[Disciple] Chapter 189

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Chapter 189: Godly Energy Online Recharging Service

Since it had turned out like this, Zhu Yao had no choice but to bite the bullet. The boundary within was broad, and the further she went, the sinister cold air she felt grew denser. Possibly because of Yue Gu’s art earlier, her line of sight was much clearer.

Zhu Yao cast a few defensive arts on herself, and with her quickest speed, flew in the direction Yue Gu stated. Occasionally, there would be black shadows flying towards her, and she would unceremoniously guide lightning bolts towards them, dispersing them instantly. These were all Devils who had yet to completely escape from the seal, their abilities were not complete, so she was dealing with them rather comfortably.

In the beginning, she was a little worried that she couldn’t find the focal point of the first layer seal. After entering the depths, she realized that she had put too much thought into it. That place was flashing with red light, and was covered with floating runes containing godly might. It would be hard for it not be recognized as the seal’s focal point.

She instantly descended at the very center, and the place was already turning rather dark. After approaching, she realized that the surroundings of the extreme point, there were already many gigantic corpses lying around. There were dragons, qilins, and even phoenixes. The ground filled with fresh blood even dyed the radiance of the seal in red.

These Gods must had sacrificed themselves in order to protect the seal. Zhu Yao’s heart was tugged for a moment, as though something was obstructing it, causing her to feel depressed. Gritting her teeth, she suppressed her tumbling emotions and the fury that filled her heart, and began inspecting the extreme point of the seal.

The so-called extreme point of a seal, was actually similar to the core of a formation, providing the effects of enhancing the seal itself, yet, it’s also the weakest position of the entire seal. After inspecting it, she realized that the damage to this focal point wasn’t huge, and had merely lost godly energy, which resulted in the discontinuation of its functions. As long as she provided some repairs, and insert sufficient godly energy, then the job would be done.

Zhu Yao did not hesitate any further and instantly repaired the defective parts. Then, she set down various types of defensive formations around her, before proceeding to stand at the center and performing hand seals, inserting godly energy to activate the seal. The moment she began, Zhu Yao regretted it. Initially, the Offering Seal Art did not require that much godly energy. However, she never expected that this seal’s extreme point would be this powerful. The moment she inserted her godly energy, like a pebble sinking into an ocean, she wasn’t even able to create a single wave.

But, she just couldn’t stop right now. If the insertion of godly energy were to be interrupted, the seal would immediately collapse.

I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die, I’m going to die!

Just which part of her did her teacher determine that she could succeed in this task?

What should she do now? Could it be that she had to wait for Yue Gu to finish restoring the seal on the other side, and then had him switch places with her? Would she able to last till then?

“Heheheh… Look what I found?”

A sinister cold male voice suddenly rang, and the surroundings instantly turned dimmer.

One word surfaced in Zhu Yao’s mind. Crap.

An illusory figure, darker than black, suddenly appeared five meters away from her. Yet, there were wisps of black mist circling his surroundings. Such a rich amount of devilish energy. Evidently, this Devil had completely escaped from the seal, and had even already restored a large half of his devilish energy.

“I never expected that there would be another living one here, and it’s even a phoenix.”

That male voice was filled with provocative intentions. Every sound he made seemed to carry a bone-piercing chill, drilling into her bones bit by bit. Zhu Yao’s body could not help but tremble. The anger meter in the depths of her heart was suddenly fully charged, and she could not control her thoughts of wanting to initiate an attack.

Zhu Yao knew that this was an instinct engraved in the bloodline of Gods, an instinct which would not stop till she killed or be killed by the Devil. However, currently, she could not move, and had no choice but to desperately suppress that urge, as she focused on activating the seal.

That black shadow instantly floated two steps closer, and slowly condensed a black ball. “Since you’re the only one left, why don’t I send you off?”

