[Disciple] Chapter 186

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Chapter 186: There’s Always That One Idiot Who Wants to Eat You

Ever since he found out that Zhu Yao had added skill points into her culinary skill, a certain teacher decided to improve his quality of life. When teaching Zhu Yao arts, occasionally, he would bring various wild animals for meals, have her cook them, and then, finish them all by himself.

In order to have a certain someone understand the importance of sharing, she purposefully stopped working for two days. In the end, Yue Gu compromised on her having to cook two portions each time, which meant her workload had now doubled. Hence, this NEET who had never left his home for several tens of thousands of years, began to walk throughout the mountains for hunting expeditions. Today, he brought a rabbit, tomorrow, he brought a chicken, and the day after…

“Little mistress, save me!” Zhu Yao looked at the durian that was approaching her, and was speechless for a moment. What’s the meaning of bringing back a durian?

“Highgod… Highgod wants to eat me. Uuuuu….” The durian spirit cried to the point that tears were oozing out from its nose. He no longer had the proud and domineering look he showed when he was introducing himself back then.

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, as she looked at a certain calm-looking teacher. “You’re not thinking of having me grill this today, right?”

Yue Gu raised his head, and said with a serious look. “A living creature.”

“…” As expected, she shouldn’t have harboured any hope when it came to his common sense. “This can’t be grilled.”

“That’s right, that’s right. I can’t be grilled, can’t be grilled.” The durian spirit immediately responded in agreement, Yue Gu instantly revealed a face of disappointment.

Zhu Yao: “But… it can be eaten raw.”

Durian spirit: “…”

“Little mistress, how can you be like this? Back then, it was I who guided your path.” The durian spirit cried even more than before, as he pounced towards her leg, and cried as he rubbed against it.

Zhu Yao felt that her leg was dealt with 1000 damage.

Kicking him slightly away, she then gave a certain teacher an explanation, about the differences between plants and animals that had turned into spirits, and the range of food that were edible. Only then did Yue Gu dishearteningly let go of the durian spirit.

Yue Gu’s mood was a little depressed, and it was all due to not being able to have a meal. Hence, he decided to teach his disciple a harder art today.

“Devil Smiting Inscription.” Yue Gu said with a stern expression. “This is the only art in the world that can be used to directly exterminate a Devil.”

“There’s actually a method to kill a Devil?” Wasn’t it said that Devils could only be sealed?

Yue Gu nodded. “The moment the Devil Smiting Inscription is evoked, it can completely disperse a Devil’s core. However…” His expression sank. “Even if that’s the case, the Devil will simply turn into regular devilish energy, and as long as it encounters another Devil, it can then be made use of. In the Far Ancient Era, the Gods had once used this art to exterminate many Devils. However, the dispersed devilish energy had actually strengthened the remaining Devils even more, which thus led to the fall of many Gods.”

So that was the reason why he was the only remaining ancient God left.

“I will be teaching this art to you, but unless it’s an absolute necessity, do not evoke it.” Yue Gu instructed with a heavy expression.

Zhu Yao nodded.

Only then did he give her the details about the mystic art, and also, guide her in the circulation method of her godly energy. Zhu Yao understood why he said not to use it unless absolutely necessary. This art made use of all of the godly energy in one’s body, and suppress them into a single point before releasing them all in an instant. The moment this art was evoked, at the very least, one’s godly energy would not be able to recover for three days. It’s a method that’s used to kill enemies in exchange for a large rebound.

“Have you memorized it?” Yue Gu asked.

“Mn, close.” In terms of theory, she had already completely understood it.

“Since that’s the case, I will demonstrate it once for you.” Yue Gu took a few steps forward, chanted the incantation, and a white light appeared on his palm. The light grew even brighter, to the point where even the surrounding scenery turned a little blurry and unclear. Then, the white light suddenly retracted, and gathered on his palm, forming a white coloured pearl. Yue Gu’s hand moved, and that white pearl soared towards the sky, immediately followed by a white circular flash of light. Like fireworks being released in the dark night, it flashed for an instant, as though there was some sort of energy being dispersed in all directions, and then, it finally disappeared into the horizon.

“Did you see it?” Yue Gu asked.

“Uh…” Zhu Yao was startled for a moment. Are you sure what you released earlier wasn’t fireworks? A strong art like this should have made a larger commotion, right? Wouldn’t blowing up the sky a little be more suitable?

“Since there’s no Devils in this place, the effects naturally are not that evident.”

“I see, so it’s like shooting blanks.”

“This mystic art must definitely not be casually used.” Yue Gu pondered for a moment, before continuing with his instructions. “This mystic art uses quite the amount of heart energy, even out of my entire lifetime, I can only barely evoke it twice.”

“Twice?” The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched, and then, turned to look at his stern and serious expression. “Teacher, you used it once earlier.”

“Oh…” Yue Gu was startled for a moment, and only realized it after. “Then I can only use it once more.”

“…” An art of this level, and you actually wasted it so casually. Is that really alright? Where’s your common sense?

Zhu Yao suddenly had the impulse to shout out loud, grab him by the collar, and shake him into his senses.

“Little… Little mistress.” The durian spirit that left earlier, unknowingly, crawled back. Standing far, far away, it was hiding behind a tree, and was only stretching out its stalk, glancing weakly in her direction. If Zhu Yao had already retracted her divine sense, she really wouldn’t have noticed him.

“What is it?” She was just about to give Yue Gu some lessons on common sense, you know?

