[Disciple] Chapter 180

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Chapter 180: Forced Disconnection Handyman

Zhu Yao blanked. Demonic immortal? Could it be that these four people were here to receive that minion?

“Hey, I’m asking you guys a question? Reply well, and I will spare your lives.” Seeing that they weren’t replying even after a long while, one of the red-haired demonic immortal evidently became a little irritated.

“Why are you being so courteous with them?” Another demonic immortal snorted coldly. “Deities aren’t anything good anyway, just kill them from the get-go.”

The other two smiled, as though they were feeling the same way. In an instant, several sword-lights filled the sky, flying straight towards the two of them.

Did they have to be this violent?

Before Zhu Yao could even react in time, an icy voice sounded next to her ear. “Noisy.” She suddenly had a bad premonition.

In but a blink of an eye, the sword-lights that filled the entire sky shattered resoundingly, turning into falling colourful fluorescent lights similar to that of an aurora. While the demonic immortal that launched the attack, was currently pressing against his bloody chest. With a shocked expression, he fell straight down from the sky.

In just a few steps away from her, Yue Ying’s hand was currently holding onto a beating heart, and fresh red blood was currently trickling down his arm. Yet, it was as though he was thinking it wasn’t enough, his hands tightened. In an instant, the fresh red heart turned into shattered bits of meat, mixing with the fresh blood which stained his entire arm.

Everything happened too quickly. Before anyone present could even react, that arrogant demonic immortal earlier, had already lost his life.

“Do you guys want to steal Big Sis Yao from me as well?” He was smiling. However, that smile did not come from the depths of his heart at all, instead, it was filled with bone-piercing cold intent.

Only then did the other three return to their senses. Turning around, they planned to flee, but it was already too late. The three people were fixated in mid-air by a powerful pressure, preventing them from moving.

“It wasn’t easy for Yue Ying to find her, Yue Ying will not hand her over to you.” It was as though Yue Ying was going on a walk. With every single step, the pressure felt by the three people grew a little bit heavier. First, their hands and feet burst apart, and slowly, the ruptures spread towards the center of their bodies. Their entire bodies were in bloody states.

Zhu Yao instantly felt queasy, as she turned around and vomited. Yet, she could not help but loudly halted his actions. It felt as though Yue Ying was playing a torturous murder game.


Was this still that little Yue Ying of hers? He was simply a devil incarnate.

Yue Ying blanked, as he obediently stopped his advance. A moment later, he slowly turned around. In a flash, he returned to her side, and reached out his hands to hug her.

Zhu Yao stared at that bloody red hand of his, suddenly recalling what he had done earlier, she took a few consecutive steps back.

“Big Sis Yao…” Yue Ying looked at her blankly, his eyes were filled with loss. When he took a few more steps forward, Zhu Yao would take the same number of steps back.

His eyes were instantly dyed with frenzy, a black aura oozed out from his entire body, forcefully restraining Zhu Yao. “Don’t go, Big Sis Yao, you’re not allowed to leave. Don’t go… Don’t go…”

Zhu Yao tried to talk sense to him, but he was unable to regain his senses from within his frenzied emotions, as he carried Zhu Yao and immediately flew off after choosing a particular direction.

“Yue Ying!” Zhu Yao struggled for a few moments, but she was unable to escape in the slightest. Only then did she realize his abnormality was not simply because of him being a Devil. He was frighteningly paranoid, and he basically could not be persuaded.

Seeing that she was moving further and further away from Fluorescent Wind Clan, a familiar sense of suffocation once again surfaced from within her heart, and she finally recalled. Crap, she couldn’t leave.

“Yue Ying, hurry and release me, hurry!” No matter what she said, he was turning a deaf ear to her, and was simply carrying her while flying at extreme speed.

The pain that felt as though her entire body was being teared apart broke out once again, and she seemed to hear the sounds of her organs being ruptured. “Yue… Ying.”

The hell. Yue Ying, you’re only here to force me to disconnect, right? The first time was like this, and the second time too.

Zhu Yao was already feeling her consciousness becoming blurry. The scenery she saw and heard last, was the sound of the wind blowing past, and the blood in her mouth she did not know if she had actually puked out.

This child! This old lady here will never forgive you for the rest of her life!

Her surroundings were pitch black, and within her range of view was only that familiar loading bar.

She died again!

Damn child! You’re a forced disconnection handyman, aren’t you!? It happened during the first time, and now it’s the second time!

Zhu Yao sighed. She never expected that she would die feeling so wronged this time. And the bug that she fixed this time was strange too. The two main characters, under circumstances that she did not know of, had completely went off the main script.

The female lead Mo Xianxian’s dimensional space, was being planted in the soil by Mushroom, while the male lead was even more unfortunate, as he was turned into cannon fodder by Yue Ying.

What could be done to save this broken script?

Zhu Yao glanced at the pitch-black space, and called out to Realmspirit a few times. However, there wasn’t any response.

Suddenly, a row of white words appeared in mid-air.

“Realm Day Holidays, no matter if you have issues or not, do not interrupt!”

Realm Day? The hell is that? Is it something like National Day? Can Realmspirit even take a long vacation? Which company decided that?

No wonder that irritating conversation window wasn’t even appearing right now. Zhu Yao suddenly felt like smudging his entire face. That loading bar had already completed running, revealing the hundred percent figure. And then, her vision darkened.

When Zhu Yao woke up, she thought she was dreaming again. She saw a large mess of green, but this time, she was finally able to make clear of what they were. They were actually tree leaves. The leaves were extremely huge, and a single piece could seemingly cover a large portion of the sky. The leaves intertwined in layers, and wind could not be blown in due to how packed they were. Occasionally, there would be one or two strands of light seeping through. Zhu Yao moved a little, yet, she felt her surroundings were slippery, and there seemed to be something flowing and tumbling in front of her eyes.

