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Chapter 183: Far Ancient Highgod

At the center of the Pavilion of Revelations, there was a round-shaped platform, and over there, a formation-like diagram was engraved. The moment she stood on it, a white light glowed, as though she had activated some sort of mechanism. In front of her, what seemed to be three pieces of cubes formed by light curtains appeared, and patterns could be faintly seen on them. The first piece was a diagram of a dragon, the second piece was a diagram of a phoenix, while the third piece was a diagram of a qilin.

It seemed like every piece corresponded to each race.

Zhu Yao could not help but look at the empty space at the furthest right, a fourth piece of light curtain was currently rising up at an extremely slow pace. Though, it emerged with an ink-black colour, as though it had run out of batteries, looking dimmed and dark. The diagram on it could not be clearly distinguished either. Zhu Yao faintly sensed that it should be where the Black Tortoise’s position was.

“Little sister.” Shao Bai stood at the side of the second piece of light curtain, and waved his hands at her. “Come, place your hand inside, and it will be done.”

“I can receive the inheritance just by reaching my hand inside?”

Shao Bai nodded. “That’s right, don’t be afraid.”

Zhu Yao never expected that the procedure would be this simple, as she reached her claw inside with speaking another word. All of the phoenixes present held their breaths, as they excitedly waited to see what second attribute would be triggered by the Phoenix clan’s first egg-born phoenix.

A few minutes later.

Nothing happened…

Mn, most probably, it still needed a bit more time.

Half an hour later.

Complete silence…

It might have been because the method she reached her hand out was incorrect. So, she flipped her hand.

An hour later.

A cold wind blew.

Zhu Yao: …

“Second elder brother.”


“Am I really able to receive the inheritance like this?”

“… Yes.”

“I’m not a learned person, don’t lie to me.”


Zhu Yao was still unable to clearly discern the current situation, yet, the venue was already thrown into a loud uproar. Various discussions of guesses and suspicions erupted.

“How… How is this possible?”

“She’s actually unable to receive the inheritance. Isn’t this too unbelievable?”

“That’s right, there actually wasn’t the least bit reaction from the inheritance stone.”

“Could she not be a phoenix?”

Even Patriach Xian Yu was dumbfounded, as she took a few steps forward and stared deeply at Zhu Yao. “How is this possible?” Hence, she pulled her hand, and placed it in the curtain of light once again, yet, there still wasn’t the least bit of reaction.

“This…” Could it be that an egg-born phoenix cannot receive the inheritance? The number of phoenixes wasn’t many, and it’s impossible to increase for all eternity. Hence, when she saw that a phoenix was born from the egg, she was that happy. But, if an egg-born phoenix was unable to receive the inheritance, this meant that there would be a huge setback to their godly powers. In that case, what’s the point of having their numbers increase?

“Patriarch!” Finally, a clansman with an agitated expression stood out. “What’s going on? There’s completely no reaction from the inheritance stone. Isn’t she one of our clansmen? Patriarch, please give us an explanation, we can’t have other races be mixed within us.”

The moment his words fell, agreeing responses immediately came from the other clansmen. Their gazes which seemed especially gentle when they were looking at Zhu Yao earlier, instantly turned stern and sharp.

“This…” For a moment, Xian Yu was put in a bind. The God race had always been united, and the more united they were, the more discriminatory they were too. They valued their own clansmen, while they couldn’t stand other races. The rejecting voices in the venue grew louder, and they were gradually going out of control.

Zhu Yao was also shocked by this extreme development. Was not being a phoenix that serious? But her original form really did look like a bird. If she wasn’t a phoenix, that what was she?

“Everyone, settle down.” Xian Yu tried her best to explain. “Little Seventh’s original form is indeed of the feathered races.”

“Being one of the feathered races doesn’t mean she’s definitely a phoenix.” Someone in the crowd refuted.

“That’s right. She might not even be a God.”

“That’s right. She’s standing over there, yet, the other inheritance stones aren’t reacting either.”

“Chase her out!”

“That’s right, we can’t allow her to stay on this tree.”

“Chase out the irregularity!”

The phoenixes grew even more agitated, and the eyes they were looking at Zhu Yao with, looked as though they were about spit out flames. Zhu Yao was speechless, for a moment, she felt like she had been transported into the “Angry Birds” game world. She was the pig that was about to be slammed into.