The moment his voice fell, that black devilish ball flew towards her. Zhu Yao instinctively wanted to dodge, but she resisted it. The devilish ball was blocked by the formation a meter away from her, which she had prepared beforehand, and the ball instantly dispersed.

“Eh?” That Devil was a little astonished. “You sure have some capabilities, no wonder you’re able to live till now.” The black shadow instantly turned several times larger. A sinister wind swept past, and several hundreds of black icicles, endlessly and simultaneously, flew straight towards the defensive formation.

Although this formation of hers was effective, it wouldn’t be able to endure consecutive attacks like this. With a crackle, it collapsed like shattered glass. Just as the remaining icicles were about to fly towards her, countless lightning sparks instantly turned into an arc, and protected Zhu Yao at its center.

Fortunately, she had made secondary preparations, and had set down two formations.

“You actually possess the lightning attribute.” That Devil was startled for a moment, followed by a cold snort. “Let’s see how long you can last, shall we?”

The barrage of black icicles grew even more concentrated, as they flew straight towards the lightning sparks. The lightning formation which Zhu Yao had prepared, was a miniature version of the Nine Revolving Five Elemental Lightning Formation that was placed outside Lightning Divine Palace back then. Although she used her godly energy to set it up, which increased its might, she did not make it as perfect as the one from Lightning Divine Palace due to the lack of time. Not to mention, that thing right outside was a Devil.

As expected, after a while, the Devil saw that it wouldn’t fall after a long barrage of attacks. He suddenly released a devilish aura that filled the sky, enshrouding her formation, as though he was trying to use the devilish aura to swallow the lightning sparks.

No matter how strong her formation was, the amount of godly energy she supplied at the start was limited. Adding that she had purposely saved some energy to restore the seal, not even a moment later, the lightning sparks began to dim. The sinister presence of the devilish aura had caused her God’s instinct to surge to the maximum limit. Her entire body was reacting strongly, and she had the impulse to exterminate him at every possible second, yet, she had no choice but to suppress it.

Watching as the lightning sparks slowly dispersed, the devilish aura instantly stretched out a long black thorn, piercing inwards.

It’s the end. She was about to become a hedgehog.

Just when that long black thorn was about to touch her, suddenly, purple flames descended from the skies, instantly burning the devilish aura in its entirety. When Zhu Yao raised her head to take a look, in the not so distant sky, a gigantic phoenix whose body was clad in flames was flying high above. The flames earlier were shot out by him.

After the large phoenix saved her, he then immediately flapped her wings in the direction of the Devil. In an instant, the surroundings of the Devil were also set ablaze with intense, purple flames. Zhu Yao heard a miserable cry, and that black shadow’s figure turned lighter in the flames.

“Little Seventh, are you alright?” A familiar male voice, carrying an anxious and perturbed tone, asked.

Zhu Yao blanked for a moment, and then widened her eyes. “Little Sixth?”

That phoenix instantly stopped three meters away from her, and said with a solemn voice. “You should be calling me sixth elder brother. Why are you here?”

“Teacher wants me to restore the seal.” Zhu Yao flipped through her fast-forwarded four hundred years of memories, and recalled that Little Sixth seemed to have spent his entire time guarding the extreme southern lands. They had only met once at the inheritance ceremony. She never expected that he would recognize her.

“Since that’s the case, I will guard you.” He fluttered his wings, though he did not have the intention to return to his human form. In their surroundings, the same type of flames once again burned, and the devilish aura was instantly dispersed quite a bit.

Zhu Yao heaved a sigh of relief. With someone guarding her, then she could focus on inserting godly energy.

She did not know if it’s because the battle earlier had aroused the attention of the other Devils, or if it’s because they had sensed that someone was trying to restore the seal, more and more Devils were gathering in their direction. In the beginning, Little Sixth was still taking it rather easy. With the increase in number of enemies, he was slowly beginning to fall into a disadvantage.

