[Disciple] Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: Seal Released

Yue Gu flew very quickly, and they were soon approaching the pillar of colourful light. The surrounding scenery however, grew even more familiar. Only when she saw that familiar huge tree, did Zhu Yao recall the place. Wasn’t this the place where the Phoenix Clan was living in?

However, the huge tree that penetrated through the clouds and touched the sky before, currently had already been bent and torn apart. Only half of the tree trunk still stood erect, while the air was concentrated with the sand and dust that swirled up from the collapse of the huge tree.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Yao and Yue Gu were both startled for a moment.

The Phoenix Clan’s Parasol Tree, the Dragon Clan’s Dragon Abyss, and the Qilin Clan’s Sky Supporting Pillar, were unique existences in the world, divine structures birthed and nurtured by the heaven and earth. Theoretically speaking, a place like this, no matter how big a disaster were to happen, it would be impossible for a collapse to occur. However, right before their eyes, the Parasol Tree had fallen.

Zhu Yao grew even more worried. Earlier, just what in the world was that earthquake? To actually bring about such an outcome…

“Let’s first head to the Pavilion of Revelations.” Yue Gu frowned. After giving the half remaining Parasol Tree a glance, he flew straight towards the skies above. Above the sky, a gigantic pillar of colourful light was emitting out its radiance. And at the center of the pillar of light, was exactly the place which she had received her inheritance from – the Pavilion of Revelations.

When they arrived, the Pavilion of Revelations was already filled with the various Gods that had rushed over. Dragons, phoenixes, and qilins, not a single one of them were missing. Without exceptions, every single one of them was looking at the pillar of light in the sky with astonished looks.

Bringing her along with him, Yue Gu directly descended at the most center position.

The crowd was first startled, before giving their greetings one after another. “Greetings to the Highgod.” Even Patriarch Xian Yu was respectfully bowing towards him.

Her gaze landed on Zhu Yao who was by his side, and her eyes instantly brightened a little. Zhu Yao waved her hand, as a way of greeting her. After a careful look, probably because it had only happened just recently, most of the phoenix clansmen had arrived, but Shao Bai was still nowhere to be seen. It seemed he was still at the Nether Abyss.

“Highgod, a revelation has suddenly appeared in this world. Do you know of the reason?” The Dragon Patriarch took a step forward and asked.

Yue Gu raised his head, and looked towards the pillar of colourful light. Yet, he did not answer his doubts, instead, he took a step forward, and stood at the center of the formation. “We will know after looking at it.”

A red glow once again lighted up within the formation. Four inheritance stones corresponding to the different races once again appeared at the sides of the pillar of light.

Just like before, the former three inheritance stones were still emitting light like a curtain of light, and the diagrams on them still remained the same. While the fourth inheritance stone was also…

The hell. Why did words suddenly appear on it? And they were even neatly printed in a row…

Press me, press me, press me, press me…

The corner of Zhu Yao’s lips twitched. She weakly took a step back, and calmly continued to watch the pillar of light. Pressing it would definitely lead to bad outcomes. Only someone silly would press it.

Yue Gu suddenly raised his hand, and slammed onto that piece of black stone.

“…” What happened to the promised tacit understanding between a master and his disciple?

The moment he slapped onto it, the ink-black stone earlier, suddenly lighted up with a green glow. As though it had been activated, the black colour completely disappeared. What’s mysterious was that there still wasn’t any diagram on it. The glow grew even brighter, and it finally gathered into a sphere. Like a projection, it struck straight towards the pillar of light in front of it.

In an instant, rows of what seemed to be runes that were alive, slowly revealed themselves. Those were words in a language she had never seen before. They looked like the oracle bone scripts she once saw in a museum, but…

The hell, she was actually able to understand them.

Just like having a translator suddenly being installed in her brain, even though they looked foreign in her eyes, in her mind, the correct meaning of the words automatically appeared.

