[Disciple] Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: The Gradually Rising Bug

She took out a cotton fabric from her storage pouch, and laid it on a huge rock under the tree. Gathering her godly energy, she started drawing on it, pondering as she continued to draw. After a little while, she finished, and then passed it to over. “This is the formation that sent us out of the Nether Abyss back then, memorize it. If something happens… You can use it to again to get yourself out.” This was the exit diagram that was formed by the guidance of that annoying ‘Three Realms Navigation System’ back then. Afterwards, she studied it a little, and found out that it was similar to a formation used to shatter void space. Although she was confident in Shao Bai, there’s no harm in being prepared.

Shao Bai held onto the piece of cotton fabric, his hands seemed to be trembling a little. “This…”

“Don’t ask me how I know of this formation.” Zhu Yao interrupted him. “In any case, I can’t clearly explain it. Hold onto it.”

Only then did Shao Bai keep it, treating it like a treasure, and gave her a heavy nod.

Afterwards, he conversed with her a little while more, pushed a storage pouch into her hands, before leaving reluctantly.

Zhu Yao thought that he would give her some protection-related mystic tools, but after opening the pouch, she saw that it was filled with melon seeds, dried fruits, and various other snacks.

The hell, you’re really treating me as a child, huh!?

After Shao Bai left, Zhu Yao’s worry grew. She faintly felt that something was about to happen, and feelings of anxiety and worry came pouring in from nowhere, no matter what she did, she couldn’t calm herself down. This was the first time she felt such restlessness. She clearly knew that this was strange, but no matter what, she couldn’t calm herself down.

“No need to worry.” Even Yue Gu couldn’t bear to watch any longer. “Shao Bai is different from the other phoenixes. With his abilities, safeguarding Nether Abyss is an easy feat.”

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. “Teacher, can you speak after placing the melon seed down?”

There’s simply no persuasiveness behind your words if you’re nibbling on a melon seed while talking about such serious matters, alright?

Yue Gu’s hands paused for a moment, and obediently placed the melon seed down. He then picked up the dried fruit at the side. “Shao Bai is the only God among the four races who had come back alive from that place, this is a feat that not even the Gods in the ancient era could accomplish. From this, it can be seen how powerful his abilities are.”

“…” Haah, she just knew that the things that were prepared for her by Shao Bai would all enter his stomach. “Teacher, even you have heard of the story of Shao Bai leaving the Nether Abyss when he was young? Can you tell me the specifics?”

Yue Gu dexterously swallowed one dried fruit, picked another one up, before he slowly said. “I’m merely aware that Shao Bai is the phoenix with the best talent in Phoenix Clan in the first place. Although he’s said to be a water phoenix, the weakest out of all attributes, his godly energy cannot be compared to by anyone in the four races. Two thousand odd years ago, a Devil escaped from the Devil Sealing Grounds, with the intention to rush into the Nether Abyss to absorb the devilish energy within. Coincidentally, the Phoenix Patriarch and Shao Bai passed by, and the Phoenix Patriarch resealed the Devil, while Shao Bai unfortunately fell into the Nether Abyss.”

Zhu Yao frowned. She felt that something was strange with this incident, but as to which part of it was strange, she couldn’t discern it. She simply felt that the matter wasn’t that simple.

“You sensed that something was wrong as well?” Yue Gu glanced at her, and suddenly added. “The Nether Abyss was forcefully opened by the Devil, and the seal in that place has a flaw. Once it’s opened, if there’s no new devilish energy entering it, it will not close.”

The depths of Zhu Yao’s heart trembled for a moment, and she suddenly had a terrifying conjecture.

“The Nether Abyss must be closed, but the Devil had already been sealed, there wasn’t any devilish energy present, so… It can only be substituted by godly energy of the same level.” Yue Gu’s expression sank, as he uttered word by word.

“…” So Shao Bai was abandoned just like that?

“Back then, when Shao Bai fell, it’s not that the Phoenix Patriarch wasn’t able to save him, it’s that she couldn’t…”

Zhu Yao sank. She suddenly recalled back then at the Nether Abyss, Shao Bai was so skinny to the point where only bones remained, and these were the first words he spoke to her.

“Were you discarded as well?”

She suddenly felt a tugging pain in her heart. She could imagine just what kind of emotions he had when he asked that question. What child as young as he was, could bear being personally abandoned by his own mother? Furthermore, they were Gods who valued families more than anything.

No wonder she felt that Shao Bai’s relationship with Xian Yu had never been close, as though something was separating them. So this was the reason.

“Shao Bai had once entered the Nether Abyss, so naturally, he’s the most familiar with devilish energy.” Yue Gu continued. “Adding that he possesses powerful godly energy himself, if it’s him, then there’s absolutely no need for you to worry at all.”

Though what he said was true, when she recalled at what price he had to pay for this familiarity, she would feel uncomfortable.

In the following days, she evidently felt that her restlessness was worsening. This emotion was really too strange, yet, no matter what she did, she just couldn’t calm herself down. She couldn’t bear to sit down, and seemingly all of the grass on the entire mountain peak was about to be trampled by her soon, yet, she just couldn’t stop that restless feeling.

This restlessness of unknown cause, lasted for exactly seven days, and even Yue Gu had the thought of sealing her in ice to cool her impulsiveness.

Zhu Yao suddenly carried a huge yearning for her own actual master. If he was here, he would definitely calmly help her in analysing and finding out the cause of the problem, unlike a certain glutton. Ever since he snatched away her storage pouch, he would nibble the things inside every day, happily like a little hamster.