“Enough!” Seeing that the phoenixes were becoming even more agitated, an angry roar suddenly boomed, boundless pressure came crashing down on the crowd of birds. Shao Bai’s brows were heavily sunken, and his expression was ice-cold. Following after, a resounding phoenix cry rang, only to see a gigantic, sky blue coloured, phoenix-shaped illusory image behind him. The illusory image was wavy and filled with watery light, seemingly formed by gathered water. However, it carried a forceful aura, sending chills to anyone that saw it. “No matter if she receives the inheritance or not, she’s still my seventh little sister, does anyone have any objections?”

His voice was as cold as ice, and the illusory image in the sky swept its eyes throughout the crowd. The venue was momentarily completely silent.

Even Zhu Yao was shocked by his tyrannical and cool actions. This was completely an outright threat. She never expected that Shao Bai, who was usually a soft bun, would look quite the part when he was angry.

This guy… he can’t be a sis-con, right?

That’s a little incredible.

But, what kind of creature was her avatar this time? She could sense the energy within her body was exactly the same as the one she had while she was a dragon, and it was a lot stronger too. This should be the so-called godly energy. This proved that she should be of the God Race. But why was the phoenix’s inheritance ineffective for her?

Zhu Yao turned and carefully inspected the three inheritance stones. The length and widths of the cubes were very standard, and other than the diagrams being different, they were all rather similar. Even the button at the side…

What the hell…

When and where did the button at the side pop out from?

Zhu Yao squatted down to take a careful look. There were even words on the button as well. ‘Phoenix Inheritance (False)’

Zhu Yao looked to the side, and as expected, the rest of the inheritance stones had similar buttons as well, though the words on them were different. ‘Dragon Inheritance (False)’ was written on the left one, while ‘Qilin Inheritance (False)’ was written on the right one.

What’s the meaning of that ‘False’ word?

She looked at the Black Tortoise’s inheritance stone furthest away. It was already dark to the point where words couldn’t be seen clearly, so she wasn’t able to confirm if it had a similar ‘False’ button.

So earlier, she was operating it wrongly? Then, should she try pressing it?

No, no, no. Looking at her track record of miserable and immoral trolled experiences, this matter wasn’t that simple. She definitely had to stop her hands from being itchy. It’s best that she maintained a safe distance away from them.

“Little sister, don’t be afraid, stand behind me.” Shao Bai, who vented off some steam earlier, worryingly pulled her, with the intentions to guard her. While Zhu Yao who was currently moving in the opposite direction, was unable to maintain her balance, and because of reaction forces, she fell straight to the back where the inheritance stones were.

She could faintly hear the ‘beep’ sound.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she raised her middle finger with an annoyed expression.

In an instant, the entire inheritance stone released a flaming red light, radiating throughout the entire Pavilion of Revelations.

“The inheritance stone lighted up!” Little Eighth exclaimed. Everyone shockingly turned their heads around one after another. Though, their eyes were still dyed with suspicion.

“It finally lighted up.” Xian Yu heaved a long sigh of relief. “I just knew. I just knew that Little Seventh is a child of the Phoenix Clan.”

Zhu Yao expressed that she was lazy to retort.

“Shao Bai, hurry and come over. Don’t interrupt Little Seventh while she’s receiving her inheritance.”

Shao Bai hesitated for a moment. He smiled at Zhu Yao, told her some encouraging words, before walking down.

At that moment, Zhu Yao felt something was plugging her heart. Can I go down as well? Why did she have a premonition of an incoming disaster?

The inheritance stone glowed even redder, and Zhu Yao faintly sensed that the godly energy within her body was beginning to expand wildly. This feeling was a little similar to the time when she was absorbing spiritual energy in the past, filling her entire body. Only when she was no longer able to contain it, did the red light retract and return to its former state. As though nothing had happened.

It’s done just like that?

“Why wasn’t there any phenomenon?” The crowd of phoenixes once again sounded their objections.

“Could it be that she doesn’t have any latent potential?”

“As expected of an egg-born. She actually doesn’t have any latent potential to tap in.”

“A phoenix like this is really an embarrassment.”

“Can an egg-born phoenix even be considered a phoenix?”

“In my opinion, an egg-born should be kicked out of the Phoenix Realm.”

Hey, hey, hey. Can you stop with the personal attacks? Be kicked out of the Phoenix Realm? What? Is this the entertainment industry!?

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Although she knew that everyone would have some degree of xenophobia, this crowd of phoenixes was really too much. In the beginning, they were despising her for not being a phoenix, now after receiving the inheritance, they were suspecting her birth.

