not here, you must be extremely careful.”

“Ou.” Zhu Yao weakly responded. “Don’t worry, my mother’s here! Although my current body has yet to officially begin cultivating, but even with Mo Xianxian’s Profound Deity Paragon’s cultivation was unable to defeat me. There’s no problems, no worries.”

Yu Yan blanked for a moment, as though he suddenly thought of something. After sizing his disciple who was in front of him, a strange thought suddenly popped in his head. “Yu Yao, what’s your current level of cultivation?”

“Ah?” Why did he suddenly bring this up? “Aren’t I an intermediate stage Profound Deity? Oh wait, I changed my avatar, and I have yet to begin cultivating. So I can’t even be considered an Earth Deity…” As she said that, she herself was startled as well. Earth Deity? Then why was she able to defeat Mo Xianxian?

Could it be…

“Yu Yao.” Yu Yan’s voice deepened. “I can’t make clear of your level of cultivation.”

When someone was unable to see through a person’s level of cultivation, there would be two likely scenarios. First, the person of interest did not possess any cultivation. Second, the level of cultivation of the person of interest was much higher than oneself, and hence, was unable to be seen through. She had always thought that she belonged to the first category, but earlier, she had clearly defeated Mo Xianxian, a Profound Deity, to the point where she was unable to fight back. So, Zhu Yao basically did not seem to be cultivation-less.

If she belonged to the second category…

Her master was already a High Deity, the highest level of cultivation which one could reach in the Divine Realm. Yet, he was unable to see through her own cultivation level. If that’s the case…

Her level of cultivation was higher than a High Deity?

This was simply unbelievable.

It’s not that she had never tested her own level of cultivation. Her master was a High Deity, and his divine sense could envelop a large half of Divine Realm. However, her divine sense could only allow her to clearly see objects in a radius of hundred kilometers. So how could her level be higher than his?

Wait a minute. A hundred kilometers. Her activity range seemed to be limited to a hundred meters as well. Could this be the reason?

Master returned to Lightning Divine Palace on the second day. All of the questions could only be answered once he returns.

Zhu Yao spent most of her time staying in Dawnfall Peak, and occasionally, she would visit her cheap mother. Yin Shi, however, no longer brought up Xu Nuoyan. Most probably, she had already begun to guard against him. Zhu Yao did not mind helping her putting more eyedrops.

Xu Nuoyan possessed a deep scheming mind, and he contemplated a lot as well. Zhu Yao guessed that his final objective was to obtain Fluorescent Wind Clan. Although Mo Xianxian had already let go of him, it did not mean that he wouldn’t find another opportunity to make a reversal. Zhu Yao was uninterested in power-struggling affairs like this, but Yin Shi was after all, her mother. Naturally, she couldn’t side with a stranger.

The investigation on Xu Nuoyan conducted by her cheap mother did not end, though Zhu Yao wasn’t sure if she had confirmed that Xu Nuoyan’s words were all true. These days, even if she was the one who bring up the topic of Xu Nuoyan, her tone would always carry an unconcealed anger. Initially, even though he was the former Clan Master’s personal succeeding disciple, a large half of the sect affairs had to go through his hands. Currently, Yin Shi was slowly retrieving such responsibilities. If not for the reputation of her cheap husband, who had already entered Lightning Divine Tower, most probably, Yin Shi would have already expelled him from Fluorescent Wind Clan.

For a moment, Zhu Yao felt that the mission this time around was unexpectedly easy. Looking at it now, there’s no longer a need to fear that Fluorescent Wind Clan would be destroyed.

But, she suddenly recalled something. Just who was the bug this time?

No matter was it Mo Xianxian, or Xu Nuoyan, the word ‘bug’ did not seem to be present on their faces. In the beginning, she had thought that it was that piece of celestial jade. However, she had already looked over it clearly. The two letters ‘b’ and ‘u’ were indeed present on that remaining half piece of jade, but it definitely couldn’t be termed as a bug.

Could it be that the loophole this time wasn’t physical?

Just when Zhu Yao was pondering about this, Xu Nuoyan came to visit her himself. Even after a long while since they met, he was still the scumbag who carried the same elegant demeanor. He completely did not look dispirited from being pressured, and the gaze he was looking at her with was still giving her goosebumps.

“Junior-martial sister. Long time no see.”

“Hoho, fellow deity Xu.” Zhu Yao really did not want to deal with him.

