[Disciple] Chapter 185

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Chapter 185: Second Art of Disciple Trolling

Zhu Yao was taught in the furthest northern lands for exactly a month now, and she gradually understood why Shao Bai wanted to send her here. The arts and seals for every attribute were different. She had thought that after receiving the godly energy from the inheritance back then, she would have received all of the inheritance of a God.

Only later on did she find out that, the godly energy had been in her body the entire time, and following the advancement in her arts, the energy within her body would be released little by little. This was a completely different concept from absorbing divine energy and spiritual energy in her past cultivations.

One was absorbing external energy for her own use, while it was completely different for the Gods. Their bodies had sufficient energy to begin with, so they simply had to guide it out. Just like a locked treasury, the inheritance ceremony at the Pavilion of Revelations merely gave her a key to open it, while the arts were telling her how to use the key to open the lock.

Not to mention, all Gods specialized in sealing arts. Sealing arts were rather similar to formations, but formations usually do not differentiate between targets, while sealing arts were a type of arts that was made to be effective on a certain specific type of energy. Of course, without needing to guess, sealing arts were arts specifically used to deal with Devils.

Zhu Yao was secretly a little joyful. With this, if she were to encounter a Devil in the future, she wouldn’t need to be afraid of being helpless. Hence, she was learning more attentively than any time before. Adding that she had once studied formations on Jade Forest Peak in the past, and her master specialized in it the most, she was learning at a quick pace.

Now, she could execute a simple sealing art with just her power alone.

Today, she purposefully woke up in the early morning, waiting for Yue Gu to come to class. Ever since this unreliable Highgod stole her house, she had no choice but to construct another straw cottage on the mountain peak. And because this plain field was the only one in the entire mountain, every time they had to conduct a lesson, he would have to come a long way up to teach her. Waiting at the mountain peak, she felt as though she had searched for a private tutor, and the teaching fee was coincidentally a straw cottage.

The moment she left the house, Yue Gu was already walking up from afar. Donned in an untainted and unwrinkled white robe, every single step he took was that calm and composed, as though he had cast away all worldly desires. His eyes were facing steadily forward, and his face was expressionless. This familiar look always made her think that she was looking at her master, causing her to have the impulse of charging towards him for a kiss… if his hair wasn’t entangled by weeds on the ground, of course.

Yue Gu stopped his feet with a clatter, and turned to look at his entangled hair, frowning. And then, he turned back and continued walking forward, as though he was trying to pull his hair out using brute force.

After taking two steps, it wasn’t successful.

Heaving a sigh, he had no choice but to use his hands to grab onto the end of his hair, and forcefully pull it.

But his hair seemed to have gotten stuck, as it kept tangling onto the weeds and branches, not letting go. His frown grew a little deeper again, as he turned around and fiercely stared at that bunch of weeds, as though he was planning to use his glare to kill his target, having it to let go of his hair.

When Zhu Yao was hesitating if she should step forward to help, she saw a white flash within his palm, and then, he swung it towards the end of his hair. His long hair and weeds fluttered in the air, and in an instant, his hair, which was initially touching the ground, was shortened by two centimeters. He was finally able to escape. Then, he continued to walk towards her in a light and calm manner, as though the scene earlier completely did not happen at all.

Of course, it would have been perfect if his hair hadn’t been entangled a second time…

Zhu Yao let out a deep… deep sigh.

Why are all my masters this silly and cute?

She simply could not bear to watch it any longer. Walking forward, she saved his hair from peril. Otherwise, he might shave his entire head bald by the time he reached where she was.

“Done!” Zhu Yao threw the black hair she saved back beneath his feet.

Yue Gu’s eyes widened a little at that moment. He turned to glance at that bunch of weeds, and then, glanced at his own completely intact hair. The eyes he were looking at her with were instantly glowing with a little bit of praise. “Not bad!”

Not bad, my ass!

I don’t want to be praised for something like this.