“Bearing the will of the lord, the Gods and Devils will arrive, the golden age of the Ancient Era will open, responsibility of the Three Realms will be taken, and an eternal sacred ground will be created.” Someone softly said the words written above.

Zhu Yao’s heart skipped a beat. Earlier, she didn’t really feel it, but after it was said out loud, she suddenly recalled. Weren’t these the words Realmspirit told her before? Could this be the prophecy Realmspirit was talking about?

“Nirvana and rebirth. Banishment and return. Everything will begin with a profound beginning. Everything will end with a profound end.” That person continued.

The latter few words sounded a little foreign. Zhu Yao, who had switched away from her occupation as a literature teacher, pondered. What does this mean?

“Highgod, what does these few words mean? Is it related to the unnatural movements earlier?” Someone expressed his doubts.

Knowing that she wasn’t the only one who was illiterate on site, Zhu Yao calmed down.

The Qilin Patriarch asked with a pleading look. “I wonder what the warning the Heavenly Dao have given us this time…”

Yue Gu frowned even deeper. Turning around, he swept his eyes at the three Patriarchs, and after awhile, he said with a solemn voice. “The will of the revelations this time, is something I’m unable to interpret either.”

The three faces instantly turned a little pale, and they evidently looked a little anxious.

Xian Yu: “Then what’s the best course of action now? Even the Parasol Tree has fallen.”

Qilin Patriarch: “Yes, even the Sky Supporting Pillar has suffered heavy damages, it won’t last for long.”

Dragon Patriarch: “Our Dragon Abyss as well…”

“What’s supposed to come, will always come in the end.” Yue Gu suddenly added these words. “Everyone, it’s best to put safeguarding the sealing grounds as priority. Regarding the will of the revelations, once I have interpreted it, I will inform your various clans.”

“Highgod’s words are right.” The three let out long sighs, before nodding one after another.

A fire phoenix suddenly flew over, charging straight towards the Pavilion of Revelations. For unknown reasons, that fire phoenix came flying over in his original form, and when he descended, he did not take up his human form, but collapsed right onto the Pavilion of Revelations.

In an instant, a rich smell of blood filled the entire Pavilion of Revelations.

“Yu Ming!” Xian Yu recognized this phoenix from her clan, and took a few steps forward to aid him in returning to his human form. However, the blood on his body was still flowing like free money. “Why are you…”

“Patriarch.” He grabbed onto Xian Yu’s arm, completely ignoring his own injuries, and heavily panted. “The seal… The seal of the Devil Sealing Grounds has already been broken through…”

The faces of everyone present instantly changed.

Yue Gu was the first to react. Picking up Zhu Yao beside him, he galloped towards the southern direction, his speed was so quick, the scenery next to them turned into streaks of broken images.

Only after a few moments later did Zhu Yao finally regain her senses. He was heading towards the Devil Sealing Grounds at the furthest southern lands. Earlier, that phoenix said that the seal has been broken? Could it be the seal used to seal the Devils? Her heart instantly clenched. Does it have to be this violent? That place is where all the Devils between the heaven and earth are sealed in, if all of them were to be released, wouldn’t that be bad?

But why did her teacher bring her along? Although she did not mind fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Phoenix Clan, she seemed to have trained in her arts for only a few months. What’s the use of someone as half-baked as her? She was rather professional at holding people back though.

Teacher, are you in need of a cannon fodder?

Yue Gu simply had no time to care about his disciple’s frustrations, as he flew even faster. Zhu Yao had never experienced such terrifying speed. If Gods did not possess an innate godly radiance that protected their bodies, she would have long been pressed into a pie by the air pressure. Let’s not forget about the countless flashes of broken images in their surroundings.

She felt that she was a little motion sick. Urgh… I feel like vomiting.

Fifteen minutes later, Yue Gu finally stopped. Before Zhu Yao could suppress the disgusting feeling in her mouth, she was dumbfounded by the tragic scene in front of her eyes. Fresh blood flowed like river all over the place. No matter was it the sky, or the earth, the place was filled with the figures of various God Races. Qilins, dragons, and phoenixes.