It was water! She fell into water!?

Zhu Yao panicked for a moment, and she wanted to swim up, only to realize she was blocked by something transparent all around her. Other than turning around, she couldn’t do anything else. She panicked and struggled for fifteen minutes, and only then did she realize something.

She could breathe.


She was worried for nothing!

Since her life was not in danger, she began to think about the problem of escape. Just how was going to leave this place? Just as she was pondering about this issue, a voice carrying a childish tone sounded. “Second brother.”

A fiery red figure floated over, it was a small boy. Looking about ten years old, he was wearing a robe of red, looking extremely festive. Though, his little face was frowning roundly, revealing an angry look. He was looking around his surroundings, as though he was searching for something, only to pass by her.

He searched the entire area, and the anger on his little face grew even heavier. Even Zhu Yao could feel his flames of rage.

“Second brother, you said you would come with me!” The little boy shouted, yet, there wasn’t a response from anywhere. His small fists tightened. Suddenly, he raised his head and ruthlessly glared at Zhu Yao. “It’s all your fault!”

“…” Was she being shot by a stray bullet right now? She didn’t say anything at all.

“It’s all because of you, second brother is ignoring me!”

Little fellow, you can’t resent society for being ugly.

The little boy’s eyes were round from glaring, and his little face was pouting, forming a bun-like shape. The rage emitting from his body felt as though it could turn into flames at any moment.

Wait, no. It really turned into flames, hey. The boy was emitting flames from his entire body. Before Zhu Yao could even be shocked by this spectacle, the little boy who seemed to have been buffed by a special area effect, came charging towards her like a bull. Raising his two hands, he forcefully pushed her. “I hate you the most!”

After pushing her, he turned around and ran.

The hell, what does your hate have to do with me!? You sound as though liking me will raise my ego or something.

This little wimp seemed small, but his strength was considerably big. Zhu Yao was pushed all the way to the back, and her heart was momentarily in a panic. Her head was not facing the ground, and from the corner of her eye, she could see the figure of the little wimp sadly sprinting away.

Just who should be the one being sad here, hey?


Zhu Yao heard something cracking. In front of her, a few lines of cracks suddenly appeared. And then, the sounds ‘kachi, kachi’ followed, while the cracks opened even wider. The surrounding water instantly disappeared into the cracks, and fresh air seeped in.

Zhu Yao simply felt an oppressive feeling within her chest. Immediately after, she let out a fierce cough. The water seemed to have choked her lungs, making her feel extremely uncomfortable. Zhu Yao reflexively struggled for a few moments, and strangely realized that her range of movements had increased.

The cracks grew larger, and in the end, with a resounding shatter, Zhu Yao spread herself onto the ground.

She did not have a single strand of energy in her body, yet, she still happily raised her hand, only to see a sharp meaty object.

Where did such a huge chicken wing come from?

Shen then forcefully raised her arm, and only then did she realize something. The hell, this was her hand? When did her mutation happen?

She then turned to look at her own legs.

What the? Where did these chicken claws come from?

She turned into a bird, and she was even a gigantic bird that had yet to grow any feathers. For a moment, she felt entirely uncomfortable.

Turning around, she saw a shattered eggshell on the ground. So the reason why she wasn’t able to move earlier was because she was still in the egg. From the looks of things, because the little wimp broke her egg shell, she was born prematurely?

No wonder she did not have the strength to even stand up, and her body was aching everywhere.

As expected, children were her nemeses.

Laying down for a while, Zhu Yao accumulated a little bit of strength, and then exerted herself, wanting to stand up. Suddenly, with a slip of her legs, she once again fell flop on the ground. And because there was water on the ground, she slipped a few meters away.

And then, she felt empty air beneath her feet. Two words flashed past her mind – Oh shit!

What the hell, just where did this hole in the ground come from~~~~~~!

Zhu Yao fell in a straight line, going faster with each passing second, and then, a gigantic object appeared in her line of vision.

A tree! A very big tree!

Only then did she realize, she basically did not fall into a hole, but rather, she had fallen off a tree. The place she was staying at just now, was actually merely a branch of this gigantic tree.

The tree was extremely huge, and it seemed to have penetrated into the skies. The things she had passed through while falling, were all blooming white clouds.

At such a height, she would definitely turn into a meat pie, right!?

Save this person!~

No wait, save this bird!~

Zhu Yao wanted to shout, only to realize there was something stuck in her throat, and she was unable to let out a single sound at all. She was faintly able to see the ground now. I’m doomed.

Suddenly, as her wings tightened, a gigantic wind swept past, and her falling momentum suddenly stopped. Raising her head, she saw a gigantic bird. It looked a little similar to an eagle, but it was several hundred times bigger than an ordinary one. Its wings were spread open, causing her to hold a misconception that it was covering the entire sun. Its body was deep grey in colour, a little similar to the large roc stated in legends.

The large roc picked her up by her chicken wings with its beak, and flew quickly through the skies. The surrounding scenery flashed past like blurred images, its speed was extraordinarily fast.

This bird couldn’t be thinking of eating her, right? Zhu Yao suddenly felt like crying. Don’t do this please. It’s already this exhilarating the moment I made my appearance. Is this really alright?

The large roc flew for about an hour, and finally, it stopped at the top of a cliff. A gigantic nest was settled at the top of the cliff, and there were three bald little birds nestled in there.

Could it be that this bird wasn’t going to eat her, but instead, had caught her to feed her to its little birds?

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