“Can’t you just tie up your hair?” In this entire month, every single day, he always had his hair dragging on the ground like this. Although his hair was smooth flowing as though it had been straightened before, a situation like this where his hair was entangled had already happened a few times. Would it kill you to tie it up!?

“Tie it up?” Yue Gu was startled for a moment, his brows then began to grow into a frown again, before saying. “That method is inconvenient.”

“Impossible!” At the very least, it’s better than him getting his hair entangled every now and then. You’re just lazy, aren’t you?

Yue Gu sighed as he performed a hand seal. A light breeze blew, and in an instant, his black hair retracted and began to whirl, making a simple tied hairstyle on his head. However, not even a second later, when Yue Gu’s hand was put down, the hairstyle which was fixated by his art, began to collapse like a deflating balloon. His hair began to turn into a mess bit by bit, and finally, it turned into a “bird’s nest”.

Yue Gu turned to look at his own disciple, giving her a face: See, it can’t be tied, right?

Who told you to comb your hair with a mystic art! Zhu Yao held her forehead. “So you handled your hair problem like this in the past? When it gets entangled, you cut it away?”

“That’s not always the case. Usually, I will…” Yue Gu calmly glanced at his surroundings, and said in righteous manner. “I will first clear the weeds.”

“…” She finally knew why he was called an ancient God who did not frequently appear in the world. Because the God Races were no longer capable of stopping him from acting his silly ways.

“Follow me.” Zhu Yao felt that if she were to continue discussing any longer, she would be driven mad by this idiot with no life skills. Pulling him along, they walked towards the house. After pondering for a moment, she turned around to bundle his long hair up, to prevent it from being entangled again.

After arriving in the house, she had him seated on a chair. She then proceeded to help tie up his black hair on his head, and after seeing that she didn’t have any hairpins, she casually picked up a pair of chopsticks at the side. She then folded his hair into two sections, and fixed up a good hairstyle for him.

“Done!” She finally dealt with this eyesore of a hair.

Yue Gu blanked for a moment. Unaccustomed to it, he shook his head a little, yet, he realized that his hair was staying in place, and wasn’t falling off. His eyes instantly widened a little. Raising his head, he glanced at her. He immediately stood up, and then, once again forcefully shook his head out of doubt. His hairstyle was still as stable as Mount Tai.

Zhu Yao felt that his entire being suddenly glowed, as though he had suddenly found a whole new world, his eyes were widely opened. Turning around, it felt like he wanted to say something to her, but he suddenly recalled that he had his pride as her teacher. Faking a few coughs, he then forced himself with all his might to speak with a calm tone. “Mn, disciple, regarding this art of yours, your teacher feels that it’s really great!”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. Art, eh? In times like this, you still want to act cool? I have long found out that your aptitude in life skills is zero.

Recalling that person currently residing in Divine Realm who had maxed out all his life skills, she instantly gave Yue Gu another ruthless red cross in her heart.

Yue Gu, who had opened up to the new world of tied hairstyles, felt like a bundle of energy the entire day, his mood index had unexpectedly risen greatly. Other than teaching even more diligently than before, he could not help but reach out to touch his own new hairstyle the entire day, though his face still looked as calm as before. But, his careful hand gestures, and that head of his which was raised about two centimeters higher than usual, had all proved that he was so refreshed that he was unable to stop his feelings of excitement.

Regarding this situation, please do not ask Zhu Yao, who was responsible for this, for her mood. She doesn’t want to talk about it.

Ever since that day, Zhu Yao had an additional alarm clock. Every day, when the sun had just risen, Yue Gu would appear timely in front of her doorstep, requesting her to activate his tied hairstyle mode. Initially, tying his hair wasn’t really that great big of a deal. But what’s with those ridiculous excuses every single time he looked for her?

“Disciple, your teacher is here to check on your arts. Let’s first start off with that art used for tying hair.”

“Yue Nan, as the saying goes, one can gain new insights through reviewing old materials. Let’s first revise on that hair tying art.”

“Disciple, do you still remember that hair tying art? Your teacher fear that you might have forgotten it.”