She really wanted to slap all of their faces.

Zhu Yao clenched her teeth, and unconsciously tapped on the inheritance stone at the side. Just as she was able to walk away…

Suddenly, a loud boom sounded.

A heavenly lightning bolt descended from the skies, striking straight on her head, turning her completely charred black.

Zhu Yao spat out a mouthful of white smoke, and turned to glance at the inheritance stone. I just gave you a light tap, do you have to be this stingy?

Immediately after, a long cry resounded through the clouds. Zhu Yao reflexively raised her head to take a look, only to see a gigantic phoenix made out of lightning charging into the sea of clouds. In an instant, the colors of the wind and clouds changed, sand and stones flew into the air. The sky which was still brightened by the sun earlier, instantly turned as dark as night.

The sea of clouds tumbled, several rays of lightning light were currently stretching and rolling about boundlessly in the sky, as though they could strike at any moment.

“Lightning… Lightning attribute…” It was unknown who said these sudden words. The angry little birds which were still rowdy earlier, were instantly filled with disbelief and fear.

“This… This is impossible.”

“She actually possesses the lightning attribute…”

Zhu Yao looked at that familiar phoenix in the clouds. Wasn’t that her sword intent? When did it become so huge? She habitually raised her hand to circulate the energy within her body, calling out to her sword intent.

The lightning phoenix let out a long cry, immediately charging downwards. While carrying a lightning radiance that filled the entire sky, it flew straight towards the Pavilion of Revelations where they were located at, and then…

Lightning lights spread throughout all four directions, and crackling lightning sparks, instantly filled the entire Pavilion of Revelations.

The smell of burnt birds faintly floated in the air.

Other than a ten feet circular radius from where she was standing, the place was filled charred human figures, and miserable cries.

“Aiya, my buttocks.”

“My feathers, my feathers are burnt off.”

“My pants…”

“So painful, why did these lightning bolts strike the buttocks specifically?”

Zhu Yao: “…”

Will an apology work in this situation?

Hence, a well-organized inheritance ceremony, first turned into Zhu Yao’s criticism conference, and then a face-slapping conference right after.

Zhu Yao, with the identity as the first lightning phoenix since the beginning of time, slapped all of the phoenixes in their faces in a sparkling manner, and with the absolute odds from completely burning two-thirds of the clansmen’s feathers, became the nightmare of all phoenixes.

For a few consecutive months, among all of the phoenixes that see her, none of them wouldn’t hold their buttocks, clench their thighs, break into a small jog and flee. Furthermore, half of the clansmen had turned into NEETs, swearing that before their feathers grow out, they definitely wouldn’t leave their houses.

Regarding this, Zhu Yao expressed her deep regrets. Haah, if she had known… she would have burnt everyone’s feathers! After all, if everyone didn’t have them, then they would definitely get used to it.

Ah, as expected. She’s still too, too kind.

Because of her mistake, she had injured the phoenixes. Patriarch Xian Yu expressed that she still had to be punished, but it was met with intense objection by a particular sis-con. “It’s hard to control one’s first phenomenon in the first place, little sister has already done very well.” In any case, his feathers weren’t burnt.

Xian Yu was unable to refute in the slightest. Hence, she brought up the second problem – control. Zhu Yao’s true attribute had already been brought out, now, it all boiled down to how to control her own strength, and use it skilfully. The Phoenix Clan had never birthed a phoenix with lightning attribute before, so no one knew how to control it. If her phenomenon were to lose control once again, the feathers of the phoenixes… would be in peril!

This was a problem that required solving. In the end, the entire family decided after a long discussion. Send her off to be taught under a teacher.

Since she was the only lightning phoenix, then naturally, she had to be taught by an awe-inspiring master.

Far Ancient Highgod of the furthest northern lands. Between the heaven and earth, he was the remaining God of the high ancient times, and had never appeared in the world for hundred thousand years. Legends of him still spread throughout the world. The more important factor was, he was the only God between heaven and earth who was proficient with the lightning arts.

When Zhu Yao heard that they were sending her to be taught under a teacher, she rejected the proposal in the beginning.

Mostly attributed to a huge rejection mentality. She had already turned fearful by the trolls of a certain master. She really wasn’t interested in starting a new game plus.

But… her objection was annulled.

This time, even her revolutionary comrade Shao Bai, was standing on the opposite camp, with the firm decision on sending her to the extreme northern lands.

What happened to the promised sis-con?