When comparing the two, Zhu Yao’s heart was so frustrated, she felt like beating this teacher to a pulp. Just when could she return to her master’s side? She really wanted to return… and make love!

The most depressing thing was, she had been here for such a long time, but she had yet to see even the bug’s shadow. Just what was the point of being here?

Bug, if I call out to you, do you dare to reveal yourself?

This thought rose in the depths of her heart.

Suddenly, a thunderous boom sounded, the entire earth began to shake, slanting to a particular direction. In an instant, sand and rocks flew into the air. As though the earth crust was suddenly being lifted, the entire world was shaking, and it was beginning to fall to the left. Countless mountains began to collapse, and seawater began to intrude onto the land. Trees began to bend and be torn apart as well.

And in the distant sky, there were three gradually rising letters – ‘bug’.

The hell, did it have to be such a thriller? What’s with this scene which feels as though letters were typed onto the entire world itself? And why is the bug the three letters themselves? With such a large font, is it wanting to tell me that above the seas at the other side of the mountain, a loophole appeared in the sky?

It’s not like I’m Nuwa!1

I can’t mend the heavens!

“He’s awake!” Yue Gu suddenly stood up with a solemn expression, he had even stopped nibbling on the melon seeds. Turning his head, he looked towards the direction of the three letters, picked up his own disciple, and flew towards that direction.

As they approached, Zhu Yao realized those three letters were increasing in size, as though they were about to fill up the entire sky. Zhu Yao felt that just when she was about to crash into it, Yue Gu finally stopped.

After staring intensely at the empty space in front of them for a moment, he solemnly said. “In the end, you still woke up?”

Zhu Yao was confused, as she searched her surroundings. Yet, she completely did not know who he was conversing with.

Suddenly, the empty space in front of them shook for a few moments. Faintly, a half-translucent gigantic figure revealed itself. Like layers of mist dispersing, that figure became clearer and clearer. Finally, what being revealed was a gigantic… turtle head.

Such a large turtle head! It was a turtle head that occupied the entire sky, and the three letters ‘bug’ were clearly printed on the top of its head. Why is the bug a turtle!?

“Yue Gu.” A bold male voice sounded, resounding like drums and gongs being struck simultaneously. With just a few short words, she felt her energy and blood tumbling, her heart tearing, and even her divine sense felt like bursting apart. Just when she felt as though she couldn’t endure it any longer, a clear intent suddenly came from behind, and the turmoil within her body was finally suppressed.

Only then did Yue Gu slowly retract his hand.

Zhu Yao looked at him with gratitude, and she secretly felt a little complicated. She had to fix a bug as huge as this? Realmspirit, you sent me here just for laughs, right!?

An illusory figure suddenly appeared above the turtle head. It was an extremely quaint and refined man. His face was very foreign, and Zhu Yao was sure that she had never seen him before. But for some unknown reasons, the moment she saw him, inspired feelings poured into her heart, and even the restlessness she felt in the past few days had disappeared without a trace.

This feeling came very strangely, as though she suddenly had the largest amount of good intentions for someone, and she was a little unable to resist wanting to step forward and hug him!

She was really about to go crazy!

The man first glanced in her direction, his eyes were filled with a hint of unclear emotions. After sizing her up for a few moments, he suddenly gave her an extremely amiable smile. He then turned to look at Yue Gu by her side, and sighed. “Haah, it seems you’re the only one left.”

Yue Gu raised his head, and focused his gaze at… the bird that flew past his right, and nodded.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened, pulled his head, and turned it towards the correct position. There really was no saving his face-blindness.

“You woke up prematurely.” Yue Gu was not conscious of mistaking him for someone else in the slightest, and questioned him with a stern look. “Is it done?”

The man’s expression sank, and shook his head. After a while, he solemnly said. “She’s not ready yet.”

“Then, are there countermeasures?”

“…” The man turned silent, the grey colour of defeat surfaced on his face. Zhu Yao instantly had the impulse to charge right up and console him with a few words. “I’m afraid this is the will of the heavens.”

Zhu Yao’s brows were tightly knitted, and after a long while, he let out a long sigh. It was unknown if he did it on purpose or not, but he turned to give her a glance, and then, reached out to stroke her head.

“Is this destiny then?” Yue Gu looked forward, but he wasn’t looking at anything specifically, rather, he seemed to have fallen into a daze. “But why… why have her make this trip then? Are there no hints from the Revelations either?”

The man shook his head. “It’s a banished land to begin with, I doubt there will be any other…”

Before he could finish his words, suddenly, the great earth once again shook, a vague heavenly sound rang from the distant skies, countless rays of light scattered, instantly casting colourful lights upon the great earth. Far away, a rainbow-colored light was charging straight towards the skies, forming a gigantic pillar of light.

“A revelation!” The man exclaimed, as he excitedly looked towards Yue Gu.

“Let us head over there to take a look.” As he said that, he once again picked Zhu Yao up, and flew in that direction.

Zhu Yao could not help but turn her head back to take a look. That man was still standing at his original position, a hint of relief could be seen on his expression. He simply watched them leave, watching them with a smile. Beside him was an empty realm, appearing especially lonely. She suddenly felt a little sorrowful, and especially wanted to head back to converse with him.

“Teacher, wait a minute, I have something I want to talk to him about.” Zhu Yao struggled, wanting to head back. She felt that person could definitely give her an answer to the strange emotions she had these recent days. But Yue Gu did not seem to have heard her, as he flew away in a flash, grabbing her along.

The hell, Zhu Yao suddenly felt like cussing out at someone.

  1. Goddess Nuwa, in ancient Chinese mythology, is best known for creating mankind and repairing the pillars of heaven.

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