[Disciple] Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: Mushroom Rescue Operation

Wang Xuzhi!

No wait, it’s Mushmush.

There were three people in confrontation below. On one side was Mushmush, while the other were a set of familiar faces as well. It was Mo Xianxian who had nowhere to turn to, and the newly appointed flower guardian Goudan. Why were they fighting?

Mushroom held a sword in its hand as flames of fury surged, glaring ruthlessly at the two people in front of it.

“Brother Mushroom, you misunderstood. Boss isn’t with us. I have not seen boss for a long time.” Goudan explained with an anxious look.

“Lies!” Mushroom was enraged, its hair twitched for a moment before turning bright red, and it felt as though they were straightening up as well. “She’s clearly holding onto Rock Spirit in her hands. Just what did you do to her? Why did she turn back into her original form?”

“Original form?” Goudan turned to look at Mo Xianxian’s hand, and what she was holding onto was exactly the piece of dimensional celestial jade. “This isn’t boss. Even though boss became a spirit from a jade, this piece… is a celestial jade without any spiritual consciousness. This isn’t her.”

“You’re lying!” Mushroom became even more enraged. “I have slept with Rock Spirit for so long, how could I possibly mistake her original form with someone else’s!?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Who slept with you?

The hell, this mushroom was still unable to speak clearly and properly.

Goudan was still explaining with all his might, and had even have Mo Xianxian reach out her hand to have the mushroom take a look at it. “Look, evidently, this is only half piece of a full jade, how could it possibly be boss?”

Mushroom’s eyes widened. Grinding its teeth, it said. “You people sliced Rock Spirit into half!”

Goudan: “…”

Mo Xianxian: “…”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Mushmush could no longer restrain itself, and immediately made a move. With its sword, it struck toward Mo Xianxian’s… hand. Naturally, Mo Xianxian wouldn’t allow herself to be sliced for nothing. In a flash, her figure had already retreated a few meters back. Summoning her celestial sword, she then stepped forward, and a fight broke out.

“Haah. Stop fighting, stop fighting. We’re all acquaintances.” Goudan was troubled on both ends.

Yet, the two people simply did not listen to him.

“Hmph. If you wanted to rob the celestial jade from me, just say it outright. Why the need to craft these lies about a rock spirit?” Mo Xianxian snorted. Evidently, she was treating this mushroom as a treasure-robbing murderer.

“Fine then, I will exact revenge for Rock Spirit today.” The mushroom’s expression turned cold, and it actually began casting a familiar divine art. A ray of heavenly lightning fell from the sky, striking straight towards Mo Xianxian.

Not bad. After not seeing this mushroom for so long, not only had it elevated its cultivation, it had even learnt lightning type divine arts? Although its cultivation was a little lower than Mo Xianxian’s, it was not even the slightest bit disadvantage. Zhu Yao was a little pleased, and worried at the same time.

However, when Goudan, who was at the sidelines earlier, saw that the people were not listening to his persuasions, he actually joined the battle as well, and was even standing on Mo Xianxian’s side.

The hell, this hypocrite. As expected, he had nothing but thoughts of the opposite sex.

Zhu Yao was enraged. Her hands were itching to bash people up.

“Yu Yao, you know these people?” Xu Nuoyan suddenly spoke up, as he asked with a calm look.

Zhu Yao turned her head, looking a little astonished. He was acting a little too calm, right? The one fighting below was his wife, you know. “That person over there is Miss Mo from the practitioner-pair ceremony.”

Xu Nuoyan blanked for a moment, yet, there wasn’t even the least bit of guilt on his face. “Oh, so that’s her! I always have bad memory when it comes to unrelated people.”

Go on, continue with your lies! A few days ago, you were still looking anguished when you said that certain someone had framed you. But this time, you actually said you can’t remember.

“That man however, looks rather familiar.” Xu Nuoyan suddenly changed his target. With narrowed eyes, he pointed at Mushmush by the side. “Yu Yao, do you recognize him?”