“Little sister, don’t worry. The Far Ancient Highgod is the God with the most profound cultivation between heaven and earth.” Shao Bai persuaded her with all his might.

Oh.” Zhu Yao remained skeptical.

“He’s the only unfallen God of the ancient times, possessing strong mystical powers.”


“A few days ago, I had already sent a letter to him, he agreed to taking you as his disciple. And he will treat you very well.”


“I have known him for a very long time, and if he were to personally teach you, I can feel at ease as well.”


“And that place is very far away from the Devil Sealing Grounds, and is the safest place.”

“Shao Bai!” Zhu Yao raised her head.


“If I successfully get taken in as his disciple, will the Phoenix Clan receive a commission?”

“… No.”

“Then I’m not going.”

“Little sister, be obedient.”

“Don’t want to!” Zhu Yao blocked the door tightly. “I’m not a learned person, don’t lie to me.” Masters were all used to troll their disciples. She had experience.

“Second elder brother will often come and see you.”

Who wants to see you, you traitor! “I don’t want to be taken in as someone else’s disciple.” She already had a master, and he’s already more than enough.

“Little sister…” Shao Bai was a little helpless, his brows were already twisted into a lump. In the end, he still could not bear to lecture her. “Why don’t we first head over there and have a look? If you don’t like it there, you can return then?”

Zhu Yao gave him two words. “Hoho.” Was he really treating her as a three-year-old? In the first place, she was already feeling rather fatigued and depressed by coming into this world alone. Now she even had to be taken in as someone else’s disciple? Not doing it. I’m definitely not doing it. If you force me anymore than this, this lady here will commit suicide, and log into Version 8.0.

Shao Bai had no other choice. He reached out his hand to stroke her messy hair, and his expression sank for a moment. Then, he lightly sighed. “Sorry.”

Zhu Yao blanked. What?

In the next instant, she simply felt something was directly inserted into her forehead, and with her vision darkening, she fainted.

The hell. And here I even trusted you so much. You actually played dirty.

Just you wait.

Zhu Yao had always thought that the so-called extreme northern lands would definitely be an extremely cold place. Even if it wasn’t filled by glaciers, at the very least, there would be occasional fluttering snow. So when she was woken up by the heat, for a moment, she didn’t know where she was.

That was a tree, a regular tree, and she was currently lying within the tree’s shadow. There was even an immensely huge fruit on the tree, and it shaking a lot, looking as though it could fall at any moment…

The hell, that’s a durian!

Zhu Yao quickly leapt onto her feet and crawled away. With a boom, that shaky durian ruthlessly nailed into the ground next to her back. Zhu Yao patted her chest. She fortunately woke up in time, otherwise, her face would have been ruined.

Just who would have such tastes to place her under a durian tree?

“You’re awake?” Suddenly, a slightly hoarse male voice sounded.

Zhu Yao searched her surroundings, however, she didn’t see a single human figure anywhere.

“Over here…”

Following the voice, she lowered her head, only to see the durian that just fell down earlier, was trying to pull itself out from the ground with all its might. Most probably because it was such a rough fall, after nudging for a long while, it still couldn’t get up. It then nodded its stem towards her. “Little lady, help… help me out a little.”

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Why was there a creature such as a durian spirit exist in this world?

“Who are you?”

“Me?” Hearing this question, the durian proudly puffed up its wolf fanged club-like body. “I’m a servant under the Far Ancient Highgod, Durian Child.”

Far Ancient Highgod? Shao Bai really sent her here? Lowering her head, she glanced at that durian. “Earlier, you wanted to smash me?”

The durian was startled. Its greenish body earlier, revealed a hint of red. “Ahem… About that. I saw that you have been sleeping for quite a while, so I just wanted to wake you up.”

“Hoho.” Was smashing someone’s face its method of waking that person up? “Oh, thank you!”

“No problem!” He actually admitted it without any shame. “The Far Ancient Highgod is calling for you! He lives in the mountain peak, as long as you first pull… Ehhh!! Don’t leave yet! Pull me out first.”

Zhu Yao ignored his calls, and hurriedly left the durian tree. She’s the type of person who held grudges. Come bite me if you can!

Along the way, she saw various fruit, vegetable, and herb spirits. They seemed to be extremely curious about her, as they watched her from afar. Though, none of them approached her, as they simply sized her up while discussing among themselves.

“Look, look. We have a new bird here.”

“I heard she was sent here by the Phoenix Clan, and will be taken in by the Highgod as his disciple?”