Every single one of them were already in their original forms, using all their might to attack the dancing darkness in front of them. There were even some whose godly energy had been depleted, and were unhesitatingly using their own bodies, directly making use of their Gods’ bloodline that had innate suppression effects against their opponents.

In front of them, within a boundlessly large curve-shaped curtain of light, countless of dark shadows wanted to charge over, only to be blocked by the curtain of light. Occasionally, they would reveal several terrifying distorted faces.

“Highgod!” Someone noticed Yue Gu who suddenly appeared, and exclaimed out. Expressions carrying hints of excitement and hope surfaced in this tragic-filled place.

“How’s the situation?” Yue Gu cast an art. The curtain of light that had formed cracks from the clashes with the Devils earlier, instantly restored to its former look.

“The Devils have already broken through the first layer seal. The second layer seal doesn’t seem like it can sustain much longer either.”

Yue Gu frowned deeply. Looking at the realm in front of him that had already turned into complete darkness, he tightened the grip in his hands, and said with a stern look. “The seal must be restored. All of you, safeguard this place.”

After saying that, he charged right into the large base of the Devils, who were crazily crashing themselves into the curtain of light.

“Teacher…” Zhu Yao tapped on his shoulder.

Yue Gu turned around, he first had a surprised look, followed by a furious expression. “What are you doing here?”

“Didn’t you pull me in?” She did not even have the time to react, alright?

He was startled for a moment. Lowering his head, he looked at the two interlocked hands, and sank into silence for two seconds. “Mn, work hard.”

“…” ‘What the hell’ was written all over Zhu Yao’s face.

The moment they entered, she felt a sinister cold instantly enveloping her entire body. Anger began to surface in the depths of her heart out of nowhere, as though she had encountered her mortal enemy, and could not suppress the intentions to attack them. Was this a God’s instincts?

“Eh? There’s actually still more who dare come to court death?” A sharp, surprised voice suddenly sounded beside her ears, yet, she couldn’t find a physical body, and could only see a dancing black shadow.

“Such bravery. It seems we have to give a proper welcome.”

“Hohoho… How are we going to kill them?”

“Oh, it’s a phoenix? Why don’t we first pluck out all her feathers.”

The hell! Zhu Yao instantly felt her violence meter surging right up. Raising her hand, she swept it in all directions, releasing countless of lightning lights, crackling without limits. This old lady here hates others bringing up the matter of her feathers the most.

“Lightning! She actually possesses the lightning attribute.”

An exclamation sounded from within the darkness, and it faintly carried a cry of misery.

Yue Gu did not idle as well. The moment the lightning lights appeared, with a twist of his hand, a golden light emitted out from his body, dispersing throughout the surroundings. The realm which was pitch-black earlier, was instantly brightened up by a golden radiance. Even that sinister cold feeling had dispersed quite a bit as well.

A distorted black shadow came attacking towards them, and with another twist of his hand, that black shadow instantly turned into black mist.

Only then did Yue Gu have the time to care about the disciple whom he accidentally brought in. “Since you have already entered, then accompany me in restoring the seal.”

“Ah?” Zhu Yao blanked. “Me?”

Hoho, you must be joking. “Teacher, I don’t know how though?”

“Offering Seal Art. That’s the first layer seal.”

Offering Seal. An incantation and the corresponding method of evoking it surfaced in her mind.

“Do you recall now?”

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded. “Yes, but…”

“Coincidentally, there’s two focal points to the seal. I will head left, and you will head right. Go on then.”

“Ehhh…” Let her finish, hey. She knew the method, but that mystic art could only be cast on a squared meter area each time, at the very most, it could only seal a single Devil. The one in front of her eyes was evidently a mass production, she couldn’t handle something like that!

But, a certain figure had already disappeared in front of her.

Zhu Yao: “…”

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