“Little Seventh, it’s been some time since you have settled down in the furthest northern lands, how are your studies? Are you doing well with the hair tying art?”

Every time she heard these, Zhu Yao felt like changing the comb in her hands to a pair of scissors, so she could cut away this extremely irritating hair of his and be done with it. And, he was even arriving earlier and earlier each day. Sometimes, before the sun had even risen, he was already standing outside knocking on the door.

She wanted to ignore him as well, and just had him continue knocking on the door. However, after knocking for a while, he would actually break into her home on his own. Even if she placed down formations and used isolation arts, in front of this ancient God whose martial prowess was beyond ordinary, they were all completely ineffective.

In the end, he actually even moved the straw cottage he stole to the mountain peak, and lived next to her, so that it would be convenient for him to have his hair done whenever he wanted.
The new hairstylist Zhu Yao simply wished to ask this: Can I start cussing now?

Zhu Yao really could not understand how someone could be devoid of living skills to this extent. He did not have a place to stay, he did not know how to comb his hair… Just how did he manage to live all these years? If not for his physique of a God, he would have died of hunger a long time ago, right?

Zhu Yao fried some fish while retorting about a certain teacher in her heart. Behind the mountain peak was a pond, which was something Zhu Yao noticed after three months of being here. And, there were fish of various colours actually being raised inside the pond. Every single one of them had a mass of about dozen kilograms, and they looked very beautiful. This led her to recall of the cotton carps she saw in the past.

Because cotton carps were fish that represented prosperity, she had often seen people raising them in the modern era, but, she had never eaten them before. Not to mention, they were frighteningly expensive. When she saw them over here, she could not help but have the thoughts of eating them.

After pulling two of them up and washed them off clean, she began to rack one up and fry it. She watched as the body of the fish began to reveal a brownish colour, and the aroma instantly suffused into the air. In the beginning, she didn’t feel that hungry, but now, she could no longer suppress the saliva coming out from her mouth.

Just as she was prepared to take it off the fire and eat, a light breeze suddenly swept past her. A white figure instantly appeared next to her, and she suddenly had a bad premonition.

The visitor stared tensely at the fried fish on the fire rack, and said with a heavy expression. “Disciple, why are you burnt?” A water art was then poured onto it. “Haah, you must have misused your fire arts. How are you?”

Zhu Yao, whose efforts were wasted: “…”

Silently pulling him to turn to her direction, she once again repeated the words she had most often used nowadays. “I’m over here!” Mother’s egghow did he recognize that fried fish as me!? Also, have you ever seen a burnt phoenix before? “That’s the fish I’m frying.”

Zhu Yao let out a long sigh, and continued to light up the fire again, hoping that the fish could still be saved.

Yue Gu blanked for a moment, and then concentrated his line of sight onto her face, his expression did not carry even the slightest of embarrassment for mistaking his disciple for something else. “Fish? What’s the use for frying it?”

“Of course, to eat it.” Zhu Yao casually replied.

Yue Gu stopped talking, and once again turned to stare at that fish, the type of stare where he seemed to be glaring it to death. As though he was studying a profound problem such as ‘this thing can actually be eaten?’

Zhu Yao flipped over the fish…

He stared.

Zhu Yao added some condiments on the fish…

He stared.

Zhu Yao finished with the frying, and summoned a plate to hold it…

He stared.

Zhu Yao picked up her chopsticks, and clipped the fish…

He stared.

Zhu Yao…

Alright, she didn’t have the appetite to it any longer. Sighing, she passed the plate over to him. “Teacher, do you want some?” She even placed another pair of clean chopsticks on the plate. Take some then, she’s generous, after all.

And then, Yue Gu took the entire plate along with the fish…

Zhu Yao: “…”

“Are you planning to fry the other fish as well?” Yue Gu finished the entire fish with just two to three bites, and then, he glanced at the other unprocessed fish on the shore with sparkling eyes.

Can I rebel against my teacher now?

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