“Eh? The Highgod is taking in a disciple?”

“That’s right. And she’s even a female disciple.”

“So pitiful. I wonder how long she will last?”

“I wager seven days…”

“I wager three days…”

“I wager…”

What was going on with the sudden development of a gambling scene? Was that Highgod really that scary? With a stomach full of suspicions, Zhu Yao walked to the peak, while thinking of ways to explain to that Highgod to have him send her back.

Zhu Yao had thought that in the place a Highgod reside in, forget about being grand and luxurious, at the very least, it shouldn’t be too shabby. However, she never expected that after climbing to the peak, what she saw was an empty plain field of grass. Forget about a house, there wasn’t even a single straw cottage.

At the center of the grass field, stood a man. Dressed in white, his long hair touched the ground, and he was standing straight with his back facing her. His figure looked a little familiar. His entire body faintly emitted out a gentle radiance, and looking from afar, it gave an awe-inspiring feeling. He must be the so-called Far Ancient Highgod Shao Bai had spoken of.

“Greetings to Far Ancient Highgod.” Zhu Yao lawfully bowed.

Yet, he didn’t have the slightest bit of reaction, his back was standing as straight as before.

“This junior greets the Far Ancient Highgod!”

“…” Silent.

“Little Seventh of the Phoenix clan, greets the Far Ancient Highgod.”

“…” Complete silence.

Alright, it seemed he had resolved himself not to care about her, so Zhu Yao spoke bluntly. “Umm, actually, I don’t want to be taken in as your disciple.”


“I have a master, so… I’m sorry. I’m returning on my own now.”


“Far Ancient Highgod? Are you listening?”


“Hi, Mister Far.”


“Umm, mister!”


“Hello, are you there?”

Zhu Yao sighed. Just as she was about to turn and leave, she suddenly heard a rhythmic set of breathing sounds…

“…” This guy is actually asleep. Then don’t blame me for waking you up.

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. Picking up a stone, she threw it towards him.

Dong, bullseye!

That white figure finally moved, albeit sloppily, as he walked a few steps forward. The hand by his side raised, reaching out to the top of his head.

“Greetings to Highgod!” She hurriedly nodded and bowed. Mn, she didn’t do anything earlier at all.

“You’re Little Seventh?” That person stroked his head, while turning around. “Shao Bai’s sister?”

“Yes, but I don’t wish to be taken in…” Zhu Yao raised her head at the same time, but was suddenly stunned with widened eyes. “Master!”

Zhu Yao simply could not believe her own eyes. She had initially given up, but she never expected that he really came to ‘pick her up’. Sprinting towards him, she grabbed him by the hand, and for a moment, she had the impulse to cry. “Master, why are you here?”

He frowned, yet, he reached out his hand, and immediately pushed her a step away. “Since I have promised Shao Bai to take you in as my disciple, then the way you’re addressing me now, isn’t too outrageous.”

Zhu Yao blanked. This was the first time she was pushed away by him. After taking a careful look, she finally saw that something was strange. “Master, what happened to you?” Why did he suddenly seem to not recognize her? She could not help but reach out her hands and wave them in front of his eyes. “You haven’t lost your memories, right? Don’t frighten me!”

“Nonsensical!” His brows sunk even deeper, and they faintly carried slight irritation. “Since you have come under my tutelage, then you’re not allowed to be this unmannerly.”

“…” She wasn’t wrong, this was his face. But why did he look as though this was the first time he met her? “Are you my master or not?”

“Naturally, yes.”

“Yu Yan?”

His expression sank. “My name is Yue Gu.”

Not master? How was that possible? This was clearly his face, and the aura he was emitting, was even completely similar to her master’s. Even the tone he was speaking with wasn’t the least bit off. “Master, when did you change your name? I’m Zhu Yao?”

“Zhu Yao?” Yue Gu blanked for a moment. His gaze lightly swept across her face, while he said with the same stern look. “Since you have come under my tutelage, then your past name naturally cannot be used. You shall be surnamed ‘Yue’, and since you came from the south1, then I shall bestow ‘Nan’ as your given name.”

Yue… Nan!2

He changed her nationality just like that. Was it really alright?

Zhu Yao took a step forward, and placed her hand on his shoulder. She had confirmed it. “Giving a name as nonsensical as this, you’re definitely my master alright.”

  1. South is Nan (南) in Chinese.
  2. Yue Nan (越南) is Chinese for Vietnam.

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