“Junior-martial sister, why did you decide to call me ‘fellow deity’ again?” Xu Nuoyan did not look bothered in the slightest. “Back then, didn’t you already call me senior-martial brother? Why the sudden change?”

“It was my mother who reminded me. I have already admitted into Lightning Divine Palace. So, I’m not a disciple of Fluorescent Wind Clan, naturally, we can’t refer to each other as martial brother and sister.” Back then, it was merely to get you talking.

“I see.” Xu Nuoyan was unexpectedly conversational this time. “Since that’s the case, then I won’t be courteous around junior-martial sister either. Why don’t I call you by your Daoist name, Yu Yao?”

Uh… This sure was hard to refute. “Fellow deity Xu, is there something you need from me?”

Xu Nuoyan did not mind her coldness in the slightest, as he grinned from ear to ear. “It’s nothing, I simply thought that you will definitely feel bored by staying on this Dawnfall Peak all day. Coincidentally, Clan Master has dispatched me to deal with a small affair in Cloudhold City a few tens of kilometers south from here, so I’m here to ask if you’re willing to go there together.”

“No need.” Only a ghost would go out with a scumbag like you. “It’s best if I stay here and cultivate.”

“Yu Yao sure is diligent.” Xu Nuoyan continued. “But, you have only just awoken not too long ago, so you should be rather unfamiliar with everything in this world. Yet, you’re not even curious about the outside world, that sure is a rarity.”

Zhu Yao’s heart clenched for a moment. She seemed to have really been performing a little too calmly. Though, in the beginning, she was not worried if the matter of her becoming Yin Xin was exposed, after all, she had confessed directly to her cheap mother. But, even if Yin Shi accepted her, it did not mean that someone else wouldn’t be suspicious.

This scumbag sure was scheming alright.

“That’s the closest and most luxurious city from Fluorescent Wind Clan, it shouldn’t take that long to visit. And, auspicious clouds seemed to be gathering there today, most probably, someone from the Lower Realm is ascending. It’s a rare opportunity, are you sure you’re not going?” Xu Nuoyan continued.

Fine then, if she were to really reject him, with a heart as scheming as his, he might really grow suspicious of her. And… She really was a little curious. As someone who had snuck into the heavens, she was rather interested in matters such as ascension.

In the end, Zhu Yao still accompanied him there. That Cloudhold City was only about fifty kilometers away from Fluorescent Wind Clan, so she wouldn’t possibly faint because of leaving too far from it like before.

Xu Nuoyan was heading there for a mission this time. He was going there to welcome the deity who was ascending to the Higher Realm, and to persuade him to join Fluorescent Wind Clan. For a Gold Deity to be dispatched for such matters, it could be seen how afraid Yin Shi was of him.

Before setting off, she went over to where Yin Shi was to let her know. Initially, she had wanted her cheap mother to stop her. In the beginning, Yin Shi was indeed a little unhappy, however, after Xu Nuoyan spoke a few words, she actually agreed to it. She had even joyfully contributed a celestial sword to be used as a transportation artifact. Mother, am I actually your biological daughter?

With nothing else to refute, Zhu Yao could only resign herself to fate, and headed off.

Along the way however, Xu Nuoyan did not behave like before, where he would make use of every opportunity to make talk with her, and demonstrate his utmost faith. Other than the way he was looking at her, which was still giving her goosebumps, he did not bring up the matter about Mo Xianxian in the slightest. Even if she had the intention to bring it up, and wanted to throw some sarcastic remarks, with a good temper, he did not reply, and instead lightly chuckled.

Had this Xu Nuoyan changed his ways? Or had he been broken by Yin Shi?

With such an irregular Xu Nuoyan, Zhu Yao could not help but raise her guard. Only a ghost would know what kind of thoughts he had in his head, it would be best for her to be a little more careful.

They were flying at an extremely slow pace, as Zhu Yao was intentionally appearing as though she possessed a low level of cultivation. Xu Nuoyan coordinated with her speed throughout the entire journey. Flying at a position a step away from her, which was neither close nor far, he looked rather gentlemanly. It seemed that Mo Xianxian falling for him was not without reasons. At the very least, he did put in effort in the way he presented himself.

Just like that, they slowly flew for an hour. Just when they were about to reach their destination, she suddenly heard a familiar voice from below.

“Return Rock Spirit to me, otherwise I will show you what I’m made of!”

Zhu Yao immediately stepped on the brakes, stopped mid-air, and looked down below.

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