“We had a fateful encounter.” Zhu Yao suddenly recalled that back then, during the practitioner-pair ceremony, she seemed to have called out to Mushroom. She did not know what kind of intentions Xu Nuoyan had when he asked this question, but just when she wanted to head down to help, she was suddenly beginning to hesitate a little.

With his cunning, if Xu Nuoyan were to find out she’s not the true Yin Xin, she really wouldn’t know what could happen. Before, the reason she wasn’t afraid of people finding out her identity, was because she held no intentions to stay in Fluorescent Wind Clan. However, now that she had a range restriction curse on her, she was simply unable to leave.

With it being two against one, Mushmush was evidently barely able to hold on, as he was constantly being pushed back by Mo Xianxian.

Mushmush became anxious, and decided to turn directly back into his original form, into a gigantic red mushroom. That’s right, just like before, he would still turn red from anger.

“I’m going to crush the two of you!” Mushmush loudly shouted out. Leaping with all his might, he rose into the air, before heavily pressing towards the two people.

As if such a simple and crude attack would work! Mo Xianxian and Goudan retreated to the sides, and easily escaped it. Right after, Mo Xianxian flew into the air and sent a straight kick towards Mushroom, sending him dozens of meters away.

That kick was infused with divine energy, and hence, was a very heavy blow, sinking a large portion of his mushroom cap.

The hell! Zhu Yao could not bear it any longer. These two idiots actually dared to harm her Mushroom! Folding up her sleeves, she was prepared to strike.

However, Xu Nuoyan was a step faster than her. In a flash, his figure descended onto the ground. Immediately after, with a wave of his sleeves, six icicles were sent straight towards Mo Xianxian and Goudan.

The attack was both quick and instant, and even carried the might of a Gold Deity. The two people barely managed to dodge in time, and was this close to being penetrated by the icicles.

“It’s you!” Mo Xianxian grabbed onto her hand which was grazed by the icicles, ruthlessly staring at the newcomer, while Goudan simply fainted from the divine energy carried by the icicles. “Xu Nuoyan, you still dare to appear before me!”

Xu Nuoyan did not reply, though, his pair of amorous eyes narrowed slightly. The coldness in his expression seemed as though he was looking at a stranger.

“You ungrateful asshole.” Mo Xianxian immediately activated her swearing mode. “Today will be the day I kill you, so as to wash away my humiliation!”

While saying that, she had already formed her own sword intent. It was actually a peach blossom with five petals, yet, every single petal could split off, bringing about unpredictable transformations, as they attacked straight at Xu Nuoyan.

Xu Nuoyan however, simply revealed a cold smile. Summoning his own flying sword, infused it with divine energy, and let out a single swing, disintegrating the flower petals.

“Miss Mo, this Xu do not know where I have offended you, to have you frame me time and time again.” His voice was neither pressing nor hurried, and his eyes on her were still as foreign and distant.

If she had not known of the background story, even Zhu Yao would have believed that he really did not have any relations to Mo Xianxian at all.

“Frame?” Mo Xianxian let out a desolate laugh. “We were husband and wife for over ten thousand years, and you dare say I framed you!?”

“You and I, are strangers.” Xu Nuoyan was unfazed, as though he really did not know the person in front of her.

Mo Xianxian’s body furiously trembled.

Xu Nuoyan frowned, and sighed. “Nevermind. No matter what your reason is, since you continue to make a ruckus within the territory of my Fluorescent Wind Clan time and time again, I can’t spare you.”

With a wave of his hand, he instantly summoned another three icicles.

“You’re going to kill me?” Mo Xianxian widened her eyes. Even though she knew that he had long forgotten of their old ties, she never expected that he would personally take her life.

Xu Nuoyan flicked his finger, and the three icicles charged towards Mo Xianxian, aiming at her vital spots.

Zhu Yao’s eyes widened. This bastard was actually willing to cut her down. Willing in her mind, three fireballs instantly flew downwards. She instantly cast a transformation art, descended from the skies, and landed in front of Mo Xianxian.