Zhu Yao however, could only rush on her end. What’s most important was, the godly energy within her body was already running out, and there’s a faint feeling of it being emptied anytime soon. But there still wasn’t any reaction from the freaking seal’s focal point. If this kept up, both of them would die.

A few minutes later, Little Sixth was not able to dodge an attack in time, and was struck by the Devils. One side of his wings instantly drooped down, and fresh blood gushed out.

With a bang, he fell onto a place not far away from her.

“Little Sixth!”

He did not stop on the ground for too long, forcefully flapping his other wing, he instantly attacked the Devils in front with several of his feathers. “I’m fine.”

“You, leave this place…” And get my teacher over here.

“Little sister!” However, he suddenly interrupted his words. “Don’t worry, sixth elder brother will protect you well.” The flames in his entire body changed, turning into a sky-blue color. His voice however, sank a little. “And also… Little sister. I’m sorry.” After saying that, he charged towards the Devils.

“The hell!” Zhu Yao could not help but cuss out. I simply wanted you to call for reinforcements! Why is it so hard to communicate with the birds in this world?

And also, he was apologizing for that time while she was still in the egg shell, right? Because of his one push, it caused her to be born prematurely, and thus, she wasn’t able to grow out her feathered tail even till now. This old lady never blamed you for it, so why the hell are you being so desperate and apologizing!?

This was not the time to act out of impulse, and Zhu Yao did not have the time to call him back for a talk either. She could only hurry and activate this seal, so that the two of them could be saved.

Zhu Yao desperately inserted godly energy inside, hoping that her godly energy would be sufficient in activating the seal. In the depths of her heart, she chanted over and over again. It must activate, it must activate…

She was already sensing that the godly energy within her body was close to being emptied, and when she could no longer release even a drop of godly energy, the seal still did not react.

Zhu Yao placed both of her hands on the center of the seal, and at that moment, she suddenly felt like crying. How could this happen? Just who the hell designed this focal point? It’s definitely not logical at all? Could it that she was going to disconnect here and log into her new version?

She could not feel content about it!

If only she had a little more godly energy.

Suddenly, she felt her body warming up. The godly energy that had been depleted earlier, surged greatly in an instant, endlessly appearing in her body.

Zhu Yao was completely stunned.

The heavens were suddenly treating her so well, and she couldn’t react at all.

Not having the time to think, while she inserted the godly energy that suddenly appeared into the seal, she carefully sensed the flow of the replenished godly energy. She then realized that this pool of godly energy that suddenly appeared was being sent from the bottom of her feet. This pool of godly energy was quaint and vigorous, and she evidently sensed that this energy did not belong to her, yet, it carried an intimacy which she couldn’t express in words.

Her own body was not doing anything, but the godly energy seemed to have its own will, endlessly pouring into her, and then, it quietly and obediently stayed within her body, before it was inserted into the seal under her guidance.

It can’t be!?

Could it be that there’s an online recharging service for godly energy as well?

Zhu Yao felt that her brain wasn’t functioning really well.

With this pool of godly energy, in less than fifteen minutes, the seal was completely activated.

Gigantic engraved runes instantly appeared beneath her feet, and then, they stretched in all directions. They instantly covered all of the area within her line of sight, and wherever the runes went, the devilish aura would completely disperse away.

Until the runes had reached half of the realm, converging with the similar-looking runes on the other side.

A gigantic formation instantly appeared in the sky, it was round in shape, and was split into black and white, looking quite similar to the diagram of Tai Chi. That formation began to rotate at high speeds, and in her surroundings, various sharp and terrifying cries sounded. A gigantic black vortex appeared in mid-air, and within the vortex were all the Devils that had broken through the seal. They seemed to be trapped by the vortex, as they swirled upwards. Finally, they disappeared into the core of the formation in the sky.

In less than half a moment, a clear sky was restored, and the devilish energy had dispersed completely.

It was finally over! Sounds of applause should be heard right about now.

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