The durian spirit weakly looked at Yue Gu by Zhu Yao’s side, as though he was afraid he would eat him, and cautiously said. “Someone from the Phoenix Clan came. He’s waiting at the foot of the mountain. I’m here to inform you of that.”

Phoenix Clan? Could it be Shao Bai? Zhu Yao departed from Yue Gu, and flew after the durian spirit.

The moment she landed on the ground, she saw a sky-blue figure standing underneath that tall, durian tree. He had a portrait-like face, his expression carried a warm enveloping smile. Zhu Yao startled for a moment from this scene, as though the moment she opened her eyes, the view in front of her would disappear with the wind.

“Little sister…” He lightly called out, his voice contained an indescribable warmth and lingering emotions.

“Shao Bai.” Zhu Yao walked over, throwing away those strange emotions.

He lightly flicked his finger on her forehead, and said, acting as though he was angry. “How haughty of you, you have to call me second elder brother.”

Zhu Yao raised her head, giving him a glare, as she began to flip through her past grudges. “What? You finally found the conscience to see me?” Back then, she could forget about him playing that dirty trick to send her here, but he even placed her under the durian tree as well. That was simply unbearable.

Yet, his smile grew even deeper, as he stared straight her face, and gently said. “You’re still angry?”

“Hmph. Am I that petty?” She really was that petty, though.

“Alright, don’t be angry. It’s this second elder brother’s fault.” He sure admitted his mistake pretty quickly, using a tone that felt like he was coaxing a child. “See, isn’t this second elder brother here to see you now?”

Who cares? Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. Don’t treat me like a child, alright? Even though she was clearly older than him by a margin. “Why didn’t you come straight to the mountain peak?” Wasn’t he familiar with Yue Gu?

Shao Bai was startled for a moment, before pointing to the durian tree, and said. “There’s a barrier within the mountains. Unless the Far Ancient Highgod disperses it, no one else will be able to enter.”

“Oh.” No wonder he had to place her down on the durian tree back then, so it was to wait for Yue Gu’s approval in letting her in. “Then, I will look for teacher to permit you to enter.”

“No need.” Shao Bai pulled onto her hand, and with a slight amount of force, brought her to his embrace, and gave a long sigh. “Second elder brother is just here to see you, I will be leaving soon.”

“…” Zhu Yao blanked, for a moment, she had forgotten to resist. Raising her head, she looked at his satisfied expression, a strange sensation suddenly sprouted in the depths of her heart.

“Seeing that you’re alright, second elder brother feels at ease now.” His expression was filled with an unregretful look. His hand gently stroked the hair behind her back, and his eyes carried emotions as deep as the sea. “You must behave well.”

“What happened to you?” Zhu Yao faintly felt that something had happened. After a careful look, Shao Bai’s face seemed to look a little pale, and a hint of fatigue could even be seen on his forehead.

Shao Bai’s hands paused for a moment. As he slightly released her a little, his smile grew a little deeper. “What can happen to me?”

Zhu Yao frowned. “Speak human.”

“Second elder brother just wishes to see you happy.”

“…” Zhu Yao did not speak, and simply stared at him.

After a while, he finally admitted defeat, sighed, lowered his forehead in line with hers. “Little sister, you’re just too clever…”

Zhu Yao’s expression sank. For some unknown reasons, she did not want to hear these words.

“Second elder brother is going to safeguard Nether Abyss at the furthest southern lands.” He looked as though he did not really mind it, yet, he deeply stared into her eyes.

“Nether Abyss?” Zhu Yao blanked for a moment. Why did this name sound so familiar? After pondering for a moment, she suddenly widened her eyes. “Isn’t that the place you were trapped in before?” Never would she forget the bony and scrawny look he had back then, hence she unconsciously remembered the name of that place. “Why are you going there?”

Shao Bai simply gave a light smile, his expression unexpectedly carried a hint of satisfaction, as he rubbed his forehead against hers a few times. Zhu Yao shrank her head a little uncomfortably.

“Recently, there has been frequent movements among the Devils, and the various clans have dispatched people over as support. The Nether Abyss is even more so in a chaotic state. So, the Patriarch has dispatched me to safeguard it.”

“Why the hell you?” To put it simply, that place should be the shadow of his childhood, right!? Was it really alright to dispatch him?

His expression sank, yet, his smile did not waver. “The Nether Abyss is different from the Devil Sealing Ground. What’s being sealed there is devilish energy. If any Devil were to enter that place, it will bring about a huge disaster. I’m… rather familiar with the place.”

Zhu Yao instantly felt as though she had been pierced by something. Him bringing up these past matters so nonchalantly had made her feel even more uncomfortable. She could not help but cover that smile of his, that suddenly turned a little blinding, with her hands. “If you don’t want to go, then don’t go. Xian Yu won’t blame you either.”

Shao Bai was startled for a moment, and for a while, he didn’t regain his senses, as though he had never expected that she would persuade him to give up. After a while, he laughed out. This time, it wasn’t that watery warm smile he had earlier, but a true smile. As he laughed, he held her head, and said. “Little sister… Heh, little sister… my dear little sister…”

Zhu Yao frowned. What’s with that face of his that looked as though it was saying she was being immature?

“Going to the Nether Abyss was my own idea.”

Alright, it seemed she had given it too much thought.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me.” His expression instantly turned much relaxed than earlier, and even that small hint of fatigue had disappeared without a trace. “Once I return safely from the Nether Abyss, second elder brother will come see you again.”

Zhu Yao nodded, then suddenly, she recalled something. “Wait a minute.”

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