It seemed as though Mo Xianxian had yet to recover from that dense amount of killing intent earlier, as she looked blankly at Zhu Yao. “Senior?”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Alright, she simply did not want Mo Xianxian to notice her being with Xu Nuoyan, which might cause some misunderstandings. Thus, she wanted to change her look. Because of the desperate situation, she turned into her “Soi Sauz” look. But, she seemed to have forgotten that when she was a rock spirit, she had appeared in this form to save her once before. And she had even remembered that look.

“Let her go!” Zhu Yao looked towards Xu Nuoyan, and said with a solemn voice.

Xu Nuoyan, who still carried an indifferent expression earlier, revealed a slight smiling intent, and he unexpectedly gave a consenting nod. “Fine!” His expression slowly sank, and he once again looked at Mo Xianxian with that chilling gaze.

“Hurry and leave.” Zhu Yao turned around and urged her. Although she was a little angry that she injured Mushroom, if she did not stop him, Xu Nuoyan would really end her life there and then.

Only then did Mo Xianxian recover her senses. Carrying Goudan who had long since fainted at the side, she first gave Zhu Yao a thankful glance, before giving Xu Nuoyan behind her another ruthless glare. Her eyes were as sharp as blades, as though actual blades could materialize at any moment.

Unfortunately, Xu Nuoyan did not feel a single thing, not even sparing her a glance.

“Wait a minute, return Rock Spirit to me!”

Uh… Mushmush, stop fooling around!

Mushroom leapt up while enduring the pain. “You two killed Rock Spirit, I’m going to exact revenge for him!”

“You two, seems to have taken something you shouldn’t have.” Xu Nuoyan suddenly spoke up, giving Mo Xianxian a meaningful glance.

Mo Xianxian gritted her teeth. In the end, she still threw the divine jade that was in her hand towards Mushroom, before flying off on her sword.

Zhu Yao suddenly had a bad premonition. The hell, Xu Nuoyan couldn’t have known of the secret of the dimensional space, right?

Xu Nuoyan however did not make a move, not sparing the piece of jade on the ground a glance. Though, Mushroom bounced to where the piece of jade was, bending down towards it in a blink of an eye, and his voice began to tremble. “Rock… Rock… Rock Spirit.”

The entire mushroom instantly turned deathly pale.

Lowering his head, the mushroom cap poked the half piece of jade on the ground.

“Rock Spirit… Rock Spirit… I came to save you, Rock Spirit.”

He poked it a few times. Seeing that there wasn’t a single response from the piece of jade, as though his mind finally collapsed, he bawled out loud.

“Waaah, Rock Spirit… Don’t die! Wake up… Waaaah…”

Mushroom cried out a fountain of tears. Under the mushroom cap, it looked as though it was raining, as water kept pouring onto the ground. Finally, the mushroom laid on the ground, and began to roll around.

This was the first time Zhu Yao experienced what was truly called a ‘river formed out of tears’, yet, she felt uncomfortably sour in the depths of her heart as well. Taking a few steps forward, she nudged at the mushroom which had already sunk in its own pool of tears. “Stop crying.” It’s not like I’m dead.

Mushroom did not bother about her at all, as his head leaned towards the piece of jade, and continued to cry as much as he wanted. “Rock Spirit… Rock Spirit…”

“I told you to stop crying already.” Because Xu Nuoyan was still present, she really did not want to admit her own identity. Hence, she could only persuade him with all she can. But Mushroom simply did not listen to her at all, as though a river could flow in reverse from his sadness.

Zhu Yao pondered for a moment, and probed. “Stop crying already, Mushmush.” She quickly added in a signal. Cheer up already.

As expected, Mushroom blanked for a moment. He turned to glance at her. Zhu Yao back-faced Xu Nuoyan, as she desperately threw winks at Mushroom. It’s me, it’s me.

Mushroom then returned to look at the piece of jade on the ground. “Waaah, Guo’er… Please don’t die. Hurry up and look at Mushmush.”

“…” Alright, it was stupid of her to place hopes on this mushroom’s intellect.

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